Patents Assigned to Westfalia Intralogistic GmbH
  • Patent number: 7909559
    Abstract: The invention relates to a system for operating storage units. The inventive system enables quick storage and removal therefrom and exhibits an optimum redundancy capacity. In order to counteract shortfalls in individual shelf operation devices, the inventive load receiving means acts as a support for a system for operating storage units, especially high shelf storage units, comprising means for mechanical connection to shelf unit, a lift device and a device arranged thereon for the transversal movement of loads, whereby the means for connection to a shelf unit has an electric drive unit with a pinion gear, driving a toothed rack and the toothed rack is arranged and embodied in such a way that when the pinion gear is rotated said toothed rack moves laterally outside the load receiving means, and the toothed racks are respectively provided with means which protrude from the ends thereof above the load receiving means, engaging into corresponding receiving devices on the shelf units.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 7, 2002
    Date of Patent: March 22, 2011
    Assignee: Westfalia Intralogistic GmbH
    Inventors: Gunther Lukas, Arnold Krusche, Anton Hafeneder