Patents Examined by Nicholas P Celani
  • Patent number: 11611454
    Abstract: Systems and methods associated with distributing an application's network interface over nodes of a networking fabric are presented. Nodes of the fabric can operate as interface modules, each taking on a role or responsibility for a portion of the application's network address including IP address, port assignments, or other portions of the network address. Interface modules of the networking nodes can then spoof or cloak the application to provide security against internal or external threats.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 27, 2018
    Date of Patent: March 21, 2023
    Inventor: Thomas Wittenschlaeger
  • Patent number: 11606666
    Abstract: Systems and methods for vehicle registration are disclosed. A server computer and at least one database are constructed and configured for network communication with at least one vehicle. The at least one vehicle transmits a registration request to the server computer. The server computer assigns a unique registration ID for the at least one vehicle. The at least one database comprises a geofence database storing information of a multiplicity of registered geofences. Each of the multiplicity of registered geofences comprises a plurality of geographic designators defined by a plurality of unique Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) addresses. One of the plurality of unique IPv6 addresses is encoded as a unique identifier for each of the multiplicity of registered geofences. The server computer caches the information of the multiplicity of registered geofences on the at least one vehicle.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 14, 2022
    Date of Patent: March 14, 2023
    Assignee: GEOFRENZY, INC.
    Inventor: Benjamin T. Jones
  • Patent number: 11606535
    Abstract: Systems and methods for interconnecting point-to-point (P2P) (i.e. SIP/H323) and web browser compatible video conferencing services. The conference platform gatewaying service may use a virtual web browser participant to send and/or receive video and/or audio over VoIP/Video standards, such as SIP/H323 or other point-to-point protocols into a web browser compatible conference by means of a virtual web browser participant. The conference platform gateway service may create a binding between a SIP address and a web meeting URL. When communication is initiated from a compatible peer device to the gateway/server by means of a point-to-point protocol, the gateway/server establishes a connection to the web-based conference using the binding between URI and URL, and establishes a connection between the Point-to-point and Web browser compatible meeting service.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 28, 2021
    Date of Patent: March 14, 2023
    Assignee: SYNERGY SKY
    Inventors: Egil Hasting, Stale Reitan, Birger Lie
  • Patent number: 11595253
    Abstract: The present disclosure describes techniques for using instances of a connector to communicate with multiple target systems without a manual pre-configuration step for each of the multiple target systems. The connector may be an extensible program-code-template for creating objects to perform one or more operations. For example, each instance of the connector may obtain information regarding a corresponding target system, determine an interface to the corresponding target system based on the information, and translate requests for the corresponding target system according to the interface.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 31, 2020
    Date of Patent: February 28, 2023
    Assignee: Oracle International Corporation
    Inventors: Jagan Mohan Ungati, Sourav Panda, Shahabas Salam, Basavaraj Hungund, Atul Goyal
  • Patent number: 11595327
    Abstract: Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a group-based communication server for associating an identifier with one or more message communications within a group-based communication system. In some embodiments, the group-based communication server comprises at least one processor and at least one memory including computer program code.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 12, 2017
    Date of Patent: February 28, 2023
    Assignee: Salesforce, inc.
    Inventors: Sean Rose, Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen, Daniel Stewart Butterfield, Callum Henderson-Begg, Christopher David Montrois, Lauren Bosak Wagner, Milo Watanabe
  • Patent number: 11588885
    Abstract: Among other things, this document describes systems, methods and devices for performance testing and dynamic placement of computing tasks in a distributed computing environment. In embodiments, a given client request is forwarded up a hierarchy of nodes, or across tiers in the hierarchy. A particular computing node in the system self-determines to perform a computing task to generate (or help generate) particular content for a response to the client. The computing node injects its identifier into the response indicating that it performed those tasks; the identifier is transmitted to the client with particular content. The client runs code that assesses the performance of the system from the client's perspective, e.g., in servicing the request, and beacons this performance data, along with the aforementioned identifier, to a system intelligence component. The performance information may be used to dynamically place and improve the placement of the computing task(s).
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 11, 2022
    Date of Patent: February 21, 2023
    Assignee: Akamai Technologies, Inc.
