Patents Examined by Daniel Hess
  • Patent number: 11961040
    Abstract: The present disclosure relates to a system and method for improving scan rates of an item in a distribution network. The system may include an item scan database storing item scan datasets containing barcodes, item datasets and optical character recognition (OCR) labels datasets and a processor in data communication with the item scan database. The processor may detect an item barcode with an item orientation so as to output correct orientation information of the item. The processor may also extract available barcode information from the detected item barcode based on the correct orientation information of the item. The processor may further reconstruct a correct barcode from the extracted available barcode information and one or more of the item scan datasets.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 28, 2021
    Date of Patent: April 16, 2024
    Assignee: United States Postal Service
    Inventor: Ryan J. Simpson
  • Patent number: 11961336
    Abstract: A distributed ledger-based system, method and apparatus for administering voting contests is disclosed. Potential voters send registration requests to a distributed ledger, and each computing node of the distributed ledger, executing a smart voting contract, registers the potential voters and issues each registered voter a cryptographic voting token. Each registered voter uses the cryptographic voting token to cast an electronic ballot, the electronic ballot comprising a distributed ledger-based voting transaction request. Each voting transaction request is received by each computing node of the distributed ledger and verified, and a distributed ledger-based, verified voting transaction is created and validated along with other verified voting transactions by each of the computing nodes. When the verified voting transactions are validated, a cryptographic block is created and added to a blockchain of the distributed ledger.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 7, 2022
    Date of Patent: April 16, 2024
    Inventor: Dennis Lyon
  • Patent number: 11944215
    Abstract: A vison-based self-checkout terminal is provided. Purchased items are placed on a base and multiple cameras take multiple images of each item placed on the base. A location for each item placed on the base is determined along with a depth and the dimensions of each item at its given location on the base. Each item's images are then cropped, and item recognition is performed for each item on that item's cropped images with that item's corresponding depth and dimension attributes. An item identifier for each item is obtained along with a corresponding price and a transaction associated with items are completed.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 21, 2022
    Date of Patent: April 2, 2024
    Assignee: NCR Voyix Corporation
    Inventors: Qian Yang, Frank Douglas Hinek, Dharamendra Kumar, Matias Gabriel Szylkowski Resnikow, Brent Vance Zucker
  • Patent number: 11948133
    Abstract: Systems and methods are provided for use in facilitating fund transfers between source accounts and destination accounts. One exemplary method includes capturing a computer-readable indicia representative of: a destination account identifier specific to a destination account of a first party and a name of the first party associated with the destination account and, in response to the captured indicia, displaying the name of the first party as a confirmation that the first party is associated with the destination account. The method also includes identifying a source account identifier associated with a source account based on a selection of the source account or on the source account being a default account, and compiling and transmitting a transfer request for a fund transfer based on: the destination account identifier, the source account identifier associated with the identified source account, and a payment amount for the fund transfer.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 9, 2022
    Date of Patent: April 2, 2024
    Inventors: Sandeep Malhotra, Ian David Alan Maddocks
  • Patent number: 11941954
    Abstract: Images captured for components of a device are monitored for changes by evaluating a first region of interest in the images. Periodically, a command is sent to the device to move one or more of the components to a known position or state. A certain component or set of components associated with being moved based on the command is evaluated in a second region of interest in the images to determine if the corresponding component or set of components is in the known position or state within the images. When the corresponding component or set of components is not identified from the images in the known position or state, a security alert is raised for the device and security operations are processed on the host device.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 31, 2023
    Date of Patent: March 26, 2024
    Assignee: NCR Corporation
    Inventors: Alexander William Whytock, Conor Michael Fyfe
  • Patent number: 11936750
    Abstract: QR codes or the like are used in hardlink applications, by which different users may receive different information in response to a user's interaction with a touchpoint. The content delivered to a particular user in response to a hardlink code or a presented hyperlink may be dependent on the time of the scan, the geographic location of the user, a weather condition at the geographical location, personal information associated with the user, a number of previous scans of the code by prior individuals, and any combination of the these or other variables, which may be determined by an originator of the QR code or other party. User devices may be re-directed to alternate content or network addresses based on one or more programmed conditions.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 13, 2022
    Date of Patent: March 19, 2024
    Inventors: John W. Lim, John M. Packes, Jr.
