Patents Examined by Yemane M. Gerezgiher
  • Patent number: 7373401
    Abstract: Methods and devices for logically segmenting an LSP so that OAM DTUs may be used to determine the performance and/or the status of LSP segments. To segment a previously determined LSP, a dedicated subpath (a logical LSP) within that predetermined LSP is defined between two LSRs that are capable of processing OAM DTUs. The source node (source LSR) establishes a logical LSP between itself and the destination node (destination LSR) using an LDP. In doing this, the logical LSP traverses a specific path and transits through specific nodes in that path. The source node then transmits an OAM DTU or any other specialized DTU to the destination node using a label specifically associated with the logical LSP that was established. The characteristic of the specific path traversed by the logical LSP can thus be determined by when, how, and if the specialized DTU is received by the destination node.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 31, 2001
    Date of Patent: May 13, 2008
    Assignee: Nortel Networks Limited
    Inventor: Mina M. Azad
  • Patent number: 7363355
    Abstract: Web services, such as UDDI based web services, are intended to operate synchronously, e.g., a client issues a discovery request for availability of a service provider, or the client issues a web service request for service by a discovered service provider, and the client is expected to block/wait until a response is received to the clients request. While this configuration may work effectively when the client has a stable network connection, it is not effective when the client is offline. An environment is disclosed for effectively implementing web services when the client is offline by faking appropriate registry and service provider responses, and then deferring request processing until network connectivity is restored.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 30, 2003
    Date of Patent: April 22, 2008
    Assignee: Intel Corporation
    Inventors: Robert C. Knauerhase, Vijay Tewari
  • Patent number: 7349974
    Abstract: In a client-server environment having a server group including one or more participating servers and one or more controller servers, where each participating server can communicate with at least one controller server, a method for coordinating actions among the servers in the server group comprising the steps of: (1) communicating between a client and at least one of the servers in the server group using a protocol that has limited or no defined procedures for passing state information between the client and the servers; (2) transmitting a request for an action from the client to one of the servers; and (3) communicating among a plurality of servers with at least one controller server coordinating actions of at least some of the servers in response to the request.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 30, 2004
    Date of Patent: March 25, 2008
    Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation
    Inventors: Daniel Manuel Dias, Arun Kwangil Iyengar
  • Patent number: 7346696
    Abstract: A system for limiting group access is provided. A representative system includes a group access management system operable to store a plurality of resource lists, the resource lists comprising at least one contact and at least one group comprising at least one member and further comprising a group class of service marker associated with the at least one group. The system further comprises a network service router coupled to the group access management system and being operable to route a service request, if the service request includes an adequate class of service marker with respect to the group class of service marker. Methods and other systems for limiting group access are also provided.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 13, 2002
    Date of Patent: March 18, 2008
    Assignee: AT&T Deleware Intellectual Property, Inc.
    Inventor: Dale W. Malik
  • Patent number: 7343413
    Abstract: A server array controller that includes a Data Flow Segment (DFS) and at least one Control Segment (CS). The DFS includes the hardware-optimized portion of the controller, while the CS includes the software-optimized portions. The DFS performs most of the repetitive chores including statistics gathering and per-packet policy enforcement (e.g. packet switching). The DFS also performs tasks such as that of a router, a switch, or a routing switch. The CS determines the translation to be performed on each flow of packets, and thus performs high-level control functions and per-flow policy enforcement. Network address translation (NAT) is performed by the combined operation of the CS and DFS. The CS and DFS may be incorporated into one or more separate blocks. The CS and DFS are independently scalable. Additionally, the functionality of either the DFS or the CS may be separately implemented in software and/or hardware.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 21, 2001
    Date of Patent: March 11, 2008
    Assignee: F5 Networks, Inc.
    Inventors: Robert George Gilde, Steven Lee Harms
  • Patent number: 7330881
    Abstract: A data card 101 with music data accumulated therein is inserted into a portable telephone 110 to fetch the music data into the portable telephone, and application software suitable for a music data format prescribed in association with the music data is selected from among a plurality of pieces of application software (131, 133) stored in a server 130 located remotely, and is downloaded. Through this configuration, the application software associated with the music data can be downloaded from the server to the portable telephone by the user's selection.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 23, 2005
    Date of Patent: February 12, 2008
    Assignee: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Ryukou Arisawa, Hiroyuki Sasaki, Yuichi Fujii
  • Patent number: 7315903
    Abstract: A self-configuring server system is disclosed. In this system, a plurality of nodes are linked together in a primary loop. Each node includes an external communication interface coupled to the loop, a command module for controlling the node and an internal interface. The internal interface, for each node, is in turn coupled to an internal loop associated with that node, the internal loop defining operation of that node. Messages and data circulate around the primary loop until reaching an appropriate node, where the message or data is acted upon. In some instances the messages or data is client-related, and in other instances the messages or data provide for dynamic reconfiguration of the system. In yet other instances, the messages or data is transmitted from one or more nodes in order to provide operational data about the node/nodes to a plurality of system controllers.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 22, 2002
    Date of Patent: January 1, 2008
    Assignee: Palladia Systems, Inc.
