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  • Patent number: 8344028
    Abstract: Gamma-amino-butyric acid derivatives that are GABAB receptor ligands, pharmaceutical compositions comprising such derivatives, and methods of using such derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions thereof for treating diseases are disclosed.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 16, 2010
    Date of Patent: January 1, 2013
    Assignee: XenoPort, Inc.
    Inventors: Feng Xu, Mark A. Gallop, Ge Peng, Thu Phan, Usha Dilip, David J. Wustrow
  • Patent number: 8346666
    Abstract: A token based transaction authentication system is disclosed. Issuer, merchants, and a payment processing network generate unique tokens or keys to authenticate messages between themselves and to authenticate a sending entity or consumer as they are redirected between entities. The tokens are also used to identify the particular authentication thread a message or sending entity is associated with. The sending entity authentication occurs over a web-based channel or a mobile based channel.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 19, 2011
    Date of Patent: January 1, 2013
    Assignee: Visa Intellectual Service Association
    Inventors: Mike Lindelsee, Olivier Brand, James Dimmick, Benedicto Dominguez
  • Patent number: 8345004
    Abstract: An input device for controlling an object includes a joystick and a modal switch. A user may use the modal switch to select a subset of degrees of freedom of the object. The joystick may then be used to control a change over time of the selected subset, where the change over time is functionally depend on both a motion of the joystick and a state of the selected subset. A method for controlling an object via the input device is also provided. The method includes receiving inputs indicating a selection by the modal switch of a subset of degrees of freedom of the object, and a motion of the joystick. A configuration of the selected subset is then caused to be changed based on the motion of the joystick and a state of the selected subset.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 24, 2009
    Date of Patent: January 1, 2013
    Assignee: Pixar
    Inventors: Michael Kass, Warren Trezevant
  • Patent number: 8343006
    Abstract: A transmission includes an input shaft (IP), an output shaft (OP), a single planetary gearset (SP), a compound planetary gearset (CP), shifting elements. The single planetary gearset is arranged before the compound planetary gearset, and the shifting elements comprise at least two brakes (B1,B2), the first clutch (C1), the second clutch (C2), the third clutch (C3), and all the shifting elements are positioned between the single planetary gearset and the compound planetary gearset, which has compact arrangements, and can reduce the power transmission length. The transmission also includes an one-way clutch (OWC) acted on the compound planetary gearset.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 4, 2008
    Date of Patent: January 1, 2013
    Assignee: Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Jiafeng Yang, Bill Lakis, Andrew Nowacki, Sarah Wykes, Chris Reis, John Stokes, Frank Bauer, Jian Lin
  • Patent number: 8342629
    Abstract: A liquid ejecting apparatus executes a collective multiple liquid ejecting process of ejecting a liquid so as to superimpose the predetermined number of unit images on basic images formed on a target. The liquid ejecting apparatus includes: an ejection executing unit which ejects the liquid onto the target from an ejecting head; a position acquiring unit which acquires arrangement positions of the predetermined number of two or more basic images, at which an arrangement image in which the predetermined number of two or more unit images are arranged among the plurality of basic images formed on the target is superimposed; an image adjusting unit which detects an error between the acquired arrangement positions of the basic images and arrangement positions of the predetermined number of two or more unit images, and adjusts the arrangement positions of the unit images by allocating the detected error to each unit image.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 3, 2010
    Date of Patent: January 1, 2013
    Assignee: Seiko Epson Corporation
    Inventors: Masahiko Hirasawa, Junichi Takenuki, Atsushi Nagahara, Masanori Tanizaki
  • Patent number: 8344243
    Abstract: A method for forming a thin film photovoltaic device. The method provides a transparent substrate including a surface region. A first electrode layer overlies the surface region. A copper layer is formed overlying the first electrode layer and an indium layer is formed overlying the copper layer to form a multi-layered structure. At least the multi-layered structure is subjected to a thermal treatment process in an environment containing a sulfur bearing species to forming a bulk copper indium disulfide. The bulk copper indium disulfide material has a surface region characterized by a copper poor surface region having a copper to indium atomic ratio of less than about 0.95:1 and n-type impurity characteristics. The bulk copper indium disulfide material excluding the copper poor surface region forms an absorber region and the copper poor surface region forms at least a portion of a window region for the thin film photovoltaic device.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 18, 2009
    Date of Patent: January 1, 2013
    Assignee: Stion Corporation
    Inventor: Howard W. H. Lee
  • Patent number: 8346611
    Abstract: A transaction processor can receive transaction information from a transaction between a customer and a merchant. The transaction information includes an account identifier associated with a financial account of the customer. The processor determines that the account identifier is associated with a fixed price futures contract. The transaction is completed at the current market price. Thereinafter, the processor can determine if the fixed price is lower than the current market price. If the fixed price is lower than the current market price, the process determines the difference in cost for the transaction if the fixed price were used. Then, the processor can create and send a resettlement transaction to the customer's account to reimburse the customer for the difference. As such, the customer receives a simple method for paying for commodities at a set price without having special payment instruments or special accounts.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 21, 2009
    Date of Patent: January 1, 2013
    Assignee: First Data Corporation
    Inventors: William Reid, John Ostrowski
  • Patent number: 8345821
    Abstract: Method and systems are disclosed for radiating a moving target inside a heart. The method includes acquiring sequential volumetric representations of an area of the heart and defining a target tissue region and/or a radiation sensitive structure region in 3D for a first of the representations. The target tissue region and/or radiation sensitive structure region are identified for another of the representations by an analysis of the area of the heart from the first representation and the other representation. Radiation beams to the target tissue region are fired in response to the identified target tissue region and/or radiation sensitive structure region from the other representation.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 8, 2010
    Date of Patent: January 1, 2013
    Assignee: CyberHeart, Inc.
