Patents Examined by Danielle Allen
  • Patent number: 9453624
    Abstract: A portable light may comprise: a light body having a light source module disposable in an external opening having a given cross-sectional shape and size for receiving the light source module therein. The light source module may comprise: a light source, a reflector and a heat sink thermally coupled to the light source. The light source module may include a circuit board between the reflector and the heat sink for supporting the light source and being thermally coupled to the heat sink.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 10, 2012
    Date of Patent: September 27, 2016
    Assignee: Streamlight, Inc.
    Inventors: Raymond L. Sharrah, Matthew B. Dalton
  • Patent number: 9453956
    Abstract: A display module including a backlight module and a display panel is provided. The backlight module includes a light guide plate and a light source module. The light guide plate has a light incident surface, a light-exiting surface, a light-guiding inclined surface, a bottom surface, and a lateral surface, wherein the light-guiding inclined surface is connected to the light incident surface and the light-exiting surface; the light incident surface, the light-guiding inclined surface, and a portion of the bottom surface constitute a wedge portion while the light-exiting surface, the lateral surface, and other portions of the bottom surface constitute a plate portion. The light source module is disposed at the light incident surface and emits light into the wedge portion. The display panel is disposed on the light guide plate and has a side. The side of the display panel has a projection disposed in the light-guiding inclined surface or the plate portion.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 1, 2014
    Date of Patent: September 27, 2016
    Inventors: Chia-Hao Wu, Han-Ping Kuo, Yu-Chan Hsieh
  • Patent number: 9453959
    Abstract: Provided is a backlight unit, which includes at least one supporter, at least one light guide panel, and at least one light emitting module. The supporter includes a recess stepped at a lower height than that of a first region of an upper surface. The light guide panel is disposed on the supporter and is coupled to the supporter. The light emitting module is disposed in the recess of the supporter and provides light through a side surface of the light guide panel.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 28, 2011
    Date of Patent: September 27, 2016
    Assignee: LG INNOTEK CO., LTD.
    Inventors: Bang Gun Kim, Moon Jeong Kim, Sung Young Park
  • Patent number: 9453628
    Abstract: Vehicle headlight comprising a monolithic body of transparent material, the monolithic body including at least one light entry face, a light passage section and at least one optically operative light exit face. The Vehicle headlight further comprises a light source for irradiating light into the light entry face.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 11, 2011
    Date of Patent: September 27, 2016
    Assignee: Docter Optics SE
    Inventors: Dmitry Fedosik, Wolfram Wintzer
  • Patent number: 9447952
    Abstract: An electronic device includes a base, and a lighting apparatus mounted to the base. The lighting apparatus includes a bracket mounted to the base, a pivoting member pivotably attached to the bracket, and a lighting unit fixed in the pivoting member. The pivoting member is pivoted out of the bracket to expose and turn on the lighting unit. The pivoting member is pivoted into the bracket to cover and turn off the lighting unit.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 11, 2012
    Date of Patent: September 20, 2016
    Assignee: ShenZhen Treasure City Technology Co., LTD.
    Inventors: Ming-Chang Lee, Qi-Lin Bo
  • Patent number: 9447942
    Abstract: A condensing system and method with a plurality of LEDs is disclosed. The LEDs are positioned on the same plane. A first condensing lens is disposed at front of each LED, a second condensing lens is disposed at front of each first condensing lens, a third condensing lens is disposed at front of each second condensing lens, and a fourth condensing lens is disposed at front of all the third condensing lenses. After the light emitted by each LED is condensed by the corresponding first condensing lens, second condensing lens and third condensing lens, the divergence angle of the light becomes smaller, forming a bunch of nearly parallel light beams. The bunches of nearly parallel light beams simultaneously transmit through the fourth condensing lens, and then combine. The condensing system can be used as the light source with imaging lenses disposed therebehind to form an imaging system.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 18, 2011
    Date of Patent: September 20, 2016
    Inventor: Chunrong Li
  • Patent number: 9441155
    Abstract: The light-emitting section contains a fluorescent substance which is a YAG:Ce fluorescent substance. An average particle size of the fluorescent substance is 1·m or larger and 50·m or smaller, and a sealing material for sealing the fluorescent substance has a density of 2.0 g/cm3 or higher and 7.0 g/cm3 or lower.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 5, 2013
    Date of Patent: September 13, 2016
    Inventors: Katsuhiko Kishimoto, Rina Sato
  • Patent number: 9441802
    Abstract: The present disclosure is directed to a dual mode backlight system and related method. The system may include a circuit card including a first array of lights for use in a day mode and a second array of lights for use in a night mode. The system may also include a heat sink which may be connected to the circuit card, and a light filter assembly. The light filter assembly may include a light filter plate and a plurality of light filters disposed within the light filter plate, where the light filters are configured for filtering light from the second array of lights. The system may also include a diffuse reflector connected to the light filter assembly, wherein the light filter assembly and diffuse reflector create an optical seal between the first array of lights and the second array of lights.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 6, 2012
    Date of Patent: September 13, 2016
    Assignee: Rockwell Collins, Inc.
