Patents Assigned to H. Maihak AG
  • Patent number: 4641973
    Abstract: A method and apparatus for measuring the concentration of a substance capable of absorbing infrared, visible or ultraviolet radiation energy, the substance being in a mixture. The method and apparatus involve passing a beam of radiant energy having predetermined spectral response characteristics through the mixture, modulating the beam at a predetermined frequency .omega.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 20, 1982
    Date of Patent: February 10, 1987
    Assignee: H. Maihak AG
    Inventors: Volker Nestler, Wolfgang Olsowski
  • Patent number: 4558950
    Abstract: For interferometric measurement of the length of the linear component of movement of a moving point relative to a fixed point and simultaneous recognition of the direction of that movement, two merged or overlapping Fabry-Perot part interferometers are used to form an asymmetric pattern of the reflection or transmission intensity which is periodically dependent on the linear component of the path, the pattern having main and secondary maxima of different heights and main and secondary minima of different depths. The intensity variation is converted by a detector into electrical intensity signals which cross threshold values of trigger circuits to produce output pulses. The pulses are combined and counted to produce displays of the direction and to provide a reading of the instantaneous position of the movable point.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 27, 1983
    Date of Patent: December 17, 1985
    Assignee: H. Maihak AG
    Inventors: Reinhard Ulrich, Klaus Jansen
  • Patent number: 4110619
    Abstract: The photometer comprises a light source, a reference cuvette containing a reference gas, a measurement cuvette containing a gas component whose concentration is to be measured accompanied by a carrier gas, a light modulator for effecting antiphase modulation of the infrared light passing through the two cuvettes, and a detector arrangement comprised of two gas-filled absorption chambers arranged one behind the other as well as a transducer for converting pressure changes induced in the absorption chambers into a measurement signal. The carrier gas consists of a plurality of component gases whose relative proportions fluctuate. The gas in the absorption chambers includes a gas component identical to the gas whose concentration is to be measured in the measurement cuvette, accompanied by an inert gas.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 28, 1977
    Date of Patent: August 29, 1978
    Assignee: H. Maihak AG
    Inventor: Karl-Heinz Zorner
  • Patent number: 3950644
    Abstract: A non-dispersive infrared analyzer, particularly for determining the concentration of a gas in a gas mixture, including a source of infrared radiation, means for modulating the radiation beam, a test chamber in the path of the modulated beams and containing the gas to be analyzed; an absorption chamber in the path of the beams exiting the test chamber, including a forward and a rear portion through which the beams sequentially traverse; and a vaned adjustment structure located in the rear portion of the absorption chamber for adjusting the path length of the beams in the rear portion of the absorption chamber.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 28, 1974
    Date of Patent: April 13, 1976
    Assignee: H. Maihak AG
    Inventor: Otto Blunck
  • Patent number: 3945255
    Abstract: A process, such as for instance the operation of a machine, is automatically supervised by monitoring at least two of the operational parameters which are desired to have a prescribed relationship to each other. A curve is formed which graphically represents the actual monitored relationship of the parameters, and it is compared to a standard curve representing the desired relationship of the parameters. In the event of a deviation between the curves, a signal is produced to indicate such deviation. An apparatus for carrying out the method is also disclosed.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 4, 1974
    Date of Patent: March 23, 1976
    Assignee: H. Maihak AG
    Inventors: Hans Flinker Bisgaard, Benny Aaris Klemar
  • Patent number: 3943768
    Abstract: The pressure of a fluid is applied to an elongated resiliently yieldable element in direction transverse to the elongation thereof, so as to obtain a yielding of the element which is proportional to the fluid pressure. The degree of deflection is measured with an indicator device, and the indicator of the indicator device is arrested at the point at which it indicates maximum deflection. An apparatus for carrying out the method is also disclosed.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 3, 1974
    Date of Patent: March 16, 1976
    Assignee: H. Maihak AG
    Inventors: Johann Holst, Horst Rusbuldt
  • Patent number: 3941956
    Abstract: An electromotor is mounted on a support and has a shaft extending into the silo or the like. The shaft, which is rotated by the electromotor, carries a blade which contacts the material in the silo when the material rises to a predetermined level. This prevents the blade and shaft from further rotating, and results in the generation of a signal. A free-wheeling device connects the shaft with the motor so that the shaft and motor are coupled for joint rotation in only one direction, but not in the opposite direction.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 26, 1973
    Date of Patent: March 2, 1976
    Assignee: H. Maihak AG
    Inventors: Heinz Delin, Horst Rusbuldt