    Inventors: Thilaka Sumanaweera, Patrick Maguire, Ed Gardner
  • Patent number: 8344376
    Abstract: The present invention relates generally to assembly techniques. According to the present invention, the alignment and probing techniques to improve the accuracy of component placement in assembly are described. More particularly, the invention includes methods and structures to detect and improve the component placement accuracy on a target platform by incorporating alignment marks on component and reference marks on target platform under various probing techniques. A set of sensors grouped in any array to form a multiple-sensor probe can detect the deviation of displaced components in assembly.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 13, 2010
    Date of Patent: January 1, 2013
    Assignee: Wintec Industries, Inc.
    Inventor: Kong-Chen Chen
  • Patent number: 8346061
    Abstract: The digital signal recording/reproducing apparatus inputs a digital signal having a control flag as to a temporary copy permission, and records the digital signal temporarily into a recording medium in accordance with conditions in the control flag, then reproducing the digital signal temporarily from the recording medium in accordance with the conditions in the control flag. The recording/reproducing of the temporary copy is permitted, depending on the following conditions: The recording medium's type, the reproducing point-in-time, the reproducing time-period, and the reproducing frequency. With this method employed, even in a program permitting no recording, the temporary recording/reproducing is permitted under a condition of being limited to the time-shift recording on the receiving side.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 7, 2006
    Date of Patent: January 1, 2013
    Assignee: Hitachi, Ltd.
    Inventors: Toru Matsumura, Hiroshi Yoshiura, Hiroo Okamoto, Hiroyuki Kimura
  • Patent number: 8345916
    Abstract: There is provided a dynamic sound transducer having a diaphragm with a ridge. First and second grooves (20, 30) are arranged on a first side of the ridge in such a way that the first and second grooves cross each other.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 19, 2008
    Date of Patent: January 1, 2013
    Assignee: Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG
    Inventors: Elmar Schulze, Markus Kuhr
  • Patent number: 8344624
    Abstract: An electrodeless plasma lamp apparatus includes a waveguide body having at least a first material and a second material. At least one of the materials has a dielectric constant of less than two. In a specific embodiment, the apparatus also includes an RF power source coupled to the waveguide body to provide RF power to the waveguide body at least one frequency that resonates within the waveguide body. A bulb containing a fill which forms a plasma to cause emission of light when the RF power is provided to the waveguide body.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 10, 2010
    Date of Patent: January 1, 2013
    Assignee: Topanga Technologies, Inc.
    Inventors: Frederick M. Espiau, Mehran Matloubian
  • Patent number: 8346985
    Abstract: A computer system includes a receiver configured to pair with a set of peripheral devices and have active connections with a first subset of the peripheral devices and inactive connections with a second subset of the peripheral devices. The first and the second subsets of peripheral devices are subsets of the set of peripheral devices. If a select one of the peripheral devices in the inactive set of peripheral devices is operated, the receiver is configured to activate a connection with the select one of the peripheral devices in a latency period that is below human perception levels of the latency period.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 5, 2010
    Date of Patent: January 1, 2013
    Assignee: Logitech Europe S.A.