    Inventor: Christian T. Deloy
  • Patent number: 9429793
    Abstract: A cover of a backlight module for protecting backlight components is disclosed. The cover includes: a main body; and bent clasping sheets arranged on at least one edge portion of the main body, the clasping sheet is fixed in a groove cavity between a backplane and a front frame so as to fix the cover on the backplane. In addition, a backlight module and a liquid crystal display are disclosed. The above-mentioned cover, the backlight module, and the liquid crystal display may simplify the assembly process of the backlight module, and may reduce the cost at the same time.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 28, 2012
    Date of Patent: August 30, 2016
    Assignee: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd
    Inventors: Shihhsiang Chen, Gang Yu, Jiaqiang Wang
  • Patent number: 9429284
    Abstract: An adjustable recessed trim for a lighting fixture includes an enclosure with a light output opening and a light source opening provided upward from the light output opening. An adjustable cover piece having a cover piece light source opening is provided over the enclosure in registration with the enclosure light source opening and is adjustable between at least a first position and a second position.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 29, 2011
    Date of Patent: August 30, 2016
    Assignee: Koninklijke Philips N.V.
    Inventors: John S. Park, Clifford Russell Jones, Jr., Graham Michael Rippel, Mark Owen Jones
  • Patent number: 9426906
    Abstract: The present invention provides a back frame of a flat panel display device. The back frame includes at least two assembling pieces. The at least two assembling pieces are joined to form the back frame. The back frame further includes a bracing piece, which is of a multiple-stepped configuration and is mounted to the assembling piece. The present invention also provides a bracing piece and a backlight system. The back frame and backlight system of flat panel display device of the present invention make the structure of a back frame mold simple, reduce the cost of back frame mold, save the material used for the back frame, and lower down the cost of flat panel display device. Further, the bracing piece of the back frame is applicable to various mounting heights of mounting holes, can be manufactured together in a unified manner, reduces the cost of mold, and improves manufacturing efficiency.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 23, 2011
    Date of Patent: August 23, 2016
    Inventors: Jia-He Cheng, Chong Huang, Yi-Cheng Kuo, Yu-Chun Hsiao
  • Patent number: 9416937
    Abstract: The present disclosure relates to a thin-profile lens for shaping a beam of light from a light source, such as a light emitting diode (LED), for example in a flashlight or other lighting unit. In various embodiments, the lens may be combined with an adjustment mechanism for varying the focus of the beam of light, and may be housed in a structure supporting the lens, light source, and adjustment mechanism. In various embodiments, the structure also may include a power source, controls, interconnections, and electronics. In various embodiments, the thin profile of the lens may allow the lens to be used in any of a number of applications, ranging from narrow diameter flashlights to large diameter light sources.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 6, 2012
    Date of Patent: August 16, 2016
    Assignee: Coast Cutlery Co.
