Patents Assigned to Nittoku Kensetsu Kabushiki Kaisha
  • Patent number: 4998776
    Abstract: A shield tunneling method of excavating a tunnel with an optional cross section by rotating a center cutter about an axis extending in the direction of propulsion and revolving a planetary cutter around the axis so as to excavate the region between the profile of excavation by the center cutter and the desired profile of excavation. A machine for practicing the method includes a center cutter supported by the body of the machine so as to be rotatable about an axis extending in the direction of propulsion of the body, a rotary body rotatable about the same axis as the center cutter, a planetary cutter supported by the rotary body so as to be movable radially of the rotary body, and operating device for moving the planetary cutter in the radial direction to permit the planetary cutter to revolve along a locus during the rotation of the rotary body so that the planetary cutter excavates the above-mentioned region.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 29, 1989
    Date of Patent: March 12, 1991
    Assignees: Zaidan Hohjin Doboku Kenkyu Center, Nittoku Kensetsu Kabushiki Kaisha, Nippon Hyumukan Kabushiki Kaisha, Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho
    Inventors: Shohei Chida, Masami Kozaki, Toshinori Asahi, Chiyoaki Ono, Seiji Iwasa, Taizou Fukunaga, Moriyuki Takemura
  • Patent number: 4304069
    Abstract: Soil including a setting agent such as fiber-soil-cement or the like is sprayed onto a slope so that corrugations extending substantially in parallel to the horizon are formed. Grooves and ridges of the corrugated surface provide conditions for allowing plants to grow on the protected slope.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 19, 1980
    Date of Patent: December 8, 1981
    Assignee: Nittoku Kensetsu Kabushiki Kaisha
    Inventor: Tsuguo Kobayashi