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Patent number: 9121050
Abstract: A sterilization indicator system and method of using the system to determine efficacy of a sterilization process. The system may include a vial having an optional first compartment and a second compartment comprising a growth medium comprising one or more of a disaccharide, an oligosaccharide or a polysaccharide capable of conversion to a monosaccharide by germinating spores of the one or more species of microorganism, the vial being free of the monosaccharide prior to use; a strip including two or more electrodes to oxidize the monosaccharide and to carry a resulting electrical signal, and an apparatus to detect and measure the electrical signal resulting from the oxidation. Spores of a suitable biological indicator may be disposed in the first compartment and/or on the strip.
Type: Grant
Filed: March 15, 2013
Issued: September 1, 2015
Assignee: American Sterilizer Company
Inventors: Phillip P. Franciskovich, Tricia A. Cregger
Patent number: 9114392
Abstract: An apparatus and method of loading reagent in a specimen handling device is disclosed. Fluids including specimen samples and reagents are moved between tubes during processing without directly passing over tubes which the reagents could contaminate. The apparatus may also include a head adapted to carry selected fluids in pipettes and a reagent receptacle adapted to permit entry of the head.
Type: Grant
Filed: September 14, 2012
Issued: August 25, 2015
Inventors: Scott Safar, Stephen Herchenbach
Patent number: 9110049
Abstract: A use composition monitor determines the concentration of peracid and/or peroxide in a use composition using a kinetic assay procedure. A sample mixture containing a sample of the use composition, a diluent and at least one reagent is prepared and analyzed using, for example, an optical detector. A reduced-turbulence optical detector can be used to improve collected response data. A reduced-turbulence optical detector can include a cell body disposed about a length of transparent tubing. The cell body positions one or more emitter/receiver pairs about the transparent tubing. Thus, tube junctions are eliminated and sample flow within the tube is substantially turbulence free.
Type: Grant
Filed: October 11, 2013
Issued: August 18, 2015
Assignee: Ecolab USA Inc.
Inventors: Eugene Tokhtuev, Christopher Owen, Anna Pilipchenko, Paul Schilling, Daniel Kamben
Patent number: 9110446
Abstract: A multilayer time indicator comprises: A. A topsheet, B. An activating layer, C. A timing layer, D. A dye layer, and E. A substrate. In one embodiment the topsheet and activating layer comprise a first or activation section of the indicator while the timing layer, dye layer and substrate comprise a second or base section of the indicator. In one embodiment the activating layer of the first section and the timing layer of the second section are each protected with a release sheet. In one embodiment, the first and second sections of the indicator comprise a kit which can be converted into an active time indicator by removal of the release sheets and joining of the activating layer to the timing layer. In one embodiment the first and second section are joined to one another by a common release sheet or liner which maintains the indicator in an inactive state until the release sheet is removed and the activating layer is joined to the timing layer.
Type: Grant
Filed: December 12, 2012
Issued: August 18, 2015
Assignee: Brady Worldwide, Inc.
Inventors: Matthew M. Kasper, Adam D. Scheuer, Michael D. Savagian
Patent number: 9097679
Abstract: A process for producing an analytical aid for the detection of at least one analyte in a sample, such as a body fluid. The analytical aid includes at least one housing and at least one test element including at least one test chemistry. The process includes the following steps: providing the test element; and producing at least one housing part of the housing at least one shaping process, during which the test element is connected to the housing part.
Type: Grant
Filed: October 11, 2013
Issued: August 4, 2015
Assignee: Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.
Inventors: Hans List, Karl-Heinz Scherer
Patent number: 9086349
Abstract: A sample digester with independently controllable sample heating and ultraviolet radiation. There are two unique advantages. Because the two digestion means are independent, the user can optimize the means of digestion to suit the analytical method. A second advantage is that the ultraviolet source can be maintained at a relatively cool temperature, for which the greatest amount of light is transmitted. Since both means of digestion can be carried out simultaneously, there is a substantial saving of time and a significant improvement in digestion efficiency.
Type: Grant
Filed: May 29, 2013
Issued: July 21, 2015
Assignee: GlobalFIA, INC.
Inventors: Graham D. Marshall, Duane K. Wolcott, David J. Holdych
Patent number: 9081001
Abstract: Provided is a clinical diagnostic system that comprises a diagnostic instrument and a disposable cartridge. The diagnostic system can be used to measure assays in point of care clinical settings.
Type: Grant
Filed: March 15, 2013
Issued: July 14, 2015
Assignee: Wellstat Diagnostics, LLC
Inventors: Richard Alan Cook, Sang Cho, Charles Quentin Davis, Kevin E Dorsey, Jason Charles Harley, Jonathan Leland, Rober Krikor Matikyan, Sjef Otten, Jeffrey Howard Peterman, Brian B Thomas
Patent number: 9075042
Abstract: A clinical diagnostic system is disclosed, including a clinical diagnostic instrument with a disposable cartridge. The disposable cartridge is capable of performing diagnostic and analytical functions including filtering samples such as plasma from whole blood and running assays and collecting measurements of analytes or biomarkers.
