Patents by Examiner Kriellion A. Sanders

Patent number: 8765868
Abstract: A resin composition includes: (A) a polymer having a structural unit shown by the formula (I), and an acidic functional group or a group derived therefrom at both of the terminals; wherein X1 is a di- to octa-valent organic group, Y1 is a di- to octa-valent organic group, R1 is a hydrogen atom or an organic group having 1 to 20 carbon atoms, R2 is a hydrogen atom or a monovalent organic group, when plural R1s or R2s exist, the plural R1s or R2s may be the same or different, p and q are independently an integer of 0 to 4, l and m are independently an integer of 0 to 2, and n is an integer of 2 or more indicating the number of structural units; (B) a solvent; and (C) a compound shown by formula (II) wherein R3 is a monovalent organic group.
Type: Grant
Filed: April 30, 2010
Issued: July 1, 2014
Assignee: Hitachi Chemical DuPont Microsystems, Ltd.
Inventor: Hajime Nakano
Patent number: 8759424
Abstract: A composite material includes a matrix composed of a polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) polymer and a filler composed of particles dispersed in the matrix. The particles are composed of naturally-derived materials (e.g., ground bone meal or pumice powder), have a microporous microstructure, have a low hygroscopic expansion, and are less than 1.0 mm in size. Preferably, the matrix and the filler together constitute 100% by weight of the composite material, and at most 30% by volume of the composite material is consumed by the filler. The composite material may take the form of an anaerobically biodegradable article of manufacture such as a building material a coating of a building material or other article.
Type: Grant
Filed: July 11, 2013
Issued: June 24, 2014
Assignee: The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University
Inventors: Wilfred V. Srubar, III, Sarah L. Billington
Patent number: 8759430
Abstract: A novel olefin or polyester (PET) fiber or yarn, or a textile fabric, tufted, knitted, woven and non-woven, is manufactured using olefin or polyester (PET) yarns that contain variable amounts of a unique dye acceptor additive. The fabrics and yarns using this invention can be processed using existing nylon dyeing and finishing systems at atmospheric pressure. The dye acceptor additive can be easily and inexpensively dosed into a conventional yarn or fiber extruder or can be incorporated in blended pellets which can be extruded into a nylon dyeable polyester (PET) or olefin fiber or yarn. A fabric with more than one tone of a color can be dyed in a single dye bath by using different amounts of additive in different yarns. This invention is of particular value in the apparel, carpet and home furnishings industries.
Type: Grant
Filed: May 19, 2011
Issued: June 24, 2014
Assignee: Aquadye Fibers, Inc.
Inventor: Edward J. Negola
Patent number: 8759443
Abstract: The invention relates to a curable composition comprising: at least one benzoxazine and at least one toughening additive which can be bound to the at least one benzoxazine in the curing process, characterized in that the toughening additive is distributed in the cured composition in form of discrete domains, and that at least 50% of the discrete domains related to the total amount of discrete domains have a maximum length in any direction of space in the range of 10 nm to 500 nm as determined by transmission electron microscopy (TEM).
