Patents by Inventor Arthur Zane

Patent number: 5775633
Abstract: This tool is an improved applicator for holding wallpaper border material at the ceiling wall juncture during application to a wall. The tool consist of a handle, a rotating shaft and a shelf to support the roll of border material and includes a fixed bottom spike and a spring loaded top spike for securing the tool to the ceiling/wall construction. The applicator positions himself at the top of a ladder to proper working height and dispenses the border paper along the application area. When he has reached as far as arms length he secures the tool to the ceiling and wall by engaging the spikes into the ceiling and wall, thus freeing both hands to apply the adhesive and align the border along the top of the wall. The tool is left in place when he descends the ladder to move it to the next location . Thus, the border holding tool is in optimum location for him to unroll the next length and secure the tool and border roll further down the line of application.
Type: Grant
Filed: August 19, 1996
Issued: July 7, 1998
Assignee: Arthur Zane
Inventor: Arthur Zane