Patents Assigned to Wang Jing Hospital of CACMS (Orthopedics Research Institute of CACMS)
  • Publication number: 20230260773
    Abstract: The present disclosure provides a method for constructing a correlation model between relative bioavailability and bioaccessibility of cadmium in earthworm, belonging to the technical field of cadmium detection in earthworms. The method includes the following steps: determination of relative bioavailability of cadmium in earthworms, determination of bioaccessibility of cadmium in the earthworm based on an in vitro physiologically-based extraction test (PBET) method, and construction of a correlation model between the relative bioavailability and the bioaccessibility of cadmium in the earthworm. The method enables to directly put the bioaccessibility obtained by the in vitro method into a regression equation to obtain the bioavailability of cadmium in subsequent studies.
    Type: Application
    Filed: May 27, 2022
    Publication date: August 17, 2023
    Applicants: National Institutes for Food and Drug Control, Wang Jing Hospital of CACMS (Orthopedics Research Institute of CACMS), Tongliao Market Inspection and Testing Center
    Inventors: Shuangcheng Ma, Tiantian Zuo, Jia Zhu, Qinghui Song, Wanqiang Zhang, Jishuang Wang, Haiyan Wang, Lei Sun, Hongyu Jin, Qi Wang, Jianbo Yang, Dejuan Kong, Shuai Kang, Jiandong Yu