Type: Grant
Filed: April 23, 2010
Issued: June 24, 2014
Assignees: Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Henkel IP & Holding GmbH
Inventors: Andreas Taden, Stefan Kreilling, Rainer Schoenfeld, Stanley Leroy Lehmann
Patent number: 8759441
Abstract: A pigment dispersion includes a color pigment and a polymeric dispersant having at least one pending chromophore group covalently bound to the polymeric backbone of the polymeric dispersant through a linking group, wherein the at least one pending chromophore group is a derivative from a color pigment selected from the group consisting of monoazo pigments, disazo pigments, ?-naphtol pigments, naphtol AS pigments, azo pigment lakes, benzimidazolone pigments, disazo condensation pigments, metal complex pigments, isoindolinone pigments, isoindolinine pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, quinacridone pigments, diketopyrrolo-pyrrole pigments, thioindigo pigments, anthraquinone pigments, anthrapyrimidine pigments, indanthrone pigments, flavanthrone pigments, pyranthrone pigments, anthanthrone pigments, isoviolanthrone pigments, aluminum pigment lakes, dioxazine pigments, triarylcarbonium pigments, and quinophthalone pigments; the at least one pending chromophore group is a chromophore group occurring as a side group
Type: Grant
Filed: June 23, 2006
Issued: June 24, 2014
Assignee: Agfa Graphics NV
Inventors: Johan Loccufier, Wojciech Jaunky, Geert Deroover, Lambertus Groenendaal
Patent number: 8748511
Abstract: Curable compositions comprising a) an alkoxysilane and/or acyloxysilane terminated polymer having at least one end group of the general formula (I) -An-R—SiXYZ (I) and b) hollow microspheres made of a copolymer obtained by the polymerization of methacrylonitrile and at least one monomer M2 selected from the group consisting of acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, acrylic acid alkyl esters and methacrylic acid alkyl esters, wherein the copolymer comprises at maximum 5 wt. % units that are due to the installation of additional monomers and is free of units containing chlorine, to a method for the production thereof and to the use thereof as silane cross-linking adhesive, sealing or coating substances.
Type: Grant
Filed: October 6, 2011
Issued: June 10, 2014
Assignee: Henkel AG & Co., KGaA
Inventors: Andreas Bolte, Helene Boudet, Bernhard Schoettmer, Nick Spielkamp
Patent number: 8748520
Abstract: A polycarbonate resin composition comprising a compound represented by the following formula (1): wherein each of R1a, R1b, R1c, R1d and R1e independently represents a hydrogen atom or a monovalent substituent provided that OH is excluded, at least one of the substituents represents a substituent having a Hammett's ?p value of 0.3 or more, and the substituents may be combined each other to form a ring; and each of R1g, R1h, R1i, R1j, R1k, R1m, R1n and R1p independently represents a hydrogen atom or a monovalent substituent, and the substituents may be combined each other to form a ring.
Type: Grant
Filed: September 27, 2010
Issued: June 10, 2014
Assignee: FUJIFILM Corporation
Inventors: Takashi Kitagawa, Ichiro Amasaki, Yukie Watanabe, Keizo Kimura
Patent number: 8748518
Abstract: The invention relates to the use of a specific hindered amine (hindered amine light stabilizer, HALS) and a specific bismalonate UV absorber for the stabilization of polycarbonates and of polycarbonate blends, in particular of polycarbonate/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (PC/ABS) blends, with respect to UV radiation.
Type: Grant
Filed: May 21, 2008
Issued: June 10, 2014
Assignees: Clariant Finance (BVI) Limited, Clariant Masterbatches (Deutschland)
Inventors: Karen Raasch-Malberg, Thomas Enge
Patent number: 8741991
Abstract: The present relates to nylon-5,10 molding compositions comprising A) from 40 to 90% by weight of a nylon-5,10, B) from 10 to 60% by weight of fiber-containing or mineral-containing fillers, C) from 0 to 20% by weight of further additives, where the total of the percentages by weight of components A) to C) is 100%. The present invention moreover relates to a process for the preparation of these molding compositions, to the use of these molding compositions for the production of moldings of any type, and to the resultant moldings, preferably motor vehicle bodywork parts or electronics components of any type, foils, and fibers.
Type: Grant
Filed: January 29, 2009
Issued: June 3, 2014
Assignee: BASF SE
Inventors: Motonori Yamamoto, Weol Kyu Jeong, Arnold Schneller, Matthias Scheibitz, Freddy Gruber, Jürgen Deininger
Patent number: 8735473
Abstract: The flame-retardant thermoplastic resin, composition comprised of the following Components (C), (D) and (E) with the thermoplastic resin composition having a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer of the Component (A) and an ethylene polymer and/or an ethylene copolymer of the Component (B) as the main components; Component (C): a (poly) phosphate compound represented by the following general formula (1). n in the formula (1) represents a number of 1-100; X1 is an ammonia; or a triazine derivative, represented by the following general formula (2); p is a number satisfying a relation of 0<p?n+2; Component (D): a (poly) phosphate compound represented by the following general formula (3). r in the formula (3) represents a number of 1˜100; Y1 is a diamine containing [R1R2N (CH2)mNR3R4], piperazine or a diamine containing a piperazine ring; R1, R2, R3 and R4 are each a hydrogen atom, or a straight chain or branched alkyl group having 1˜5.