Type: Grant
Filed: March 15, 2013
Issued: July 7, 2015
Assignee: Wellstat Diagnostics, LLC
Inventors: Richard Alan Cook, Charles Quentin Davis, Jason Charles Harley, Jonathan Leland, Rober Krikor Matikyan, Jeffrey Howard Peterman
Patent number: 9074938
Abstract: A substrate for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy analysis (SERS) comprises a ferroelectric single crystal having polarization-inverted patterns of spontaneous polarizations including polarization-inverted portions and non-inverted polarization portions, and metallic dots positioned at only either one polarized surfaces of the polarization-inverted portions and the non-inverted polarization portions. The provided SERS substrate produces a high enhancement effect. A microfluidic device incorporating the SERS substrate is also provided.
Type: Grant
Filed: June 27, 2013
Issued: July 7, 2015
Assignees: University of Washington, National Institute for Materials Science
Inventors: Xiaoyan Liu, Kenji Kitamura, Minoru Osada, Takahiro Nagata, Guozhong Cao
Patent number: 9067209
Abstract: A delivery apparatus for selectively delivering one or more liquid reagents into a reaction or test chamber (2), especially of an assay apparatus, the apparatus comprising: one or more respective storage chambers (5,6) for containing the one or more liquid reagents and arranged generally above the reaction or test chamber (2); and a plunger element (4) arranged and operable for insertion into the mouth of a selected storage chamber so as to displace a selected reagent from therewithin into the reaction or test chamber (2) generally therebelow by gravitational liquid overflow from the mouth of the chamber. The apparatus may conveniently be provided as a discrete delivery unit, with the storage chambers (5,6) pretilled with the selected reagents.
Type: Grant
Filed: August 26, 2014
Issued: June 30, 2015
Inventor: David James Squirrell
Patent number: 9063102
Abstract: The invention relates to a magazine for a device of a measuring system for determining an analyte concentration in a body fluid sample, wherein the magazine contains consumable analytical elements in a plurality of chambers. According to the invention, a data carrier, on which information is stored, is fastened to the magazine, the information indicating which magazine chambers are not intended for removal of a consumable element due to manufacturing defects. The invention further relates to a device, the control unit of which suppresses access by the removal unit to predefined magazine chambers, to a measuring system comprising such a device and a magazine, and to a method for controlling the removal unit of the device.
Type: Grant
Filed: August 25, 2011
Issued: June 23, 2015
Inventors: Joachim Hoenes, Uwe Kraemer
Patent number: 9063112
Abstract: Provided is a simplified steam sterilization indicator pack that is able to improve reliability of Bowie & Dick Test, and also is able to be downsized and improves handling. A steam sterilization indicator pack comprises: a pack which accommodates a sterilization confirmation indicator part that comprises steam transmitting adjustment layers 20, 20, of which total thickness is 5-25 mm, arranged so as to sandwich a sterilization confirmation indicator sheet 22 applying a printed pattern which colors or discolors due to contacting with steam, in a paper container 12 that passes steam more than the steam transmitting adjustment layers, and the steam transmitting adjustment paper sheets 18 include a sheet that has at least a density of 0.75 g/cm3 so that in a case where pressurized steam is introduced at 134° C. for 3.
Type: Grant
Filed: October 25, 2012
Issued: June 23, 2015
Inventor: Nobuyuki Ando
Patent number: 9061281
Abstract: The invention relates to a system for carrying out a sample preparation for an analysis apparatus, in particular a chromatograph, comprising a sample vessel (1), which can be closed by a self-sealing cover and has a sample compartment (31) for receiving a substance to be examined, further comprising a holder, which has a heating wire coil (13) and into which the sample vessel (1) with the sample compartment (31) can be inserted for heating the substance to be examined, and further comprising a power supply for the heating wire coil (13) which is based on a constant current source and is controlled proportionally by pulse width modulation.
Type: Grant
Filed: May 24, 2011
Issued: June 23, 2015
Assignee: Gerstel Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Inventors: Patrick Sandra, Bart Tienpont, Frank David, Tom Sandra, Koen Sandra
Patent number: 9057718
Abstract: A chemical composition analyzer may be used to optically determine and report chemical compositions associated with natural gases within a gas collection and transmission infrastructure. This analyzer includes a number of optical sensors which may be used to perform spectroscopic spectrographic analysis in order to determine the chemical composition of the natural gas. Additionally other sensors may be used to measure other physical properties associated with the natural gas. These sensors are tied to a data collection system wherein the output of the optical sensors and sensors used to measure the physical properties of the natural gas may be combined and processed in order to determine in a nearly continuous fashion the chemical composition associated with the natural gas at various locations within the gas collection and transmission infrastructure. This real time compositional analysis may be used to determine valuations of the gas or to optimize other processes or equipment configurations.
