Patents Examined by Elizabeth A. Hatcher
  • Patent number: 4440793
    Abstract: A method for producing bread crumbs comprising: forming a mixture obtained by adding 0.5-6.0% soy bean protein to wheat flour and mixing therein salt, fats, emulsifier, pH adjustor, coloring matter and flavoring material as secondary material, adding .alpha.-converted starch to the mixture, adding water thereto without adding yeast, thereafter heating and pressing the mixture by an extruder to extrude the mixture from a die into a rope-like configuration, simultaneously therewith drawing the rope-like material at a speed greater than the extrusion speed to produce bubbles and rope-like material, flattening a section of the bubbles and rope-like material, cutting and crushing the material, and drying the same.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 3, 1982
    Date of Patent: April 3, 1984
    Assignee: Fuji Foods Industry Co., Ltd.
    Inventor: Masao Seki
  • Patent number: 4435435
    Abstract: A composition comprising uncooked rice flour and, based on the weight of the uncooked rice flour, from 0 to 40% by weight of precooked rice flour, from 0 to 4% by weight of sodium or potassium alginate or a mixture thereof and from 0 to 4% by weight of propylene glycol alginate with the proviso that when the composition contains less than 5% by weight of precooked rice flour, both the alginates should be present in amounts of at least 1% by weight.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 7, 1981
    Date of Patent: March 6, 1984
    Assignee: Societe d'Assistance Technique pour Produits Nestle S.A.
    Inventor: Jau Y. Hsu
  • Patent number: 4431681
    Abstract: A process is disclosed for producing a high quality, 40% or greater calorie-reduced cake containing a moisture content of 40% or more on an as-consumed basis. The process involves preparing a batter formulation comprising from 40% to 65% water on a by weight basis, 5 to 30% cake flour, 0 to 25% sugar, 1 to 6% shortening, 0 to 10% egg white solids, 0.5 to 6% of a leavening agent, 0 to 2% of an emulsifier and 1 to 20% of a water binder which is either a gum, bulking agent or combination, adjusting the batter viscosity within the range of from 15,000 to 50,000 cps. as measured by a Brookfield Viscometer and baking at a temperature of from F. ( C.) for a time sufficient to produce a bake loss of from 5 to 20%.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 8, 1982
    Date of Patent: February 14, 1984
    Assignee: General Foods Corporation
    Inventors: Elizabeth Hegedus, John R. Frost, Martin Glicksman, Jerry E. Silverman
  • Patent number: 4427709
    Abstract: A powdered cheesecake mix is formulated with sugar, cheese, non-fat milk solids, fat, pregelatinized amylose-containing starch, gelling agents and a sufficient level of fatty acid mono and/or diesters of propylene glycol or glycol to shorten the sling texture otherwise produced, in the prepared cheesecake, by the amylose-containing starch.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 30, 1981
    Date of Patent: January 24, 1984
    Assignee: General Foods Corporation
    Inventors: Thomas E. Guhl, Ralph E. Kenyon, Patricia A. Mozeke
  • Patent number: 4423082
    Abstract: Method for manufacturing quick cooking pasta products in which pasta components are initially heated to a temperature above F. under specified conditions, cooled to a temperature of F. or lower, and extruded. The extruded pasta product is rapidly dried to provide a quick cooking, high quality pasta product without checks, blisters or stress cracks.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 23, 1981
    Date of Patent: December 27, 1983
    Assignee: Kraft, Inc.
