Patents by Inventor Thomas G. Hardy, Jr.

Thomas G. Hardy, Jr. has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • Patent number: 4552148
    Abstract: An anastomotic device for receiving the free ends of anatomic tubular structures to be anastomosed, the device having a pair of ring members for securement to the free end of each of the tubular members to be anastomosed and the ring members having annular connecting structures which mate with each other to connect the ring members. Novel securement structures are associated with the annular connecting structures to enable the securement of the ring members in a fixed relationship at a predetermined distance from each other. Structure is provided to connect each tubular member free end over a ring member so that the free ends are positioned contiguous to each other around the connecting structures to enable the ends to grow together and approximate the outer surface of the tubular member.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 27, 1984
    Date of Patent: November 12, 1985
    Assignee: American Cyanamid Company
    Inventors: Thomas G. Hardy, Jr., A. L. Kaganov, W. G. Pace
  • Patent number: 4182339
    Abstract: An anastomotic device and method for receiving the free ends of flexible tubing to be anastomosed, the device has a pliable sleeve with its opposite ends rolled outwardly upon themselves to form relatively firm ring members to engage and secure the free ends of the tubing to be anastomosed, the tubing free ends engaging each other as they are secured to and held by the ring members of the sleeve, the tubing ends being contiguously inverted to enable the ends to grow together permanently.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 17, 1978
    Date of Patent: January 8, 1980
    Inventor: Thomas G. Hardy, Jr.
  • Patent number: 3974835
    Abstract: An apparatus for intestinal anastomosis is formed from a pair of anastomotic ring members, each of which is secured to the free end of two tubular tissue members to be anastomosed, and a coupling tube of special design adapted to join each ring member and its associated attached tissue member to the other ring member and attached tissue member. A method for performing intestinal anastomotic surgery utilizing the apparatus above wherein each tubular tissue member end is pulled over the outside and through the inside of one of the ring members and thereby inverted as it is secured to fenestrated projections on the ring member.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 26, 1974
    Date of Patent: August 17, 1976
    Inventor: Thomas G. Hardy, Jr.