  • Patent number: 11928544
    Abstract: An article management system includes an acquirer and a management unit. The acquirer is configured to acquire identification information and management information. The identification information is information read from an electronic tag by the reading device in each of a plurality of bases in a distribution channel for an article, the electronic tag being attached to the article and storing the identification information. The management information is information collected in association with the identification information in a corresponding one of the plurality of bases, the management information relating to management of the article. The management unit is configured to manage the article with reference to the identification information and the management information which are acquired by the acquirer in each of the plurality of bases.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 15, 2022
    Date of Patent: March 12, 2024
    Inventors: Shinichi Okada, Akifumi Nagao, Kou Inoue, Takaaki Sato
  • Patent number: 11928538
    Abstract: Aspects of the present disclosure relate to methods and systems for laser turning and attaching RFID tags to products. Such methods and systems may include a memory and a processor coupled to the memory. The methods and systems may include determining a characteristic of a conductive trace on a substrate to be incorporated into an item to configure a tag performance in view of at least one of a dielectric property or a tuning property of the item. The methods and systems may further include a laser to alter the conductive trace on the substrate to have the characteristic to define an antenna for the tag. The methods and systems may further include an attaching device configured to attach a communications enabled device to the substrate so as to form an electrical connection between the communications enabled device and the antenna to form the tag.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 16, 2022
    Date of Patent: March 12, 2024
    Assignee: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC
    Inventors: Steve E. Trivelpiece, Adam S. Bergman, Amin Shahidi, George H. West, Bjoern Petersen, João Vilaça, Gopal Chandramowle, Carlos Gomez Garcia, Melwyn F. Sequeira
  • Patent number: 11928659
    Abstract: A document handler system and method includes timed operation functionality in which the manufacturer of the document handler may input coded information in the document handler to establish a timed operation of the document handler which may be contingent on continued payments for use of the document handler. Alternatively, or in addition, the timed operation may be used to establish an appropriate warranty period during which the manufacturer is obligated to provide repairs, modification and/or support for the document handler.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 29, 2021
    Date of Patent: March 12, 2024
    Assignee: JCM American Corporation
    Inventors: Mark Henderson, Bryan Allen Wilcutt, Mark Adams, David Christopher Kubajak, Steven Johnson
  • Patent number: 11928549
    Abstract: Methods and systems as described herein provide for retrieving information about a product using a composite tag affixed to the product and that is optically scanned by a scanning device at any point throughout the supply chain of the product. The process includes retrieving an image comprising an optically encoded tag and an irreversible threshold indicator and sensing a characteristic of the irreversible threshold indicator, which indicate a state change of an environment to which the product was exposed. The data encoded in the optically encoded tag is resolved to instructions to query a web service, wherein the web service provides data regarding the product in response to receiving the query and the product data is presented in combination with information for interpreting the state change on the product.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 21, 2022
    Date of Patent: March 12, 2024
    Assignee: Provindre, Inc.
    Inventors: Leslie Young Harvill, David Gross, E. Paul Salcedo
  • Patent number: 11922399
    Abstract: An exemplary system, method, and computer-accessible medium can include, for example, storing on a first device an applet configured to generate a digital tag; receiving a request at the first device for information; configuring the digital tag to be associated with at least one of (i) an application or (ii) an input on a second device, such that receipt of the digital tag by a second device causes the application to launch on the second device; and emitting from the first device a digital tag.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 14, 2022
    Date of Patent: March 5, 2024
    Inventors: Wayne Lutz, Jeffrey Rule
  • Patent number: 11922782
    Abstract: A control unit performs a reconciliation process in a case where an error occurs while a transport unit is transporting media to a temporary storage unit or a storage unit and the number of media stored in a memory becomes uncertain, the reconciliation process being a process in which the control unit checks the number of media stored in the memory using the temporary storage unit while at least a part of the media remain in the temporary storage unit.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 9, 2022
    Date of Patent: March 5, 2024
    Assignee: GLORY LTD.
    Inventors: Tsuyoshi Izumida, Masao Sakamoto, Keisuke Nada
  • Patent number: 11922521
    Abstract: The present disclosure describes techniques that facilitate a Governance Regulatory Compliance (C-GRC) controller that is configured to dynamically monitor and collate data associated with an agricultural operation for demonstrating compliance with an agricultural compliance plan. The C-GRC controller may act as a centralized server that dynamically monitors the cycle of agricultural activities for an agricultural product and in doing so, automates the governance of an agricultural compliance plan across a plurality of entities that are each responsible for one or more agricultural activities. The C-GRC controller may detect independent interactions conducted between a complying entity and a participating entity. These interactions may be intended to gather information relating to compliance of a pending task. In doing so, the C-GRC controller may update an agricultural compliance plan accordingly.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 14, 2021
    Date of Patent: March 5, 2024
    Assignee: iUNU, Inc.
