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  • Patent number: 6190693
    Abstract: This invention provides folic acid-containing pharmaceutical compositions comprising either an oral contraceptive or a hormone replacement composition. This invention also provides methods of administering folic acid to a subject using the instant pharmaceutical compositions. Finally, this invention provides a drug delivery system useful for administering the instant pharmaceutical compositions.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 16, 1999
    Date of Patent: February 20, 2001
    Assignee: Ortho-McNeil Pharamceutical, Inc.
    Inventors: Michael E. Kafrissen, Godfrey Oakley
  • Patent number: 6147096
    Abstract: This invention provides compounds, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, having the structure shown below, as well as related pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of treatment and synthesis.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 25, 1999
    Date of Patent: November 14, 2000
    Assignee: Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc.
    Inventors: John H. Dodd, James R. Henry, Kenneth C. Rupert
  • Patent number: 6140055
    Abstract: This application provides methods of detecting and quantitatively determining a target nucleic acid sequence in a sample, which comprise contacting the sample with a primer and a zymogene which encodes, but which itself is the anti-sense sequence of, a catalytic nucleic acid sequence, so that when the target is present, a single amplified nucleic acid molecule is produced which comprises the sequences of both the target and catalytic molecules. This invention further provides a method of simultaneously detecting the presence of a plurality of target nucleic acid sequences in a sample. Finally, this invention provides molecules and kits for practicing the instant methods.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 22, 1999
    Date of Patent: October 31, 2000
    Assignee: Johnson & Johnson Research Pty Limited
    Inventors: Alison V. Todd, Caroline J. Fuery, Murray J. Cairns
  • Patent number: 6107476
    Abstract: This invention provides proteins which selectively inhibit the proliferation of androgen-independent prostate cancer cells. This invention also provides a nucleic acid molecule encoding the instant proteins, including a nucleic acid molecule suitable for use in gene therapy for treating a subject afflicted with androgen-independent prostate cancer. This invention further provides a composition of matter which selectively kills androgen-independent prostate cancer cells, and comprises the instant proteins and a toxic moiety operably affixed thereto. Finally, the instant invention provides related pharmaceutical compositions and methods for treating androgen-independent prostate cancer.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 11, 1997
    Date of Patent: August 22, 2000
    Assignee: Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc.
    Inventors: Mark G. Erlander, Shaoming Huang, Michael A. Jackson, Per A. Peterson
  • Patent number: 6077939
    Abstract: This invention provides compositions consisting essentially of a polypeptide and a water-soluble polymer covalently bound thereto at the N-terminal .alpha.-carbon atom via a hydrazone or reduced hydrazone bond, or an oxime or reduced oxime bond. This invention also provides methods of making the instant compositions, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and kits for use in preparing same.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 4, 1997
    Date of Patent: June 20, 2000
    Assignee: Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc.
    Inventors: Ziping Wei, Sunitha Menon-Rudolph, Pradip Ghosh-Dastidar
  • Patent number: 5908754
    Abstract: The present invention is directed to an in vitro method of determining the in vivo EPO activity of a sample containing EPO. More particularly, the present method comprises treating a sample containing EPO under conditions which remove desialylated EPO, and measuring the in vitro EPO activity of the resulting treated sample. In a preferred embodiment, desialylated EPO is removed from the sample by incubating the sample with cells of the human hepatoma cell line HepG2, and in vitro EPO activity is determined by incubating the treated sample with cells of an EPO-responsive cell line and measuring the proliferation or viability of the EPO-responsive cells. The present invention is useful, for example, in quantitating the biologically active EPO in a variety of sample types.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 10, 1997
    Date of Patent: June 1, 1999
    Assignee: Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation
    Inventors: Peter J. Lisi, Jeffrey K. Glenn, Chi-Kwong So
  • Patent number: 5714340
    Abstract: A dry immunoassay analytical element, for assaying a ligand is disclosed. The element comprises, in the following order, (a) a layer containing a labeled ligand, (b) a bead spreading layer, c) a cross-linked hydrophilic polymer layer and d) a support; wherein(i) a fixed concentration of an immobilized receptor for the labeled ligand is located in a zone at the interface of layers (b) and (c); and(ii) the receptors are immobilized by being covalently bonded to polymeric beads that are smaller than the beads in layer (c).
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 16, 1994
    Date of Patent: February 3, 1998
    Assignee: Johnson & Johnson Clinical Diagnostics, Inc.
    Inventors: Richard Calvin Sutton, Margaret Jeanette Smith-Lewis, Linda Ann Mauck, Wayne Arthur Bowman, Susan Jean Danielson
  • Patent number: 5705357
    Abstract: A simplified composition for generating a chemiluminescent signal in the presence of a peroxidase includes a substituted acetanilide as the sole light-producing substrate for the peroxidase. Assays for various analytes can be carried out with this composition at near neutral pH, exhibit low background and are highly sensitive.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 29, 1994
    Date of Patent: January 6, 1998
    Assignee: Johnson & Johnson Clinical Diagnostics, Inc.
    Inventors: Thomas Robert Kissel, Alan E. Friedman, Sarah A. Fingar