Patents by Inventor Nien-Hui Kung

Nien-Hui Kung has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • Publication number: 20060033484
    Abstract: A control device, which controls a power-converting module that is coupled to a light-emitting component, includes a duration detecting unit and a control signal generator. The duration detecting unit compares the duration of a predetermined logic state of a pulsating input dim control signal with a reference time period. The control signal generator is enabled by the duration detecting unit so as to generate a control signal that enables the power-converting module to generate a drive voltage for driving the light-emitting component when the duration of the predetermined logic state is not longer than the reference time period. The duration detecting unit disables the control signal generator to disable the power-converting module when the duration of the predetermined logic state is longer than the reference time period.
    Type: Application
    Filed: August 16, 2004
    Publication date: February 16, 2006
    Inventors: Nien-Hui Kung, Yiu-I Lin, Der-Jiunn Wang, Chao-Hsuan Chuang, Jien-Sheng Chen, Shui-Mu Lin, Wei-Hsin Wei
  • Publication number: 20050162361
    Abstract: A frame-shifted technique is disclosed for a dynamic gamma correction method and system that comprises counting the gray levels of each frame to figure out the probability distribution of gray levels in the current frame, and determining the gamma reference voltages according to the probability distribution of gray levels of the current frame for the gamma correction of the next frame.
    Type: Application
    Filed: January 24, 2005
    Publication date: July 28, 2005
    Inventors: Chao-Hsuan Chuang, Yiu-I Lin, Nien-Hui Kung, Der-Jiunn Wang, Jing-Meng Liu
  • Publication number: 20040252096
    Abstract: A backlight power controller chip comprises a control circuit connected to two switches to turn on and off two display panels of a dual panel display handheld apparatus. The controller chip individually switches the two switches to control the backlight sources of the two display panels. The controller chip is available for various types of display panels.
    Type: Application
    Filed: May 17, 2004
    Publication date: December 16, 2004
    Inventors: Der-Jiunn Wang, Jing-Meng Liu, Chao-Hsuan Chuang, Nien-Hui Kung, Wen-Hung Huang
  • Publication number: 20040201985
    Abstract: An automatic contrast compensation apparatus for an OLED display comprises a photo detector, an OLED driver, a safety clamping circuit, and a solar cell. When the intensity of environmental light increased, the photo detector sends a signal to the OLED driver to increase the brightness of the OLED display and for which, the solar cell provides the extra power for the OLED driver to improve the displaying performance of the OLED display in a power-saving manner. The safety clamping circuit prevents the OLED driver from over-current from the solar cell.
    Type: Application
    Filed: January 6, 2004
    Publication date: October 14, 2004
    Inventors: Nien-Hui Kung, Jing-Meng Liu, Der-Jiunn Wang, Chao-Hsuan Chuang
  • Publication number: 20040004597
    Abstract: A capacitor structure in a low temperature poly silicon display comprises a buffer layer on a substrate, a poly-Si layer on the buffer layer, a dielectric layer on the poly-Si layer, and an electrically conductive layer on the dielectric layer. At least one of the four layers has an uneven structure. Combining the capacitor structure of the invention with a thin film transistor formed by a LTPS fabrication process forms a pixel structure of a LTPS thin film transistor display. Comparing to the capacitor structure in a conventional display, the capacitor structure of the invention increases the area of the capacitor. Therefore, the storage capacity and the aperture ratio of the LTPS display are increased. The fabrication process is simple. Only one extra process is added to the conventional LTPS display fabrication process and the quality of the display is greatly enhanced.
    Type: Application
    Filed: September 21, 2002
    Publication date: January 8, 2004
    Inventors: Nien-Hui Kung, Jr-Hong Chen