    Inventors: Jacques Chassot, Xavier Bize, Eric Tissot-Dupont, Philippe Chazot, Tarak Fekih, Pierre Chenes
  • Patent number: 8337055
    Abstract: A lighting fixture generally includes a mounting plate, a ceiling bracket, a reflector that houses a light source, and a bezel assembly. The ceiling bracket is supported on the ceiling by the mounting plate via the use of retainer brackets. The bezel assembly in turn is supported on the ceiling by the ceiling bracket. The bezel assembly includes a bezel housing and at least one tamper-resistant lens mounted in the housing.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 30, 2010
    Date of Patent: December 25, 2012
    Assignee: ABL IP Holding LLC
    Inventors: David Wiley Clifton, Leslie Charles King
  • Patent number: 8337116
    Abstract: An artificial flagstone for use in combination with other similar flagstones for covering a surface with a natural random look, the flagstone having a generally hexagonal body comprising a first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth consecutive vertices; a first pair of first and second sides extending radially from the first vertex; a second pair of third and fourth sides extending radially from the third vertex; a third pair of fifth and sixth sides extending radially from the fifth vertex; wherein the sides of at least one of the first, second and third pair of sides have at least one split deviation along their length and are respectively rotational images of each other, and the artificial flagstone has no rotational symmetry when rotated about a central axis.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 6, 2012
    Date of Patent: December 25, 2012
    Assignee: Oldcastle Building Products Canada, Inc.
    Inventors: Bertin Castonguay, Marcel Thomassen
  • Patent number: 8336956
    Abstract: Described are table stop assemblies having a mounting block having at least one receptacle, at least one stop coupled to the receptacle, and at least one arm knuckle. The arm knuckle includes a side, a first end, and a second end, wherein the side is pivotally coupled to the mounting block, the first end is pivotally coupled to a tray table, and the second end is configured to contact the stop when the tray table is in a deployed position. As examples, the position of the stop is adjustable relative to the receptacle, and the tray table in the deployed position includes a surface that forms an angle relative to a horizontal axis that is controlled by the position of the stop.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 23, 2010
    Date of Patent: December 25, 2012
    Assignee: Zodiac Seats US LLC
    Inventors: Rik Westerink, Brad Grunwald
  • Patent number: 8338094
    Abstract: The present invention provides a method for amplifying a nucleic acid molecule. The method involves mixing an RNA template with a composition having a reverse transcriptase, a DNA polymerase and a RT inhibition reducer. The RT inhibition reducer can be Sso7d, Sac7d, Sac7e, Sso7e, AluI methylase, suramin, a phosphorothioate oligodeoxycytosine, a phosphorothioate oligodeoxyadenine, a phosphorothioate oligodeoxythymine or poly(rA)(dT). The mixing forms a mixture that is incubated under conditions sufficient to synthesize a DNA molecule complementary to all or a portion of the RNA template, thereby amplifying the nucleic acid molecule.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 25, 2008
    Date of Patent: December 25, 2012
    Assignee: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
    Inventors: Xiao-Song Gong, Yan Wang
  • Patent number: 8337004
    Abstract: An ink jet recording device comprises a main body equipped with an ink container, an ink supply pump ink, an ink recovery pump, and a control unit. A printing head equipped with a nozzle emits ink supplied from the main body as ink particles. An electrification electrode electrifies the ink particles and a deflection electrode deflects the electrified ink particles. A gutter collects ink particles which are not used for printing. An exhaust circulation path connects the ink container and the gutter. The gutter comprises two members of an ink flow path block in which ink flows and an exhaust flow path block in which exhaust solvent vapor flows.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 9, 2009
    Date of Patent: December 25, 2012
    Assignee: Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Toshihide Nagamine, Akira Miyao, Seiji Fujikura, Tadayuki Matsuda, Hiroshi Kotabe, Tomohiro Inoue
  • Patent number: 8336772
    Abstract: Data storage and access systems enable downloading and paying for data such as audio and video data, text, software, games and other types of data. A portable data carrier has an interface for sending and receiving data, data memory for storing received content data, and payment validation memory for providing payment validation data to an external device. The carrier may also store a record of access made to the stored content, and content use rules for controlling access to the stored content. Embodiments store further access control data and supplementary data such as hot links to web sites and/or advertising data. A complementary data access terminal, data supply computer system, and data access device are also described. The combination of payment data and stored content data and use rule data helps reduce the risk of unauthorized access to data such as compressed music and video data, especially over the Internet.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 17, 2011
    Date of Patent: December 25, 2012
    Assignee: Smartflash Technologies Limited
    Inventors: Patrick Racz, Hermen-ard Hulst
  • Patent number: D673076
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 9, 2012
    Date of Patent: December 25, 2012
    Assignee: YKK Corporation
    Inventors: Hsu Hsien Hsiang, Morimasa Yoneoka, Yuichi Iwase