Patents Assigned to Etienne LaCroix, a corporation of France
  • Publication number: 20060071455
    Abstract: A device for protecting goods and/or persons including a security element; and a gas generating system connected to the security element and including an explosive charge formed at least of: a primary pyrotechnic compound, in a first chamber, initiated by at least one initiator having a reinforcing charge and including at least one propellant having an optionally adjusted oxygen balance, and a secondary compound, in a secondary chamber, including an oxidant constituent capable of delivering only gas by decomposition and at least one reducing additive having a function of contributing nitrogen, the additive being present in a proportion by weight less than about 70% of the weight of the primary-secondary compound.
    Type: Application
    Filed: October 7, 2005
    Publication date: April 6, 2006
    Applicants: Seva Technologies, a corporation of France, Etienne LaCroix, a corporation of France
    Inventors: Paul-Philippe Cord, Virginie Desbleumortiers, Fabrice Bouyer, Michael Niehaus