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  • Patent number: 10745708
    Abstract: Embodiments of the present invention provide for a transgenic plan, methods of making and DNA constructs for use in the transgenic plant which transgenic plant is capable of modulating its photosynthetic antenna complex composition in response to increases or decreases in light intensity by modulation of the ratio of chlorophyll a to chlorophyll b such that there is an increase in the Chl a/b ratio at high light intensity and a decrease in the Chl a/b ratio at low light intensity versus wild-type plants grown in the same conditions.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 12, 2017
    Date of Patent: August 18, 2020
    Assignee: NMC, INC.
    Inventor: Richard Thomas Sayre
  • Publication number: 20200102356
    Abstract: The invention may include engineered antimicrobial peptides to treat HLB disease, preferably in citrus plants. Specifically, the invention may include novel antimicrobial peptide derived from amphipathic helical peptides that may further be used to treat HLB disease in citrus plants. In one embodiment, the invention may include an engineered antimicrobial peptide formed by coupling two amphipathic helical peptides. Specifically, a generalized antimicrobial peptide of the invitation may include a first amphipathic helical peptide coupled with a second amphipathic helical peptide by a linker domain forming a helix-turn-helix scaffold formation. Such amphipathic helical peptides may be endogenous to a target host, preferably a citrus plant.
    Type: Application
    Filed: October 1, 2018
    Publication date: April 2, 2020
    Applicant: NMC Inc.
    Inventors: Goutam Gupta, Ed Stover
  • Patent number: 10590398
    Abstract: Phototropin is a blue light receptor, which mediates a variety of blue-light elicited physiological processes in plants and algae. In higher plants these processes include phototropism, chloroplast movement and stomatal opening. In the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, phototropin plays a vital role in progression of the sexual life cycle and in the control of the eye spot size and light sensitivity Phototropin is also involved in blue-light mediated changes in the synthesis of chlorophylls, carotenoids, chlorophyll binding proteins. We compared the transcriptome of phototropin knock out (PHOT KO) mutant and wild-type parent to analyze differences in gene expression in high light grown cultures (500 ?mol photons m?2 s?1). Our results indicate the up-regulation of genes involved in photosynthetic electron transport chain, carbon fixation pathway, starch, lipid, and cell cycle control genes.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 4, 2017
    Date of Patent: March 17, 2020
    Inventors: Sangeeta Negi, Richard Thomas Sayre, Shawn Robert Starkenburg
  • Patent number: 10233458
    Abstract: Provided are methods for elevating cyclic electron transfer activity, improving carbon concentration, and enhancing carbon fixation in C3 and C4 plants, and algae, and producing biomass or other products from C3 or C4 plants, and algae, selected from among, for example, starches, oils, fatty acids, lipids, cellulose or other carbohydrates, alcohols, sugars, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, fragrance and flavoring compounds, and organic acids, as well as transgenic plants produced thereby. These methods and transgenic plants and algae encompass the expression, or overexpression, of various combinations of genes that improve carbon concentrating systems in plants and algae, such as bicarbonate transport proteins, carbonic anhydrase, light driven proton pump, cyclic electron flow regulators, etc.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 20, 2017
    Date of Patent: March 19, 2019
    Assignee: NMC, INC.
    Inventors: Richard Thomas Sayre, Somya S. Subramanian, Natalia Friedland