    Inventors: John Bauernfeind, Russell W. Carnahan, Norman Lodal, Domingo Vazquez
  • Patent number: 4421771
    Abstract: Filling with water-containing raw materials for nutrient bars with covering sheets made of waffles or the like with vegetable fibrous material especially wheat bran added to the water-containing raw materials and the moisture content of the filling amounts to 5 to 20 percent by weight. The addition of non-water-containing raw materials like oil seed products, such as hazel nut marrow, is possible.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 18, 1981
    Date of Patent: December 20, 1983
    Assignee: Richardson GmbH
    Inventors: Karl-Wilhelm Stock, Norman Brudney, Horst G. P. Wienecke
  • Patent number: 4421777
    Abstract: A process for preparing a chocolate flavored cake comprising mixing together and baking cake ingredients, the improvement, comprising adding to the ingredients of about 3% to about 15% on a flour basis of (1) a defined whey protein-containing composition in combination with (2) an amount of sodium bicarbonate sufficient to elevate the pH of the cake crumb to a pH within the range of about 7.5 to about 9.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 27, 1981
    Date of Patent: December 20, 1983
    Assignee: Nutrisearch Company
    Inventor: Frank H. Y. Chung
  • Patent number: 4419377
    Abstract: A culinary mix for use in preparing baked goods is disclosed. This mix utilizes a lipophilic emulsifier system, and a high level of leavening. This enables the consumer to bake a cake using microwave radiant energy which is comparable in structure, moistness and taste to that baked in a convection oven. The lipophilic emulsifier system comprises propylene glycol monoesters, monoglycerides, glycerolacto esters, and polyglycerol esters.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 22, 1982
    Date of Patent: December 6, 1983
    Assignee: The Procter & Gamble Company
    Inventors: Larry O. Seward, Bradley Warman
  • Patent number: 4418088
    Abstract: A process for preparing a food product comprising roasted corn flour, wheat flour, sugar and salt wherein said mixture is shaped extruded-baked and cooled immediately thereafter.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 4, 1981
    Date of Patent: November 29, 1983
    Assignee: M.B.E. Minoterie Biscotterie d'Echenon
    Inventor: Francois Cantenot
  • Patent number: 4416904
    Abstract: A shelf stable pizza composite comprising a baked crust component having a pH of not more than about 5.0, a tomato based sauce component having a pH not above about 4.6 and a cheese component having a pH not above about 5.5 and method of preparing same.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 11, 1981
    Date of Patent: November 22, 1983
    Assignee: The Quaker Oats Company
    Inventor: Edward L. Shannon
  • Patent number: 4414235
    Abstract: A process for preparing instant macaronis which comprises adding an egg white, a yam and an aqueous soution of a carbonate as a first kneading water to a wheat flour, half-kneading and aging the obtained mixture, further adding an aqueous solution of an organic acid as a second kneading water and kneading the mixture, molding it into a desired shape, boiling the molded alimentary paste in an aqueous solution of common salt, surface-treating the boiled alimentary paste with a solution of glucose in an alcohol-water mixed solvent, and freeze-drying the treated alimentary paste. The instant macaronis can be rehydrated to macaronis having excellent taste, texture and color tone in a short period of time by merely pouring a boiling water on the macaronis.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 22, 1981
    Date of Patent: November 8, 1983
    Inventor: Shukuko Takekoshi
  • Patent number: 4414228
    Abstract: The present invention relates to a process for preparing bread dough which may be deep-frozen with a view to long conservation thereof, characterized in that the yeast used was previously subjected to a stabilization by deep-freezing and that the mixing and kneading operations are carried out in a minimum of time without the dough attaining the temperature of C., after which the dough obtained is rapidly cooled until its innermost temperature attains at least C. The present invention also relates to a process for biological de-freezing of deep-frozen bread dough.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 30, 1981
    Date of Patent: November 8, 1983
    Assignee: Grandes Boulangeries Associees G.B.A.