Type: Grant
Filed: May 19, 2006
Issued: June 16, 2015
Assignee: JP3 Measurement, LLC
Inventor: Joseph Paul Little, III
Patent number: 9057693
Abstract: A nanopore device includes a multi-layer structure comprising a surface defining an aperture extending through the multi-layer structure, wherein at least the surface comprising a minimal diameter comprises a monosilane functionalized silicon dioxide having a silicon-oxygen-silicon bond, the monosilane functionalized silicon dioxide having the following structure: wherein n is an integer from 1 to 12; R2 and R3 are each independently a methyl group, an ethyl group, a propyl group, an isopropyl group, a butyl group, or a tert-butyl group; and R4 is a chloride, a carboxylic acid group, an amine group, an amide group, a thiol group, an alcohol group, an acyl chloride group, an acyl bromide group, an acyl iodide group, an alkene group, an alkyne group, or a polyether group. Also disclosed are methods for making, wetting, and operating the nanopore device.
Type: Grant
Filed: April 29, 2013
Issued: June 16, 2015
Assignees: International Business Machines Corporation, 454 Life Sciences Corporation
Inventors: Yann Astier, Venkat K. Balagurusamy, Steven Lefkowitz
Patent number: 9057700
Abstract: A separation/detection column that can detect a component separated by a separating agent having an optical responsivity which is the same as that of a component in a sample. The separation/detection column is configured by filling one end of a tube 1, having an ultraviolet transparency, with a first filler that has an ultraviolet responsivity and a separation ability to separate the component in the sample, and by filling the other end of the tube 1 with a second filler that has an ultraviolet responsivity which is different from that of the first filler and does not have the separation ability via a spacer 4 constituted by quartz wool, and moreover by inserting an end cap 5 constituted by quartz wool into the other end of the tube 1.
Type: Grant
Filed: July 8, 2011
Issued: June 16, 2015
Assignee: Daicel Corporation
Inventors: Toshiharu Minoda, Isamu Ikeda
Patent number: 9052303
Abstract: A device is provided for determining total chlorine in liquids, the device including an indicator carrier that is impregnated with a color indicator that contains Michler's thioketone, the indicator carrier additionally containing as a color indicator at least one azine as well as an iodide, in particular potassium iodide and/or sodium iodide.
Type: Grant
Filed: November 12, 2009
Issued: June 9, 2015
Assignee: AXAGARIUS GmbH & Co. KG
Inventors: Edmund Radmacher, Klaus Moller, Jurgen Hoffmann
Patent number: 9046470
Abstract: An optical biosensor including a bio-sensing unit configured to receive an optical signal and generating a sensed optical signal, the wavelength of which varies according to a result of sensing a biomaterial; and a spectrometer including a plurality of ring resonators for dividing the sensed optical signal according to a wavelength and generating a plurality of output optical signals, respectively.
Type: Grant
Filed: March 15, 2013
Issued: June 2, 2015
Assignee: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Inventors: Yoon-dong Park, Kyoung-won Na, Sung Dong Suh, Dong-mo Im
Patent number: 9046512
Abstract: Apparatus (1) for determining a property of a sample. The apparatus has a chamber (11, 13) for receiving at least a part of the sample and contains a rotor (15) adapted to rotate within the chamber (11, 13). The apparatus (1) also has a space (17) between the rotor (15) and the chamber (11, 13) which may be at least partially occupied by the sample, driving means (14) for rotating the rotor (15), and a detector (39) arranged to detect the rate of rotation of the rotor (15). The apparatus may also have two parts, a sample strip (5) for receiving the sample and a receiving member (3) for receiving the sample strip (5) and carrying out measurements on the sample. The rotor (15) may be magnetized across its diameter. The driving means (14) may be a magnetic driving means. The sample may be a blood sample. The property to be determined by the sample may be the prothrombin time of the blood or plasma.
Type: Grant
Filed: July 11, 2011
Issued: June 2, 2015
Inventors: Nasser Djennati, Andrew Mitchell
Patent number: 9034264
Abstract: The present application provides apparatus and methods for determining the density of a fluid sample. In particular, it provides a sensor device which can be loaded with a fluid sample such as blood, and which further comprises at least one oscillating beam member or resonator. Exposure of the blood sample to clotting agents allows a clotting reaction to commence. The device allows the density of the sample fluid to be monitored with reference to the oscillation of the vibrating beam member, thus allowing the monitoring of the clotting of the fluid sample.
Type: Grant
Filed: August 22, 2014
Issued: May 19, 2015
Assignee: Highland Biosciences Limited
Inventor: Richard Day
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