Patents Examined by Ross Gushi
  • Patent number: 10193268
    Abstract: An SFP cable connector capable of protecting solder joints includes a lower case, a cable, a circuit board that is soldered with one end of the cable to form a plurality of solder joints, an insulator being formed on the circuit board and covering said solder joints, and an upper case being mounted on the lower case and being capable of pressing the insulator. The SFP cable connector can provide a direct protection for said solder joints by employing the upper case to press the insulator downward, thereby preventing said solder joints between the cable and the circuit board from being damaged and ensuring the quality of the SFP cable connector.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 31, 2017
    Date of Patent: January 29, 2019
    Inventors: Min-Chan Chow, Jin Hua Meng
  • Patent number: 10186807
    Abstract: A connector includes a first-housing, a second-housing, a shroud, and a stacked-gear. The stacked-gear is moveably mounted to the first-housing. The stacked-gear engages a first-gear-rack on the second-housing and a second-gear-rack on the shroud. The second-housing is mated with the first-housing when the shroud is moved along a mating-axis of the connector. The stacked-gear engages at least two teeth on the first-gear-rack and on the second-gear-rack when the second-housing is mated with the first-housing. A rotation of the stacked-gear is greater than ninety degrees when the shroud is moved from an unmated-position to a mated-position. The stacked-gear initially engages a first-side of a first-tooth of the first-gear-rack when the first-housing receives the second-housing. A uniform mating-force is maintained as the shroud is moved from an unmated-position to a mated-position.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 10, 2018
    Date of Patent: January 22, 2019
    Assignee: Delphi Technologies LLC
    Inventors: Jeffrey Scott Campbell, Wesley W. Weber, Jr.
  • Patent number: 10186808
    Abstract: A service plug has a main connector (30 with two plate-like terminals (32) having coplanar plate surfaces, an accommodating portion (34) having the plate-like terminals (32) therein, and a first connecting portion (36, 38) having first connection terminals to connect the plate-like terminals (32) together by being inserted into the accommodating portion (34). A detection connector (40) includes a detection housing (44) with two detection terminals (42) inside. A second connecting portion (46) has a second connection terminal and is movable between an engaged position where the second connecting portion is engaged with the detection housing (44) and the second connection terminal connects the detection terminals (42) to each other and a non-engaged position where the second connecting portion does not engage the detection housing (44) by sliding within a width range of the first connecting portion (36, 38) along the surfaces of the plate-like terminals (32).
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 16, 2016
    Date of Patent: January 22, 2019
    Assignees: AutoNetworks Technologies, Ltd., Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd., Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
    Inventor: Nobuyuki Akiba
  • Patent number: 10181663
    Abstract: A connector system is provided that includes a first connector and a second connector that are both coupled by a plurality of cables. The first connector is a stacked connector and includes a first terminal pair and a second terminal pair that are positioned in spaced apart card slots. The second connector includes a third and a fourth terminal pairs and the first and second terminal pairs are fixably connected to the third and fourth terminal pairs by the plurality of cables.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 7, 2017
    Date of Patent: January 15, 2019
    Assignee: Molex, LLC
    Inventor: Kent E. Regnier
  • Patent number: 10164389
    Abstract: An assembly for breaking out a trunk cable includes: a base having a generally flat surface adapted for mounting to a mounting surface; a shell having a front wall, two side walls extending from opposite sides of the front wall, and two opposed end walls, the side walls of the shell mounted to the base to form a cavity; a plurality of connectors mounted to each of the side walls; a trunk cable routed into the cavity through one of the end walls, the trunk cable comprising a plurality of power conductors; and at least one bus bar mounted to the shell within the cavity, at least one of the power conductors and at least one of the connectors in electrical connection with the bus bar.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 19, 2017
    Date of Patent: December 25, 2018
    Assignee: CommScope Technologies LLC
    Inventor: Chi-Ming Wang
  • Patent number: 10164354
    Abstract: An example terminal block includes an annular arrangement of terminal pairs. Each of the terminal pairs has a first height and is adjacent another terminal pair having a second height different from the first height.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 19, 2017
    Date of Patent: December 25, 2018
    Inventors: Benjamin August Cerka, Kenneth Eugene Hall, Ronald Charles Hager, William Sean Raymond
  • Patent number: 10158205
