Patents Examined by Patricia M. Bianco
  • Patent number: 8236048
    Abstract: A drug and drug delivery system may be utilized in the treatment of vascular disease. A local delivery system is coated with rapamycin or other suitable drug, agent or compound and delivered intraluminally for the treatment and prevention of neointimal hyperplasia following percutaneous transluminal coronary angiography. The local delivery of the drugs or agents provides for increased effectiveness and lower systemic toxicity.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 27, 2004
    Date of Patent: August 7, 2012
    Inventors: Robert Falotico, John Siekierka, Gerard H. Llanos, Gregory A. Kopia, Andrew J. Carter
  • Patent number: 8114159
    Abstract: A protective system for facilitating revision surgery includes a protective pad with a base portion and an overlying portion spaced apart from the base. A fluid pocket is formed between the base portion; and the overlying portion. The protective system prevents formation of adhesions or scar tissue in the area occupied by the protective pad. Thus a clean plane is obtained during revision surgery on the patient through an incision in the fluid pocket.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 20, 2006
    Date of Patent: February 14, 2012
    Assignee: DePuy Spine, Inc.
    Inventor: Alexis P. Shelokov
  • Patent number: 8092480
    Abstract: This invention relates to devices, such as cannulas or needles, which are used for inserting expandable structures, such as medical balloons, into interior regions of a human or animal body, as well as methods for their use. In various embodiments, insertion devices described herein are capable of flaring at their tip to ease insertion and removal of expandable structures and reduce the risk of damaging such expandable structures during their insertion, inflation and removal. In other embodiments, insertion devices described herein are capable of directionally guiding and/or inhibiting expansion of an expandable structure within an interior region of an animal or human body to create optimally placed cavities for repair, augmentation and/or treatment of fractured and/or diseased bone.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 6, 2001
    Date of Patent: January 10, 2012
    Assignee: Kyphon SARL
    Inventors: Richard W. Layne, Robert M. Scribner, Christopher R Ralph
  • Patent number: 8056556
    Abstract: A medication dispenser includes a thermal drop generator ejector head. Medication is maintained in a pressurized container connected to a valve under the control of control electronics and to a compliant chamber. Fluid flows from the container to the chamber and to the ejector head. In a first mode the dispenser is operable to dispense aerosolized medication. In a second mode the ejector head is purged with fluid from the container to maintain the ejector head.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 12, 2004
    Date of Patent: November 15, 2011
    Assignee: Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
    Inventors: Winthrop D. Childers, Douglas A. Sexton, David Tyvoll
  • Patent number: 8037883
    Abstract: The present invention is an oral device comprised of two main components, a U-shaped lower bite plate and a U-shaped upper bite plate, which are molded to fit the front teeth of a wearer with a soft flexible contact surface. The oral device of the present invention comprises an upper bite plate and a lower bite plate each having a generally U-shaped appearance. The upper bite plate removably fits over the upper teeth of a person and the lower bite plate removably fits over the lower teeth of a person. Each bite plate includes a U-shaped buccal side and a U-shaped lingual side connected by a U-shaped top portion. The U-shaped top portion is further comprised of an exposed surface and an attaching surface where the exposed surface is the surface that contacts a penis, clitoris, or other body part while the attaching surface contacts the wearer's teeth.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 21, 2006
    Date of Patent: October 18, 2011
    Inventor: Harry Engel
  • Patent number: 8020559
    Abstract: The invention relates to a device for angularly positioning a member of a patient lying on an operating table (TO), comprising means for positioning a cradle (Be) supporting the member of the patient relative to lateral guide rails (RG1, RG2) of the operating table (TO). Said positioning means comprise: means (MS1, MS2, MS3) for fixing the cradle positioning means (Be) on either of the two lateral guide rails (RG1, RG2) of the operating table (TO), and; means for positioning this cradle (Be) along an axis (?3) contained in a plane parallel to that defined by the operating table (TO), and perpendicular to the principal axis (?) of the operating table (TO).
