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  • Publication number: 20210205285
    Abstract: The present invention provides a therapeutic agent or a prophylactic agent of dementia containing xanthine oxidase inhibitor such as a compound represented in formula (I), (II), (III) or (IV), or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof as an active ingredient.
    Type: Application
    Filed: February 17, 2017
    Publication date: July 8, 2021
    Applicants: NATIONAL UNIVERSITY CORPORATION TOTTORI UNIVERSITY, Nippon Medical School Foundation, Teijin Phama Limited
    Inventors: Takeshi NISHINO, Shinsuke KATO, Masako KATO, Hidenori SUZUKI, Ken OKAMOTO
  • Publication number: 20090255403
    Abstract: As an apparatus to prevent the excess adsorption of oxygen molecules caused by excess supply of raw material air and the reduction in the level of generated oxygen caused by concentration of argon, which occur when a predetermined value of an oxygen supply flow rate is in a low flow rate zone, to suppress the electric power consumption and to stably drive a compressor, the present invention provides an oxygen concentrator that is a pressure swing adsorption-type oxygen concentrator equipped with; at least one adsorption bed filled with an adsorbent capable of selectively adsorbing nitrogen relative to oxygen, an air supply device to supply compressed air to the adsorption bed, a flow channel switching device to repeat at a predetermined timing an adsorption step to supply air from the air supply device to the adsorption bed to isolate concentrated oxygen and a desorption step to depressurize the adsorption bed to regenerate the adsorbent therein, and a flow rate setting device to set a volume of concentrated
    Type: Application
    Filed: September 21, 2007
    Publication date: October 15, 2009
    Applicant: Teijin Phama Limited
    Inventors: Mitsuru Uchiyama, Katsushi Fujimoto, Makoto Ando