    Abstract: The present invention relates to an electric connector and an illuminating device comprising this electric connector, wherein the electric connector comprises a housing and an end cap connected to the housing, wherein an conductor which can be connected to a power supply is arranged in the end cap, wherein the conductor comprises a stationary part and a movable part, wherein the conductor is rotatable relative to the housing along with the end cap from a first position to a second position, wherein the movable parts at least partially retract into the stationary part in the first position, and at least one movable part extends out of the stationary part in the second position so as to be in electric connection with a power consumption component arranged in the housing.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 9, 2015
    Date of Patent: December 18, 2018
    Assignee: LEDVANCE GMBH
    Inventors: Haitao Wen, Jun Liu
  • Patent number: 10153603
    Abstract: An adapter assembly includes an adapter board. A first connector assembly is coupled to the adapter board and is configured to releasably electrically couple the adapter board to a high-availability IT component. A second connector assembly is coupled to the adapter board and is configured to releasably couple the adapter board to an industry standard expansion card. The adapter assembly is configured to be positioned within an enclosure of a hot swappable IT carrier assembly.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 22, 2016
    Date of Patent: December 11, 2018
    Assignee: EMC IP Holding Company LLC
    Inventors: James L. Pringle, Jr., Daniel Dufresne, Stephen E. Strickland
  • Patent number: 10148036
    Abstract: A multi-platform modular device including a plurality of platforms or modules. Each module implements a different function and can be connected to another module via a plurality of magnetic contacts. The magnetic contacts can be used for synchronization, communication, and power delivery between the modules.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 23, 2017
    Date of Patent: December 4, 2018
    Assignee: Vanderbilt University
    Inventors: Ekawahyu Susilo, Nicolo Garbin, Pietro Valdastri
  • Patent number: 10141659
    Abstract: An electrical connector includes an electrically conductive connector having a mechanical connector for removably receiving a conductor. The mechanical connector includes a translatable clamping member and a threaded portion. An arm extends from the electrically conductive connector. A component is connected to the arm at an interface. The interface includes an exothermic weld.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 12, 2017
    Date of Patent: November 27, 2018
    Assignee: Hubbell Incorporated
    Inventor: Logan Trombley
  • Patent number: 10128613
    Abstract: A pin connector assembly has male connector and a female connector. The male connector has a first alignment slot formed on a first housing of the male connector and a mounting hole. The female connector has a second alignment slot formed on a second housing of the male connector and a mounting hole. The first and second alignment slots allows the male connector and the female to be coupled with each other without damaging metal contacts on the male connector. Moreover, the installation efficiency of the male connector and the female connectors are improved. The mounting holes of the male and female connectors are used for detachably mounting the male and female connectors on tubes of a trunk of an artificial Christmas tree.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 11, 2017
    Date of Patent: November 13, 2018
    Assignee: Puleo International Inc.
    Inventor: Ping Yang
  • Patent number: 10128604
    Abstract: The present disclosure provides an electrical connector assembly which comprises: a mounting frame having a connector mounting space and at least one mating opening; a protective cover which can cover and latch with and uncover the mounting frame and comprises an outer cover made of a hard material and an inner cover made of a soft material, an inner surface of the outer cover is engaged with an outer surface of the inner cover, the protective cover is further provided with a strap, the strap connects with the mounting frame so as to allow the protective cover to move between an open position and a close position; and at least one connector having a connector mating portion, the connector is received and fixed in the connector mounting space, and the connector mating portion is exposed via the mating opening. The protective cover of the electrical connector assembly of the present disclosure has the advantage of being easy to operate, feel good and beautiful in appearance.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 20, 2017
    Date of Patent: November 13, 2018
    Assignee: Molex, LLC
    Inventors: Yue-You Li, Xiao-An Wang
  • Patent number: 10122120
    Abstract: A lever type connector includes a first housing having a hood part, a second housing fittable into the hood part, a lever swingably assembled to an outer circumference of the second housing in a manner that a swing motion of the lever allows the second housing to be fitted in the hood part and allows the lever to be accommodated in the hood part, and a backlash preventing part provided in the lever and formed so as to project toward an inner wall surface of the hood part. The backlash preventing part is in pressure contact with the inner wall surface of the hood part when the second housing is fitted into the hood part.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 21, 2017
    Date of Patent: November 6, 2018
    Inventor: Motofumi Kato
  • Patent number: 10122105