    Inventors: Matthew Charles King, Adam Phillip Takla Greenberg
  • Patent number: 11904624
    Abstract: A structure for secure containment of information (SSCI) that is in the form of a laminate which includes at least two layers. The laminate is constructed to contain information such as a code, serial number, informational feature, encryption key or personal identification number (PIN). The information is located between the layer of the laminate such that the code, serial number, informational feature, encryption key, or PIN is not detectable from outside the laminate. The SSCI is configured to provide access and expose the code, serial number, informational feature, encryption key, or PIN by delaminating at least one layer, thereby indicating that tampering has occurred to the laminate. The SSCI can also function as a public key or private key for a blockchain, to provide access to a physical lock or to provide account access to claim financial value.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 16, 2022
    Date of Patent: February 20, 2024
    Inventors: Adam Trexler, Laurie Johansen, Paul Diffendaffer, Kelda Diffendaffer
  • Patent number: 11908286
    Abstract: A method comprises receiving, by a computing device from a customer device, a request to provision a financial account for the customer, associating, by the computing device, a mobile device with the requested financial account, and sending, by the computing device to the mobile device, authentication information for the requested financial account. The method further includes receiving the authentication information by the computing device from a financial terminal that received the authentication information from the mobile device, receiving, by the computing device, first location information of the mobile device, and provisioning, by the computing device and based on the first location information of the mobile device being within a predetermined distance of a location of the financial terminal, the requested financial account for the customer.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 22, 2023
    Date of Patent: February 20, 2024
    Assignee: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    Inventors: Shari Van Cleave, Darren Michael Goetz, Dennis Emmanuel Montenegro
  • Patent number: 11908030
    Abstract: A computer-implemented method approves a transaction by storing, at a first computer system, first data identifying at least a portion of an identity of a user, an information locator associated with the first data, and a transformation method associated with the information locator. The computer-implemented method also receives, at the first computer system from a second computer system, the information locator when the user conducts the transaction, and second data converted from electronically obtained identification information of the user. An identity of the user cannot be identified from the second data. The computer-implemented method transforms, at the first computer system, the second data into third data based on the transformation method retrieved in response to the received information locator, and approves, by the first computer system, the transaction associated with the information locator when the third data corresponds to the first data.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 24, 2021
    Date of Patent: February 20, 2024
    Inventors: Yuh-Shen Song, Catherine Lew, Alexander Song, Victoria Song
  • Patent number: 11907782
    Abstract: Among other concepts, this disclosure describes a thermal/optical/electronic authentication system (covert or non-covert) for device/system implementations. The authentication system may be based on different design parameters such as i) materials composition, ii) thickness of material, iii) geometry of material, iv) external effects including use of an external DC bias and curing, etc. The authentication testbeds can be configured to include one or more inks. Using such methods as discussed herein, the authentication can be broadened to include near-IR (700-900 nm), short wave IR (1-2.6 mm), and UVA (300-400 nm) or any spectrum. Printed resistors are very difficult to duplicate without Ag-BST13 ink. If necessary, a printed resistor network on a respective substrate can be hidden using a layer of non-sintered Ag-BST13 (non-conductive).
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 3, 2021
    Date of Patent: February 20, 2024
    Assignee: University of Massachusetts
    Inventors: Edward D. Kingsley, Oshadha K. Ranasingha, Andrew M. Luce, Alkim Akyurtlu, Craig A. Armiento, Yuri A. Piro
  • Patent number: 11900735
    Abstract: In a voting system including a vote broadcasting server and a plurality of client terminals, the vote broadcasting server generates a plurality of pieces of vote information that is data in which secret information is shared and transmits the vote information to each client terminal, each client terminal generates voting information by encrypting vote information such that the vote information can be decrypted when predetermined conditions are satisfied and transmits the voting information to the vote broadcasting server, the vote broadcasting server transmits a voting information group composed of voting information received from respective client terminals to the respective client terminals, and each client terminal ascertains a vote result according to the number of pieces of vote information decrypted from the voting information group and executes processing based on the vote result.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 28, 2019
    Date of Patent: February 13, 2024
    Inventors: Koha Kinjo, Tetsuya Okuda, Ryo Kikuchi
  • Patent number: 11881068
    Abstract: Systems and methods are provided for locking equipment exposure settings. The system includes a safety interlock device coupled to an access point of a barrier and equipment enclosed thereby. The safety interlock device is configured to suspend a normal operation of the equipment while in an open state and allow the normal operation while in a closed state. The system includes an access point control device configured to allow a user to select among exposure settings for the equipment corresponding to operability of the equipment, and to, by a processor: control the equipment to operate in accordance with a selected exposure setting, determine whether the safety interlock device is in the open or closed state, automatically lock the selected exposure setting if the safety interlock device is in the open state, and automatically unlock the selected exposure setting if the safety interlock device is in the closed state.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 11, 2023
    Date of Patent: January 23, 2024
    Inventors: Gregory R Doppke, Noel J Miller
  • Patent number: 11875624
    Abstract: A security control module for controlling access through a passageway of a secure control area, comprising an ultra-wideband transceiver configured to establish an ultra-wideband transmission with a mobile device and a processing unit configured to determine a first distance between the security control module and the mobile device by processing signal properties of the ultra-wideband transmission. The security control module is configured to receive a second distance from a further security control module arranged at a spacing distance apart, the second distance being indicative of a distance between the further security control module and the mobile device. The processing unit is configured to determine the relative position of the mobile device with respect to the security control module based on the first and second distance.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 22, 2021
    Date of Patent: January 16, 2024
    Assignee: Dormakaba Schweiz AG
    Inventor: Paul Studerus