Type: Grant
Filed: July 14, 2009
Issued: May 27, 2014
Assignee: Adeka Corporation
Inventors: Mitsuru Fukushima, Tomoyuki Hatanaka, Akihiro Yamaki, Takayoshi Kaneda, Fumiaki Otsubo
Patent number: 8735474
Abstract: The invention relates to a flame retardant composition, wherein the following components: a) At least one flame retardant component selected from the group consisting of phosphinic acid salts and nitrogen containing compounds; and b) At least one polymeric dispersing agent selected from the group consisting of styrenemaleic acid anhydride copolymers, long chain carboxylic acid salts and aliphatic polyether substituted by acidic groups; and c) A polymer substrate; are present.
Type: Grant
Filed: August 20, 2009
Issued: May 27, 2014
Assignee: BASF SE
Inventors: Simon Kniesel, Rudolf Pfaendner
Patent number: 8728345
Abstract: The present invention relates to stable, zero or low VOC epoxy-containing polysiloxane oligomer compositions that provide for a high degree of chemical resistance to compositions containing organic resins, while at the same time, maintaining or improving the flexibility of these organic resin-containing compositions, to processes for preparing epoxy-containing polysiloxane oligomer compositions, and to uses in coatings, sealants, adhesives, and composites containing the same.
Type: Grant
Filed: December 19, 2011
Issued: May 20, 2014
Assignee: Momentive Performance Materials Inc.
Inventors: Narayana Padmanabha Iyer, Lesley Hwang, Vikram Kumar, Christian Geismann, Constantine Kondos, Shiu-Chin Su
Patent number: 8729155
Abstract: A flexible or rigid intumescent material for fire protection applications. The intumescent material includes inorganic fibers, intumescent material, and a char strength enhancer that is different from the intumescent material and binder. The intumescent material exhibits a high expansion ratio and char strength, without substantial shrinkage, in response to elevated temperatures normally encountered during a fire.
Type: Grant
Filed: November 16, 2010
Issued: May 20, 2014
Assignee: Unifrax I LLC
Inventors: Michele Wierzbicki, Joseph A. Fernando, Kevin D. Packard, Kenneth B. Miller
Patent number: 8729151
Abstract: There is provided an artificial marble that includes antimicrobial substance, wherein the antimicrobial substance comprises less that about 0.002% (dry weight) of the artificial marble composition.
Type: Grant
Filed: February 2, 2010
Issued: May 20, 2014
Assignee: Caesarstone Sdot-Yam Ltd.
Inventors: Moshe Narkis, Ronit Simhony
Patent number: 8722778
Abstract: Compositions, suitable for coating surfaces, methods for their preparation and for coating surfaces therewith, where said compositions comprise: (a) 100,000 parts by weight of a primer composition comprising a binder material (a1), a primer solvent (a2) and a UV absorber (a3), wherein the primer composition is suitable as an adhesion-promoting agent between a thermoplastic substrate and a siloxane-based top coat; (b) 0 to 900,000 parts by weight of a solvent, and (c) 1 to 3000 parts by weight of a compound according to the general formula (I): wherein X represents a moiety selected from the group consisting —OR6, —OCH2CH2OR6, —OCH2CH(OH)CH2OR6 and —OCH(R7)COOR8, wherein R6 represents a branched or unbranched C1-C13 alkyl, C2-C20 alkenyl, C6-C12 aryl or —CO—C1-C18 alkyl, R7 represents H or a branched or unbranched C1-C8 alkyl, and R8 represents a C1-C12 alkyl, a C2-C12 alkenyl or a C5-C6 cycloalkyl, and wherein the composition has a viscosity of 40 s to 140 s measured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2431 at
Type: Grant
Filed: October 20, 2008
Issued: May 13, 2014
Assignee: Bayer MaterialScience AG
Inventors: Gunther Stollwerck, Robert Maleika, Frank Buckel, Peter Capellen
Patent number: 8722761
Abstract: The disclosure provides a melt processible theromoplastic composition, comprising a major proportion of a base polymer comprising a first melt processible thermoplastic polymer having a first Fedor's solubility parameter and a first viscosity; and a combination of a carrier polymer and a surface modifying additive, the carrier polymer comprising a second melt processible thermoplastic polymer which has a second Fedor's solubility parameter that is at least about 2.5 (J/cm3)1/2 lower than the first Fedor's solubility parameter, and a second viscosity, the carrier polymer being adhered to the surface modifying additive, and wherein the first viscosity is at least about 10 times the second viscosity.