    Abstract: A memory card reader body has a generally rectangular parallelepiped shape and a slot for inserting a memory card. The reader body furthermore includes a housing for receiving a memory card connector, and at least one protection circuit. The body includes an upper lid and a lower lid, where the protection circuit is positioned on an internal face of the upper lid.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 31, 2017
    Date of Patent: November 6, 2018
    Assignee: INGENICO GROUP
    Inventors: Stephane Pavageau, Johann Jadeau
  • Patent number: 10118013
    Abstract: Disclosed herein are aspects of portable vaporizers and isolated vapor dispensers wherein material in the vapor dispenser is placed in the fluid pathway of heated air from a convection heat source such as a furnace. A printed circuit board in signal communications with temperature sensor controls the temperature produced by heating elements in the furnace. A rechargeable battery power supply is mounted in a body to supply power the heating element. The vapor dispenser is removable and may be disposable. A smell reducing accessory module reversibly mates with the body of the vaporizer.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 16, 2017
    Date of Patent: November 6, 2018
    Inventor: Mark Krietzman
  • Patent number: 10122006
    Abstract: A connection module according to which positional movement of each housing unit can be performed independently and sagging can be suppressed. A connection module that is to be attached to a power storage element group formed by aligning multiple power storage elements includes: bus bars that are to be connected between electrode terminals of the power storage elements; multiple box-shaped housing units that insulate and house the bus bars; and multiple U-springs that are provided between a pair of opposing wall portions of adjacent housing units and that couple the adjacent housing units such that the distance between the adjacent housing units can extend and contract. The U-springs each include a U-portion and a pair of base end portions that are located on both ends of the U-portion and connect to the pair of wall portions. The multiple U-springs include at least two U-springs whose pairs of base end portions are at different positions in a height direction.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 10, 2018
    Date of Patent: November 6, 2018
    Assignees: AutoNetworks Technologies, Ltd., Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd., SUMITOMO ELETRIC INDUSTRIES, LTD.
    Inventor: Nobuyuki Matsumura
  • Patent number: 10116067
    Abstract: A single element electrical connector includes a single conductive contact element formed into a cage structure having a wire insert end and a wire contact end along a longitudinal centerline axis of the connector. The cage structure defines an upper pick-up surface having a surface area suitable for placement of a suction nozzle of a vacuum transfer device, as well as a pair of contact tines biased towards the centerline axis to define a contact pinch point for an exposed core of a wire inserted into the connector. A contact surface is defined by a member of the cage structure for electrical mating contact with a respective contact element on a component on which the connector is mounted.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 18, 2017
    Date of Patent: October 30, 2018
    Inventor: Peter Bishop
  • Patent number: 10112559
    Abstract: The task of the invention is to provide a motor vehicle latching system with an actuator and an electronic component switched in parallel in a technically simple and reliable manner which prevents undesired return movements of the actuator. The task is solved by a latching system with an electrical drive having an electrical plug-in connector component and with an external electrical plug-in connector component (1), which is connected to the electrical plug-in connector component of the electrical drive and which has an electronic braking device for the electrical drive, whereby the external electrical plug-in connector component (1) has two electrical contacts (2, 3) which each have a recess (4) which is open on one side in which an electrical conductor of the electronic braking device is accommodated in each instance.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 21, 2017
    Date of Patent: October 30, 2018
    Assignee: Kiekert AG
    Inventor: Octavian Cimpean
  • Patent number: 10116103
    Abstract: This invention teaches a connector design that has the capability to safely disconnect the power flowing through the connector when misalignment of the two connector halves is detected. Monitoring contactors disposed on different locations on the connector and are made to carry or not-carry (depending the contact position in the connector), a pilot signal generated by one of the connector halves. The presence or absence of the pilot signal on the individual contacts is monitored by the other connector half. A safe and automatic power disconnects ensues when the two connector halves misalign. This happens well before the primary power contact disengage. The clever design detects not only in-plane misalignments, but also out of plane misalignments.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 17, 2017
    Date of Patent: October 30, 2018
    Inventor: Satyajit Patwardhan
  • Patent number: 10109395
    Abstract: A connection unit for a fluid-cooled electric cable is provided, the connection unit comprising a housing, which has a cable connecting opening, a fluid inlet opening and a fluid outlet opening.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 13, 2017
    Date of Patent: October 23, 2018
    Assignee: HARTING Automotive GmbH
    Inventors: Carsten Beimdieck, Alexander Bruland