    Inventor: Andre Nourigeon
  • Patent number: 4414237
    Abstract: The objects of the invention are the provision of an improved food product of the type having a smooth, continuous aqueous phase with discrete pulp-simulating particles dispersed therein and to an improved process for preparing products of this type which could withstand the processing conditions of heat and shear.According to the present invention, products of this type are improved by employing as the pulp-simulating particles from about 1 to 10%, based upon the weight of the products, of bread crumbs consisting essentially of wheat flour, yeast and salt, the bread crumbs having a porous, striated and elongated shape and structure and a particle size wherein they are retained on a USS 60 mesh screen after passing a USS 16 mesh screen. These bread crumbs readily absorb moisture from the aqueous phase to provide soft yet coherent pulp-like particles which enhance the appeal of food products, such as barbeque sauces and simulated fruit sauces.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 20, 1982
    Date of Patent: November 8, 1983
    Assignee: General Foods Corporation
    Inventors: David N. Evans, Gary W. Jarvis, Wayne L. Steensen, Manoj Kumar O. Shah
  • Patent number: 4411927
    Abstract: Cereal grains, particularly corn, are effectively ground in the presence of an aqueous grinding medium by employing a hydrophilic polysaccharide, e.g., a cellulose ether such as hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, as a grinding aid.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 30, 1982
    Date of Patent: October 25, 1983
    Assignee: The Dow Chemical Company
    Inventors: Mauricio Bermudez, Richard R. Klimpel, Steven D. Sands
  • Patent number: 4407827
    Abstract: A process for producing a bread product comprising the steps of adding a portion of the required amount of water to wheat flour and yeast, kneading the mixture with pressure to form an intermediate dough, fermenting the dough and thereafter kneading said intermediate dough with the remaining amount of water necessary to obtain the desired dough and baking same.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 3, 1982
    Date of Patent: October 4, 1983
    Assignee: Nisshin Flour Milling Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Kenji Tanaka, Shigeru Endo
  • Patent number: 4407835
    Abstract: A leavening acid system for the production of baked goods useful in overcoming the difficulties such as browning and uneven color associated with the use of reducing sugars and particularly fructose in baked goods.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 6, 1981
    Date of Patent: October 4, 1983
    Assignee: Stauffer Chemical Company
    Inventor: Frank H. Y. Chung
  • Patent number: 4406911
    Abstract: A frozen bread dough which can be prepared from the freezer to a finished baked loaf within about one hour has been accomplished by using a novel process. Because the bread dough is yeast leavened, desirous yeast-leavened flavor and aroma is obtainable. The dough maintains its shelf-life stability through the addition of hydrophilic colloids, film-forming proteins and surfactants.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 30, 1981
    Date of Patent: September 27, 1983
    Assignee: General Foods Corporation
    Inventors: Robert W. Larson, Wen C. Lou, Vivian C. DeVito, Karen A. Neidinger
  • Patent number: 4405648
    Abstract: A method for producing bread comprising the steps of kneading a dough containing wheat flour with an additive mixture consisting of a L-ascorbic acid; a reducing agent, and a thickner, fermenting the dough and baking same.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 13, 1981
    Date of Patent: September 20, 1983
    Assignee: Nisshin Flour Milling Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Shin-Ichi Atsumi, Masayuki Sasaki, Ikuo Kitamura
  • Patent number: 4404227
    Abstract: A process for preparing a dry bread mix containing flour, from 1.5 to 2.5% quick-leavening active dry yeast, from 2 to 10% of a balanced chemical leavening system, and from 0.1 to 0.75% of a dough conditioner comprising calcium or sodium stearoyl -2- lactylate.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 1, 1981
    Date of Patent: September 13, 1983
    Assignee: Nabisco Brands, Inc.
    Inventors: Seymour Pomper, Glenn D. La Baw
  • Patent number: 4401681
    Abstract: Improved composite food products are provided with a moisture impermeable barrier layer at the interface between high and low moisture components. This barrier layer is achieved by providing the high moisture component with dextrin and a hydrophilic polysaccharide gelling agent such as pectin in amounts sufficient to form the barrier layer. This process is particularly applicable to composite products including a dough-based component and a topping or filling of higher moisture content. Examples of such products include jam or jelly filled cookies and pizza sauce/crust combinations.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 22, 1981
    Date of Patent: August 30, 1983
    Assignee: Campbell Soup Company
    Inventor: Leland K. Dahle