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 21, 2006
    Date of Patent: September 20, 2011
    Inventor: Alain Lacriox
  • Patent number: 8021316
    Abstract: The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to a device and/or system (e.g., redistributing weight away from a subject's foot), which may comprise (a) a platform, (b) at least one vertical support fixed to the platform and extending upwardly from the platform, and (c) at least one cuff (i) configured to surround and releasably grip at least a portion of a subject's leg other than the foot and (ii) adjustably mounted to the at least one vertical support at a vertical position along the at least one vertical support sufficient to suspend a subject's foot in a non-weight-bearing position above the platform during ambulation, wherein the platform, the at least one vertical support, and the at least one cuff together are configured to bear at least the subject's full weight.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 26, 2008
    Date of Patent: September 20, 2011
    Assignee: Toad Corporation
    Inventors: Hans G. Franke, David Salinger, Jeff Dodd
  • Patent number: 8020562
    Abstract: The combination chin protector and mouth guard provides a device for protecting both the user's teeth and chin. The device is particularly adapted for use in combination with a motorcycle or motocross helmet, for example. The combination chin protector and mouth guard includes a chin protector having opposed front and rear faces, and a mouth guard, adapted for insertion into the mouth of the user, having a front face adapted for positioning against the lips of the user and at least one substantially U-shaped recess being formed in the mouth guard to receive and protect the user's teeth. A support having opposed upper and lower ends is further provided, the upper end thereof being attached to the mouth guard, and the lower end thereof being secured to the chin protector in order to tether the mouth guard to the chin protector.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 3, 2010
    Date of Patent: September 20, 2011
    Inventor: Felipe E. Navarrette, Jr.
  • Patent number: 8021317
    Abstract: Orthopedic device for treating neuropathic ulcers and other injuries while allowing easy access to the wound site on the plantar surface of a patient's foot includes a base portion and a sole that is either movably connected or removably connected to either the base or to a strut member. The base or strut is maintained in position on the lower leg while the sole may be rotated, slid, or completely removed for allowing inspection and access to the plantar surface of the patient's foot.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 25, 2008
    Date of Patent: September 20, 2011
    Assignee: Ossur HF
    Inventors: William Arnold, Michael Campos, Chad Leeder, David Armstrong
  • Patent number: 8015973
    Abstract: Method and arrangement for adjusting nitrogen and oxygen concentrations within regions of an aircraft. The method includes separating nitrogen from ambient air onboard an aircraft thereby establishing a high-concentration nitrogen supply and then dispensing high-concentration nitrogen from the supply to a fire-susceptible, non-habitable region of the aircraft where the high-concentration nitrogen is reservoired thereby decreasing the capability for the atmosphere therein to support combustion. Oxygen is also separated from the ambient air thereby establishing a high-concentration oxygen supply that is dispensed to an occupant cabin of the aircraft thereby increasing the level of oxygen concentration within the cabin to a level greater than the naturally occurring concentration of oxygen at the experienced internal cabin pressure.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 17, 2004
    Date of Patent: September 13, 2011
    Assignee: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
    Inventor: Robert Geary
  • Patent number: 8011370
    Abstract: Disclosed is a method and apparatus of contraception. The apparatus can include an implant sized for insertion into a fallopian tube. The implant can comprise a plurality of loose, bulked fibers. The fibers can be formed from one or more bioabsorbable materials, for example, the method can include inserting the implant into a fallopian tube and occluding the fallopian tube with the implant.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 19, 2008
    Date of Patent: September 6, 2011
    Assignee: Tyco Healthcare Group LP
    Inventors: Halil I. Karabey, Anna G. Prestezog, Michael S. Mirizzi, John W. Rodriguez
  • Patent number: 8012112
    Abstract: A brace for providing therapeutic pressure to a person's or animal's body part is provided together with a venting device for use with a cast or brace. The brace has a rigid exterior shell which is perforated over a substantial portion of its surface. An interior resilient liner is arranged in the shell and this liner is also perforated. At least a portion of the liner has two inner and outer layers of flexible material and spacer members connecting these layers and forming air passageways. At least the inner layer is porous. The venting device can have two half sections which, when combined together, enclose a body part. Each half section is preformed to closely fit around a curved side of the body part and has spaced-apart inner and outer layers of flexible, material with at least the inner layer being porous. Again, spacer members are arranged between and connect these layers and form air passageways.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 14, 2006
    Date of Patent: September 6, 2011
    Inventor: Alessandro Aldo Barberio
  • Patent number: 8012113
    Abstract: A spinal brace includes a flexible air injectable band configured to be disposed about a torso of a user and to provide traction to a spine of the user, at least one support panel configured to provide support by compression to at least a region of the torso, the at least one support panel being less flexible than the air injectable band, and at least one means of associating the at least one support panel with the flexible air injectable band.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 20, 2007
    Date of Patent: September 6, 2011
    Assignee: Disc Disease Solutions, Inc.