    Inventor: Tommy H. Bowden
  • Patent number: 7310673
    Abstract: The present invention is a system and method for facilitating efficient assignment of networked resources. In one embodiment, a resource assignment method is utilized to assist network resource assignment operations. The resource assignment method establishes a resource model, acquires an application model, and utilizes a mapping process to map said application model onto said resource model. In one exemplary implementation the resources are assigned to optimize the assignment of resources with respect to application requirements and desired objectives (e.g., minimization of the average communication delay inside a service core). In one exemplary implementation, a mapping process of a resource assignment method is utilized to map an application onto part of IDC topology.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 21, 2001
    Date of Patent: December 18, 2007
    Assignee: Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
    Inventors: Xiaoyun Zhu, Sharad Singhal
  • Patent number: 7308509
    Abstract: A method for controlling the communications of a computer in a computer network or a plurality of single computers in a computer network, in which the computer is connected to other computers and the single computers are connected with each other via a standard network LAN and a high performance network SAN. Each single computer comprises, in an operation system kernel, a protocol unit connected with the standard network LAN for servicing communication protocols and a library, which is connected in front of the operation system kernel, for which applications are sitting at a communication interface. Selection of the communication path between the standard network LAN and the high performance network SAN occurs in a network selection unit integrated with a base library. It is thereby provided that the network selection happens after the communication interface of the library and before access to the operation system kernel.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 28, 2001
    Date of Patent: December 11, 2007
    Assignee: ParTec AG
    Inventors: Thomas Warschko, Joachim Blum
  • Patent number: 7299292
    Abstract: There is disclosed a process for encrypting a data stream to secure the data stream for single viewing and to protect copyrights of the data stream. Specifically, there is disclosed a process for protecting streaming multimedia, entertainment and communications in a network transmission. There is further disclosed a streaming server component operably connected with a streaming server that interacts with a client system that includes a virtual smart card to effect the inventive process.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 1, 2004
    Date of Patent: November 20, 2007
    Assignee: Widevine Technologies, Inc.
    Inventors: Glenn A. Morten, Brian Baker
  • Patent number: 7296059
    Abstract: The scanner 10 having a function as a data transmission device generates a reduced image 202 from the original image data obtained by scanning a document, prepares an e-mail 200 that contains the reduced image 202, which is linked to the original image data file stored in a specified storage area, and transmits the e-mail 200 to a specified destination.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 12, 2002
    Date of Patent: November 13, 2007
    Assignee: Minolta Co., Ltd.
    Inventor: Yoko Fujiwara
  • Patent number: 7257648
    Abstract: Individual records of a data set include data and semantic information to describe the data. The records in the data set are encoded to generate an encoded data set using a compression function which is determined from semantic information that is common to multiple records of the data set. Multiple records of the encoded data set include the data without the common semantic information. The encoded data set is transmitted, or otherwise communicated, to a destination device along with an expansion function that includes the semantic information that is common to the multiple records of the data set. The destination device expands the encoded data set with the expansion function such that the multiple records of the encoded data set are expanded to include the common semantic information.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 5, 2005
    Date of Patent: August 14, 2007
    Assignee: Microsoft Corporation
    Inventors: Jason McCartney, Thomas Fakes
  • Patent number: 7249188
    Abstract: A network resource control system allows network terminals to communicate with network resources, and includes a resource registry, an authorization server and an administration server. The resource registry includes resource records which are associated with the network resources and define at least a user access level for each network resource. The authorization server is in communication with the resource registry and controls network access to the network resources in accordance with the resource records. The administration server is in communication with the resource registry and provides controlled access to the resource records. The administration server receives user access control data from administrators of the network resources for incorporation into the resource records. Depending upon the user access control data received, the authorization server configures the network terminals for communication with the network resources.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 16, 2005
    Date of Patent: July 24, 2007
    Assignee: Spicer Corporation
    Inventors: Steven Spicer, Christopher Martin, Larry Kuhl, Brian Hollander, Patrick Pidduck, Steven Coutts, Philip Von Hatten, Mark Onischke, Clayton Grassick, Tim Lehan
  • Patent number: 7246152
    Abstract: The present invention provides mobile terminals with various types of services such as electronic commerce service, music delivery service, and position information service. User applications required for the electronic commerce service, music delivery service, and position information service are respectively configured as service objects each having a server facility, and further a local gateway is provided, whereby various types of services can be used through a browser.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 5, 2001
    Date of Patent: July 17, 2007
    Assignee: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Hisashi Takayama, Kyoko Kawaguchi, Yoshiaki Nakanishi, Osamu Sasaki, Atsushi Ando
