Patents by Inventor Jacques X. Frayssac

Patent number: 4350096
Abstract: This invention relates to an electric device for the ignition of pyrotech substances and more particularly an electric device which operates by electromagnetic induction.The device comprises: An induced member 22 placed in a cartridge containing a pyrotechnic substance within a circular opening of the bottom of the case 20, and an inductor located in a cavity 24 made in the thickness of a firing plate 23. The induced member has at least one open turn 31 connected to at least one heating filament 32, mounted on a thin insulating pellet 30, the inductor is a spiroidal winding 25 whose frequency defines the operating frequency of the generator; the inductor comprises a thermal protection means, a mechanical protection means and sealing means.The device can be used in particular in the field of artillery.
Type: Grant
Filed: October 15, 1979
Date of Patent: September 21, 1982
Assignee: Etat Francais represente par le Delegation General pour l'Armement
Inventors: Christian G. Cannavo, Georges Cousin, Andre Espagnacq, Jacques X. Frayssac, Loic Y. Laine, Daniel J. Midrouillet, Andre M. Pintenat, Jean B. Reboux