Patents Assigned to Toyota Jidosya Kabushiki Kaisha
  • Patent number: 8614626
    Abstract: A driving support device includes: a position detector; a traveling direction detector; a map data memory; a map matching element for matching a current position of a vehicle on a road of map data; a traveling segment estimation element for estimating a current segment of the vehicle in the parking place road when a matched road is the parking place road; a main road search element for determining whether a segment of a main road of an express way is disposed in a predetermined search distance from an estimated current segment; and a reverse run determination element for determining whether the vehicle travels reversely when the main road search element determines that the segment of the main road is disposed in the predetermined search distance from the estimated current segment.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 8, 2011
    Date of Patent: December 24, 2013
    Assignees: Denso Corporation, Toyota Jidosya Kabushiki Kaisha, Aisin AW Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Yuya Higuchi, Kiyoshi Tsurumi, Tomoki Kodan, Motohiro Nakamura, Masatoshi Takahara, Shogo Sugimoto, Naoto Miura
  • Patent number: 5568393
    Abstract: A picking means for picking goods from pallets removed from a storehouse, and a filling means for filling the pallets with incoming goods and storing them in the storehouse, are connected by a pallet transport means. When goods are to be delivered, the storage space created by picking goods from the pallets is detected. Pallets in which storage space is detected are transported by the transport means to the filling means, where they are filled with incoming goods of sizes which match their storage space, and are then stored in the storehouse. Goods are thereby stored in the storehouse promptly, and the filling density in the storehouse is increased.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 10, 1995
    Date of Patent: October 22, 1996
    Assignee: Toyota Jidosya Kabushiki Kaisha
    Inventors: Yukito Ando, Akira Okura, Mikio Ito
  • Patent number: 4738650
    Abstract: A flexible shaft coupling comprising drive side connecting elements and driven side connecting elements arranged alternately and equidistantly in an annular orientation, and coupling pieces of annular form linking mutually adjacent pairs of drive side connecting elements and driven side connecting elements, each of both connecting elements being formed of an inner sleeve, an outer sleeve and an elastic intermediate member bonding them, the coupling pieces being formed of a belt strip wrapping around the outer sleeve and an elastomeric body surrounding and covering the wrapped belt strip. The elastic intermediate member is formed as a rubber bushing press-fitted between the inner and outer sleeves and extends only in an axially middle portion of both sleeves, and adjacent to the rubber bushing, intermediate sleeves are fitted to the inner sleeve or outer sleeve. The elastic intermediate member has a compressive strain of 25-40%.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 21, 1986
    Date of Patent: April 19, 1988
    Assignees: Ltd. Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Toyota Jidosya Kabushiki Kaisha
    Inventors: Yasuo Hojo, Yoshihiro Nunotaki, Hiroshi Harada, Kenji Murase, Michihiro Kawada, Masahiro Ishigaki