  • Patent number: 7243130
    Abstract: The present invention relates to a system (10) and methodology (170, 173, 180, 400, 600, 1000) to enable a variety of information associated with one or more notification sources (26-28) to be directed to one or more notification sinks (36-38) via a notification platform architecture (10). The architecture (10) includes a context analyzer (22) for determining a user's state such as location and attentional focus, wherein the user's state is employed by a notification manager (24) to make decisions regarding what, when and how information generated by the notification sources (26-28) should be forwarded to the notification sinks (36-38), for example. These decisions can include a cost benefit analysis wherein considerations are given as to whether the benefits of notifying the user are outweighed by the costs of disrupting the user.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 16, 2001
    Date of Patent: July 10, 2007
    Assignee: Microsoft Corporation
    Inventors: Eric J. Horvitz, David O. Hovel, Andrew W. Jacobs, Carl M. Kadie
  • Patent number: 7233981
    Abstract: A system of redirecting encrypted requests for content at a web site includes the steps of receiving, at a first web site, data enabling secure communication with a client, receiving, at the first web site, a request for content from the client, identifying an alternate web site to service the request from the client and forwarding a communication associated with the request to the alternate web site including forwarding the data enabling secure communication to the alternative web site. Such an arrangement allows a web site to communicate with a client using encrypted packets without having previously set up a tunneled connection, thereby aiding in disaster recovery and providing a facilitating client proximity detection when traffic is encrypted.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 27, 2003
    Date of Patent: June 19, 2007
    Assignee: Nortel Networks Limited
    Inventors: Peter Tenereillo, Craig J. Ficik
  • Patent number: 7203725
    Abstract: A method of querying a user profile commences with a first access to a public portion of a knowledge profile for each of a plurality of potential targets of the electronic document, the public portion of each knowledge profile including public knowledge terms indicative of a knowledge base of a potential target of the electronic document. The first access is responsive to a first query received from an originator. A first matching operation is performed between a document term within the electronic document and public knowledge terms within the public portion of each knowledge profile to identify a first set of targets for which a match exists between the document term and at least one public knowledge term. The first set of targets is published to the originator.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 1, 2000
    Date of Patent: April 10, 2007
    Assignee: Tacit Software, Inc.
    Inventors: David Gilmour, Richard Sanders, Jr., Hernan Epelman-Wang, Eric Wang
  • Patent number: 7200675
    Abstract: A system and method for enabling highly scalable multi-node event distribution networks through the use of summary-based routing, particularly event distribution networks using a content-based publish/subscribe model to distribute information. By allowing event routers to use imprecise summaries of the subscriptions hosted by matcher nodes, an event router can eliminate itself as a bottleneck thus improving overall event distribution network throughput even though the use of imprecise summaries results in some false positive event traffic. False positive event traffic is reduced by using a filter set partitioning that provides for good subscription set locality at each matcher node, while at the same time avoiding overloading any one matcher node. Good subscription set locality is maintained by routing new subscriptions to a matcher node with a subscription summary that best covers the new subscription.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 14, 2003
    Date of Patent: April 3, 2007
    Assignee: Microsoft Corporation
    Inventors: Yi-Min Wang, Lili Qiu, Chad E. Verbowski, Demetrios Achlioptas, Gautam Das, Per-Ake Larson
  • Patent number: 7191230
    Abstract: A next generation performance network management system (30?) includes a first component (34a) that monitors one or more attributes of network elements (111–11n, 121–12m, 20 and 26) as well as peripheral devices (16 and 22) and interconnecting links (18, 24) to establish an historic trend for each monitored element. A second performance management system component (34b) monitors, on a near real-time basis, critical attributes of elements identified from historic trends as undergoing performance degradation. If such performance degradations persist, as detected by such near real-time monitoring, then the network operator can repair or replace the element in question to maintain network performance.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 21, 2005
    Date of Patent: March 13, 2007
    Assignee: AT&T Corp.
    Inventors: Arvind S Chakravarti, Hossein Eslambolchi, Richard Hellstern, John Babu Medamana
  • Patent number: 7188159
    Abstract: An efficient software download to a configurable communication device is disclosed herein. The method of efficiently downloading software begins with a step of receiving a request to configure a communication device to run a communication application. The communication device being configured has a plurality of function blocks with a fixed portion of hardware and a flexible portion of hardware, wherein the same plurality of function blocks is capable of operating a plurality of communication applications. In a next step, the capability of the fixed portion and the flexible portion of hardware of the communication device is evaluated for a capability of implementing the communication application. Next, configuration information only for the flexible portion of hardware of the communication device is transmitted to the communication device to enable it to operate the communication application.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 9, 2001
    Date of Patent: March 6, 2007
    Assignee: Infineon Technologies AG
    Inventors: John D. Ralston, Ravi Subramanian, Song Chen, Ted E. Williams