    Inventors: Bert T. Lee, John J. Lee
  • Patent number: 8011363
    Abstract: An underwater breathing device, such as a snorkel, may include an exhalation valve. The exhalation valve is configured to produce positive end-expiratory pressure in the airway of a user of the underwater breathing device in order to reduce the overall work of underwater breathing. The exhalation valve includes a plate defining an exhalation port. The exhalation valve also includes a flexible membrane that is sealable against a surface of the plate and is sized and positioned to be capable of sealing the exhalation port. The flexible membrane is configured to have a sealed position in which the flexible membrane seals the exhalation port such that substantially no exhaled air escapes the snorkel. The flexible membrane is also configured to have an unsealed position in which exhaled air escapes the snorkel.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 18, 2006
    Date of Patent: September 6, 2011
    Inventor: Mark Johnson
  • Patent number: 8011364
    Abstract: An underwater breathing device, such as a snorkel, may include an exhalation valve. The exhalation valve is configured to produce positive end-expiratory pressure in the airway of a user of the underwater breathing device. The exhalation valve includes a plate defining an exhalation port and at least one chamber port, an exhalation conduit connected to the exhalation port, and a flexible membrane that is sealable against a surface of the plate. A lower portion of the exhalation conduit is divided by a septum which divides the exhalation conduit and the exhalation port into a first exhalation port connected to a first exhalation conduit and a second exhalation port connected to a second exhalation conduit. The flexible membrane is sized and positioned to be capable of sealing the first exhalation port and the second exhalation port.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 20, 2008
    Date of Patent: September 6, 2011
    Inventor: Mark R. Johnson
  • Patent number: 8006690
    Abstract: An inhaler includes an accurate and consistent mechanical dose metering system that dispenses dry powdered medicament in discrete amounts or doses for patient inhalation, a pressure relief system that manages pressure within a medicament reservoir of the inhaler to ensure consistently dispensed doses, and a dose counting system indicating the number of doses dispensed by or remaining in the inhaler.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 23, 2009
    Date of Patent: August 30, 2011
    Assignee: Norton Healthcare Ltd
    Inventor: David O'Leary
  • Patent number: 8007457
    Abstract: A therapeutic garment system for use on a mammalian body, and associated method of donning, whereby the garments are adapted for donning and releasably securing in a close-fitting fashion so that a plurality of elasticized pieces may be releasably applied, utilizing fasteners, against an outwardly facing surface of at least one—and more often two—of the garments in an operative therapeutic configuration. At least one elasticized garment is included for donning around an area of a torso such as the upper-torso, lower-torso, or full-torso area; a second elasticized garment is included for donning and releasably securing in a close-fitting fashion around a portion of the body, other than that around which the first garment will (or has been) be donned. In addition to an outwardly facing surface adapted for accepting releasable fasteners, each garment has an under-layer with an inwardly facing surface to resist slippage.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 30, 2003
    Date of Patent: August 30, 2011
    Assignee: TheraTogs, Inc.
    Inventor: Beverly Cusick Taylor
  • Patent number: 8006692
    Abstract: A gas blender with auxiliary mixed gas outlet for mixing a primary gas, generally air, and a secondary gas, generally oxygen, to obtain a mixed gas having several controlled characteristics. The gas blender may be incorporated into a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device. The gas blender controls the mixing to produce the mixed gas having a predetermined mixture setpoint, generally an oxygen percentage, and a predetermined control setpoint, generally a pressure setpoint or flow rate setpoint. The gas blender provides an auxiliary mixed gas source for use by an auxiliary piece of equipment such as a nebulizer or resuscitation bag. The gas blender includes a primary gas inlet passageway, a secondary gas inlet passageway, a gas mixing apparatus, a mixed gas distribution passageway with an auxiliary mixed gas outlet, a gas sensor, a delivery sensor, a mixed gas delivery control valve, a mixed gas controlled passageway, and a controller.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 2, 2005
    Date of Patent: August 30, 2011
    Assignee: CareFusion 2200, Inc.
    Inventors: Michael S. Smith, Greg Voss, Peter Bliss, Scott Halperin
  • Patent number: 8006699
    Abstract: A multipurpose site guard for use at all peripheral and central venipuncture infusion sites, sensitive areas, and for pediatric and adult patients. The guard is a hollow plastic member with a base and a sidewall curved upwardly and inwardly to form a cover which is form fitted to the infusion site under finger pressure and which can be taped in place. Improvements to this invention include holding the guard in place with a fabric connector having closure means and cushioning the guard's base with a soft material.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 16, 2003
    Date of Patent: August 30, 2011
    Inventors: Betty M. Rozier, Lisa M. Vallino
  • Patent number: 8007431
    Abstract: A male chastity system comprises a housing and a partial ring configured for placement behind the scrotum of the user. The partial ring contains a gap. A bridge bridges the gap by attaching to the partial ring at first and second attachment points. The bridge comprises a rear portion and a front portion, and the partial ring and the bridge collectively form a ring. Guide pins extend at least partially through the rear bridge portion, attachment points, front bridge portion, and housing. A locking pin extends through the bridge and housing, a spacer on the locking pin spacing the housing from the ring, and a lock is applied to the locking pin.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 12, 2009
    Date of Patent: August 30, 2011
    Assignee: A. L. Enterprises, Inc.
    Inventors: A. Frank Miller, Doris Miller