Patents by Inventor Ernest J. Cameron-Price

Ernest J. Cameron-Price has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • Patent number: 5620725
    Abstract: When dispensing carbonated beverages, particularly beers and especially draught stout, it is desirable to obtain a close-knit creamy head. To achieve this a container (1) includes a separate closed hollow insert (5) containing substantially no oxidising gas and means (6) responsive to opening of the container (1) to provide communication between the inside of the insert (5) and beverage (7) contained in the body of the container (1) upon opening it to jet gas from the insert (5) into the beverage (7). The means (6) preferably has the form of a pressure responsive valve. The insert (5) may be arranged so that its internal pressure is increased after the container (1) is sealed or the means (6) may have a different relief pressure when initially inserted into the container (1) from that upon opening the container (1).
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 22, 1993
    Date of Patent: April 15, 1997
    Assignees: Whitbread PLC., Heineken Technical Services B.V.
    Inventors: James G. Jamieson, David R. Maule, Mark P. Radford, Ernest J. Cameron-Price, Edward R. Costello, Peter F. Kershaw
  • Patent number: 5552168
    Abstract: Various arrangements of gas reservoir can be provided for containing a gas such as nitrogen in a carbonated beverage can, the reservoirs being generally of tubular form and/or having a tubular attachment portion by which the reservoir is secured to one of the can end walls. The tube may have a plug and socket connection with one or both can end walls to hold the reservoir in a fixed position, but one end of the tube may simply abut with the can end wall by means of a lug. One or more orifices in the tube, through which gas passes into the beverage when the can is opened, are provided in the tube sidewall, in the step, or in one end of the tube. The tube may be a force-fit in a hole (18) in one end wall of the can.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 16, 1993
    Date of Patent: September 3, 1996
    Inventor: Ernest J. Cameron-Price
  • Patent number: 5340595
    Abstract: Drinks cans are provided with a gas reservoir containing a gas to bubble into beer to initiate the production of further bubbles from gas dissolved in the beer, when the can top (4) is opened by pulling the ring-pull device (5). In the construction of FIG. 1, a plastics cap (8) is a tight snap fit on an annular rib (9) formed on the can base (3), the cap (8) being provided with a fine hole (10) through which nitrogen bubbles on opening of the can. In the construction of FIGS. 2 and 3, an unapertured blow-off cap (8) is fitted on an annular rib (15) formed on a partition wall (12) of the can, the cap normally covering fine holes (13) in the partition wall, air under super-atmospheric pressure in gas reservoir (13) bubbling into beer in the main chamber (6) when the cap blows off the rib (15) on opening of the can top.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 21, 1992
    Date of Patent: August 23, 1994
    Assignee: E J Price (Development) Limited
    Inventor: Ernest J. Cameron-Price