Patents Assigned to Smart Electronics Inc.
  • Publication number: 20120032774
    Abstract: Disclosed are a thermal fuse resistor having a case injection-molded by using thermosetting resin having heat resistance less than that of filler, a manufacturing method of the thermal fuse resistor, and a method of installing the thermal fuse resistor such that a resistor and a thermal fuse are laid down on a printed circuit board. In the thermal fuse resistor, even if the case has a lighter weight and a thinner thickness by changing the material of the case as compared with those of a case according to the related art, the case is not easily broken, so that the case is suitable for the lightness and slimness of an electronic appliance employing the thermal fuse resistor. Since only the thickness of the case of the thermal fuse resistor is reflected to the thickness of the electronic appliance employing the thermal fuse resistor, the thermal fuse resistor is suitable for the slimness of the electronic appliance.
    Type: Application
    Filed: April 21, 2010
    Publication date: February 9, 2012
    Inventors: Jong Il Jung, Doo Won Kang, Gyu Jin Ahn, Sung Kwang Kim, Kyung Mi Lee
  • Publication number: 20100060406
    Abstract: A small-sized surface-mounted fuse and a method of manufacturing the same. A fusing element, separated from a winding member, is connected to lead wires by arc welding instead of soldering. Consequently, the present invention has the effect of improving fusing characteristics and productivity while reducing the defective rate and manufacturing costs.
    Type: Application
    Filed: June 16, 2006
    Publication date: March 11, 2010
    Inventors: Young Sun Kim, Gyu Jin Ahn, Doo Won Kang, Mi Young Kim, Hee Kwon Son, Sang Joon Jin
  • Patent number: 7221253
    Abstract: A fusible resistor and method of fabricating the same is provided. The fusible resistor has a very low resistance of 20 to 470 m?. by depositing thin films as a fusible element made of a material with low resistivity such as copper having a temperature coefficient of over 2,000 ppm/° C. The fusible resistor comprises a resistor body, a fusible element layer formed to surround the resistor body, caps formed to surround ends of the fusible element layer, lead wires attached to the caps, and an insulating layer for insulating the fusible element layer and the caps from outside. The thus-fabricated fusible resistor performs all functions of a use without generating excessive heat.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 9, 2002
    Date of Patent: May 22, 2007
    Assignee: Smart Electronics Inc.
    Inventors: Young Sun Kim, Doo Won Kang, Gyu Jin Ahn, Jin Seok Noh