    Inventors: Gregory David Windom, David C. Brands
  • Patent number: 9409811
    Abstract: The invention relates to an optical converter system for LEDs, preferably for so-called (W)LEDs, and a method for producing the named optical converter system. The modular-type optical converter system comprises an inorganic converter for converting the radiation emitted from the LED, an inorganic optical component, preferably comprising glass, which is disposed downstream relative to the converter in the direction of emission of the LED, wherein the converter and the first optical component are adjacent to one another and joined at least in sections. The optical converter system possesses a temperature resistance, which lies above that of the system known in the prior art. Also, the preferred components of the system are substantially resistant to UV and to chemicals.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 29, 2009
    Date of Patent: August 9, 2016
    Assignee: SCHOTT AG
    Inventors: Matthias Rindt, Edgar Pawlowski, Thomas Zetterer, Robert Hettler
  • Patent number: 9410669
    Abstract: A solar simulator including an array of lamp modules, wherein each lamp module of the array includes a lamp configured to generate light, a homogenizer having an input end and an output end, a beam divergence lens positioned to focus the light onto the input end of the homogenizer, and an imaging lens positioned to receive the light from the output end of the homogenizer and image the light onto a target plane.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 10, 2013
    Date of Patent: August 9, 2016
    Assignee: The Boeing Company
    Inventors: Douglas R. Jungwirth, Emilio Quezada
  • Patent number: 9396673
    Abstract: A solar powered flagpole including a stationary base and a rotatably attached pole carrying a banner or flag illuminated by a plurality of light emitting diode (LED) lights in the pole powered by an annular array of photocells carried by the rotatable pole so the photocells are powered by sun power regardless of the rotational position of the banner and pole.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 2, 2012
    Date of Patent: July 19, 2016
    Inventor: Bruce Frank Bort
  • Patent number: 9383146
    Abstract: A heat dissipation device having lateral-spreading heat dissipating and shunting heat conductive structure, in which the central area of heat conductive interface of the heat dissipation device where a heat generating unit being disposed is installed with a close-loop shunting heat conductive structure, so the heat at the central area of the heat generating unit can be conducted to a distal heat dissipating segment for being dissipated to the exterior, thereby through working with the heat dissipation operation of the heat dissipation structure at the periphery of the heat generating unit and led to the distal heat dissipating segment, the temperature distribution at the central area and the peripheral area of the heat generating unit can be more even.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 20, 2012
    Date of Patent: July 5, 2016
    Inventor: Tai-Her Yang
  • Patent number: 9376054
    Abstract: Lighting device for emission of light through a windshield of a vehicle consisting of at least one lighting unit intended to be temporarily mounted on the inside of a windshield with at least one fastening device. The lighting unit consists of at least one reflector, one lamp and at least one seal between the lighting unit and the windshield. The lighting unit is powered by electric energy and the lamp's on and off switch is controlled by at least one sensor designed to detect turned on high-beams which wirelessly sends control signals to the lighting unit. The lighting device consists of a function with which the light's illumination can be adjusted and with which the light can be completely or partially blocked.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 30, 2007
    Date of Patent: June 28, 2016
    Inventor: Lars Svelander
  • Patent number: 9377172
    Abstract: A lighting balloon including a deformable envelope, at least one lighting mechanism mounted inside the envelope, and a supporting and stretching mechanism for the envelope, including a plate carrying the lighting mechanism and with a longitudinally extending distancing element mounted on the plate. The supporting and stretching mechanism cooperates with an apex and a base of the envelope to stretch the envelope in the longitudinal direction. The balloon further includes at least one shape-maintaining mechanism mounted on the envelope and arranged transversely in relation to the distancing element.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 13, 2012
    Date of Patent: June 28, 2016
    Assignee: AIRSTAR
    Inventors: Pierre Chabert, Maxime Polese
  • Patent number: 9354448
    Abstract: The invention relates to a lighting apparatus comprising a laser source (2) for emitting laser light (3). The lighting apparatus further comprises a first laser light modification unit (7) for modifying an optical characteristic of the laser light, which first laser light modification unit (7) is situated at a first location, and a second laser light modification unit (8) for modifying an optical characteristic of the laser light, which second laser light modification unit (8) is situated at a second location. The lighting apparatus further comprises a laser light distribution modification unit (4) for modifying a laser light distribution (5, 6) directed onto at least one of the first and second laser light modification units (7, 8) from a first to a second laser light distribution which is different from the first laser light distribution.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 27, 2009
    Date of Patent: May 31, 2016
    Inventors: Rifat Ataa Mustafa Hikmet, Ties Van Bommel
  • Patent number: 9347640
    Abstract: An illuminating device is provided. The illuminating device includes a light source and a lampshade. The light source provides a first light beam and a second light beam. The lampshade includes a first curved surface and a second curved surface. The first light beam is refracted by the first curved surface. The second light beam is reflected by the second curved surface, and a curvature of the first curved surface differs from a curvature of the second curved surface.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 13, 2010
    Date of Patent: May 24, 2016
    Assignee: Industrial Technology Research Institute
    Inventors: Hsueh-Chih Chang, Sheng-Pan Huang, Chiu-Ling Chen