Patents Assigned to Oxxon Pharmaccines Limited
  • Publication number: 20040213799
    Abstract: New methods and reagents for vaccination are described which generate a CD8 T cell immune response against malarial and other antigens such as viral and tumour antigens. Novel vaccination regimes are described which employ a priming composition and a boosting composition, the boosting composition comprising a non-replicating or replication-impaired pox virus vector carrying at least one CD8 T cell epitope which is also present in the priming composition.
    Type: Application
    Filed: October 16, 2003
    Publication date: October 28, 2004
    Applicant: Oxxon Pharmaccines Limited
    Inventors: Andrew McMichael, Adrian V.S. Hill, Sarah C. Gilbert, Jorg Schneider, Magdalena Plebanski, Tomas Hanke, Geoffrey L. Smith, Tom Blanchard