Patents by Inventor Arend J. Noothout

Patent number: RE28894
Abstract: Concentrated anion-deficient salt solutions are prepared of the actinide oxides, PuO.sub.2, UO.sub.2, UO.sub.3 and U.sub.3 O.sub.8 by dissolving one or more oxides in an aqueous solution of thorium nitrate at a concentration of 4 molar or greater and at a temperature of C. or more. Anion-deficient salt solutions of actinide metals so produced are useful as starting materials for the manufacture of ceramic nuclear fuel particles by the sol-gel process.
Type: Grant
Filed: June 16, 1975
Date of Patent: July 6, 1976
Assignee: Reactor Centrum Nederland
Inventors: Johannes B. W. Kanij, Arend J. Noothout, Marie E. A. Hermans