Patents by Inventor George R. Gall

Patent number: 4328853
Abstract: A folding screen is formed by a plurality of successively hinged, rigid, radiation-controlling planar panels supported so the screen can be opened (or extended) and closed (or collapsed). Adjacent panels are supported only at their edges, by a hinge member having symmetrical back-to-back tubular channels. The hinge member possesses sufficient rigidity to permit hinged, side-by-side coaction of the panels from a stacked, generally vertical relationship when the screen is collapsed, to an undulating planar relationship when the screen is opened, which relationship is essential if the screen is to be collapsed without binding. The screen is translatable on a pair of parallel, mono-level tracks, and operated by a flexible drive member extending along a rail and connected to the screen's leading ("lead") panel.A novel skylight includes a curb assembly, a "bubble" (or "dome") and a folding screen translatable to-and-fro below the bubble.
Type: Grant
Filed: December 21, 1979
Issued: May 11, 1982
Inventors: George R. Gall, Charles R. Gates