Patents by Inventor Richard H. Hopkins

Richard H. Hopkins has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • Patent number: 5004956
    Abstract: A thin film electroluminescent edge emitter assembly includes a substrate layer having a configuration to define at least one lateral edge surface and at least one integrated circuit formed therein. The integrated circuit has an input for receiving logic signals, and has an excitation voltage input and a plurality of output leads. The output leads form control electrodes each having an end portion terminating at the substrate lateral edge surface. The integrated circuit is operable to provide an excitation voltage to selected control electrodes in response to preselected logic signals provided to the integrated circuit at the logic signal input. A laminar arrangement formed from a first dielectric layer, a second dielectric layer, a phosphor layer interposed between the first and second dielectric layers and a common electrode layer is disposed on the end portions of the control electrodes.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 18, 1988
    Date of Patent: April 2, 1991
    Assignee: Westinghouse Electric Corp.
    Inventors: Zoltan K. Kun, Michael W. Cresswell, Richard H. Hopkins
  • Patent number: 4955699
    Abstract: Disclosed is a crystal 1 of thallium arsenic selenide, thallium arsenic sulfide, thallium vanadium sulfide, thallium phosphorous selenide, lead halide, cadmium sulfide, cadmium selenide, cadmium tin arsenide, cadmium germanium arsenide, indium phosphoride, indium arsenide, or mixtures thereof, doped with a precious metal in an amount of about 25 ppm up to the solubility limit of a precious metal in the crystal. The crystal is useful in nonlinear optical devices, acousto-optical devices, piezoelectric devices, and other types of optical and acoustic devices.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 23, 1988
    Date of Patent: September 11, 1990
    Assignee: Westinghouse Electric Corp.
    Inventors: Narsingh B. Singh, Tom Henningsen, Robert Mazelsky, Richard H. Hopkins, Milton S. Gottlieb
  • Patent number: 4265683
    Abstract: This is a method of producing grain-oriented, iron sheet for electrical applications. The process utilizes relatively pure iron which is deoxidized to have less than 50 ppm of oxygen. The carbon content is adjusted to 0.01-0.02 wt. % (preferably 0.010-0.015 wt. %). The material is hot rolled at a temperature of at least C., cold rolled with a 60-75% reduction, recrystallized in an non-oxidizing atmosphere at C., cold rolled a second time with a 60-75% reduction, annealed at C. in a non-oxidizing atmosphere and cold rolled a third time with a 60-75% reduction and final annealed at C. for 50-200 hours in a reducing atmosphere.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 7, 1979
    Date of Patent: May 5, 1981
    Assignee: Westinghouse Electric Corp.
    Inventors: Richard D. Blaugher, Richard H. Hopkins
  • Patent number: 4072782
    Abstract: An optical window is provided, particularly for multispectral or broadband wavelength (visible and infrared) transmission, which is resistant to damage or erosion by high velocity raindrops or other adverse environmental conditions. The window consists of a substrate of material having the necessary optical properties for the desired spectral range, with a cladding or protective layer of material of high resistance to erosion or other damage bonded to the substrate by a glass bonding material. While any suitable materials meeting the optical and physical requirements may be used, the substrate may be a material such as zinc selenide with a protective layer of zinc sulfide bonded to the substrate by a thin layer of a chalcogenide glass.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 7, 1976
    Date of Patent: February 7, 1978
    Assignee: Westinghouse Electric Corporation
    Inventors: William E. Kramer, Richard H. Hopkins, Richard A. Hoffman
  • Patent number: 4058429
    Abstract: A method and apparatus for controlling the diameter of single crystals grown by the Czochralski process in which an infrared sensor determines the temperatures of the melt adjacent to the crystal and a control circuit compares an average of these temperatures to a reference temperature to provide an error signal which controls the inductive heating of the melt.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 4, 1975
    Date of Patent: November 15, 1977
    Assignee: Westinghouse Electric Corporation
    Inventors: Charles Duncan, Richard H. Hopkins