Type: Grant
Filed: October 29, 2009
Issued: May 13, 2014
Assignee: E I du Pont de Nemours and Company
Inventors: Narayanan Sankara Subramanian, David D. Zhang
Patent number: 8716374
Abstract: The present invention relates to a composition comprising, (a) a transparent or translucent polymer or polymer blend in an amount which together with components b) to g) gives 100 wt. %, (b) optionally 0 ppm to 2500 ppm of one or more stabilizers, (c) 0.001 ppm to 10,000 ppm of at least one dye comprising structure 1a and/or 1b, (d) 0.001 ppm to 10,000 ppm of at least one dye selected from the group consisting of dyes differing from dyes having structure 1a and/or 1b based on perinone or indanthrone and dyes based on a phthalocyanine or phthalocyanine complex, (e) optionally 0 ppm to 3000 ppm of one or more release agents, (f) optionally 0 ppm to 6000 ppm of one or more UV absorbers, and (g) optionally 0 ppm to 500,000 ppm of one or more further additives.
Type: Grant
Filed: December 15, 2011
Issued: May 6, 2014
Assignee: Bayer MaterialScience AG
Inventors: Gesa Dern, Alexander Meyer, Joerg Reichenauer
Patent number: 8710124
Abstract: The invention relates to a thermoplastic elastomer composition comprising a thermoplastic elastomer and a flame retardant, wherein the flame retardant comprises at least a compound selected from the group consisting of piperazine phosphate, piperazine pyrophosphate and piperazine polyphosphate, and a phosphoric acid compound.
Type: Grant
Filed: December 2, 2009
Issued: April 29, 2014
Assignee: Teknor Apex Company
Inventors: Lawrence Lo, Albertus Otto Dozeman, Yundong Wang, Ryszard Brzoskowski
Patent number: 8691887
Abstract: Antimicrobial compositions and methods are disclosed. The antimicrobial compositions are particularly useful in providing antimicrobial capability to a wide-range of medical devices. In one aspect, the invention relates to a mild solvent coating using acrylate-type mild solution coating. These compositions include rheological modifiers as necessary. The compositions also include antimicrobial agents, which may be selected from a wide array of agents. Representative antimicrobial agents include cetyl pyridium chloride, cetrimide, alexidine, chlorexidine diacetate, benzalkonium chloride, and o-phthalaldehyde. Additionally, the compositions comprise one or more suitable mild solvents, such as a low molecular weight alcohol, alkane, ketone, and combinations thereof.
Type: Grant
Filed: June 2, 2009
Issued: April 8, 2014
Assignee: Becton, Dickinson and Company
Inventor: David Tien-Tung Ou-Yang
Patent number: 8686073
Abstract: The invention relates to flame retardant compositions that contain mixtures of melamine polyphosphates with layered silicates added to the polymer substrates, particularly polyamides.
Type: Grant
Filed: February 25, 2013
Issued: April 1, 2014
Assignee: BASF SE
Inventors: Rudolf Pfaendner, Constantine D. Papaspyrides, Pantelis K. Kiliaris