    Inventor: Byung K. Choi
  • Patent number: 11582146
    Abstract: Delivery of high quality video in an adaptive bit rate (ABR) download session is achieved using obtained using lower quality communication paths. The method involves detecting that an ABR download session of a video is in a steady-state condition. If so a further determination is made as to whether there is sufficient pre-fetch time available to download an (N+1)th video segment of the video using at alternative connection path through a virtual WAN having a lower quality than a first connection path through the virtual WAN. If sufficient pre-fetch time is available, the (N+1)th video segment is prefetched using at least the second connection path instead of the first connection path.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 22, 2019
    Date of Patent: February 14, 2023
    Inventors: Praveen R. Dhanabalan, Tarun K. Hukmichand
  • Patent number: 11575756
    Abstract: Managing data to provide a cloud-based service for a plurality of work sessions, including: receiving a request to create a work session that is represented by a collection of tables; creating a work session table stored on a session server; receiving a request to add a user to the work session; storing user data related to the work session for the user in a record in the user table of the work session table; receiving a request to add an application to the work session; storing application data for the application related to the work session in a record in the application table of the work session table; and creating a session log which preserves information indicating an activity related to the work session including adding, accessing, changing, removing a file, person, application, or resource. Key words include work session and data access.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 30, 2019
    Date of Patent: February 7, 2023
    Assignees: Sony Group Corporation, Sony Media Cloud Services LLC
    Inventors: Daniel Hitomi, Michael Faulconer
  • Patent number: 11568463
    Abstract: A computer-implemented system and method for generating heterogeneous graph feature embeddings for feature learning and prediction. An application server may receive and process a plurality of feature datasets to generate a graph data structure comprising a plurality of interconnected transaction pairs. The application server processes the graph data structure to determine a first-order transaction pair corresponding to a maximum transaction frequency based on a user identifier; executes a jumping probability algorithm to process the graph data structure to determine a second-order transaction pair jumping from a first-order transaction pair; and generates a transaction sequence associated with the user identifier.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 29, 2020
    Date of Patent: January 31, 2023
    Assignee: INTUIT INC.
    Inventor: Runhua Zhao
  • Patent number: 11563789
    Abstract: Implementations are provided herein for executive streaming data writes without duplication or loss. A client application and a pravega node can work to track where write data is, how much data has been written, and what specific data has been acknowledged by the pravega node as successfully written. In the event of an error or connection disruption, the client application can reconnect and determine how much data has been written and resend what data still needs to be written. The data can be written exactly once, and once written and acknowledged, will no longer be subject to data loss.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 9, 2018
    Date of Patent: January 24, 2023
    Assignee: EMC IP Holding Company LLC
    Inventors: Thomas Kaitchuck, Andrei Paduroiu
  • Patent number: 11546184
    Abstract: Some examples relate to selection of a rendezvous point in an IP multicast network managing multicast group traffic. An example includes transmitting, from a controller in a cloud computing system, messages to a source device and a host device in an IP multicast-capable network, which may include two peer network devices that are virtualized to function as one virtual device. Based on the response to the messages, the controller may determine that the source device is present in OSI layer 3 and the host device is present in OSI layer 2. The controller may determine that the peer network are located downstream in relation to the determined layer of the source device. The controller may select a non-peer network device as a rendezvous point in the IP multicast-capable network. Further to the selection, the controller may synchronize an active-active configuration between the peer network devices.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 30, 2021
    Date of Patent: January 3, 2023
    Assignee: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development LP
    Inventors: Tathagata Nandy, Chethan Chavadibagilu Radhakrishnabhat
  • Patent number: 11522954
    Abstract: Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for providing cross device messaging and enhanced synchronization of messages. In some configurations, a distributed service platform may store a user profile. The user profile may include device information (i) indicating active devices associated with the user profile and capabilities of the active devices and (ii) one or more potential relay devices for relaying messages to the active devices. The user profile may be provided to a first device among the active devices referenced in the device information. A signal may be received from the first device that includes a message designating one or more recipient devices from the active devices. One or more relay devices may be selected from the one or more potential relay devices in response to receiving the signal, and the signal may be sent to the one or more relay devices.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 5, 2019
    Date of Patent: December 6, 2022
    Assignee: Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC
    Inventors: Gang Li, Larry Jin, Erin Honeycutt, Mark Rubinstein, Jesus Barcons Palau
  • Patent number: 11516034
    Abstract: Some embodiments provide a non-transitory machine-readable medium that stores a program. The program transmits via a multicast communication protocol a message specifying a set of services offered by the device to a plurality of computing devices. The program further establishes a connection with a computing device in the plurality of computing devices. The program also receives, through the connection, a set of data for the set of services. The program further applies the set of services to the set of data.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 1, 2020
    Date of Patent: November 29, 2022
    Assignee: SAP SE
    Inventors: Chandrasekar Sankarram, Yukching Leung
  • Patent number: 11516071
    Abstract: Method and system for Root Cause Analysis (RCA) across multiple network systems. Update information of a first local root cause analysis mechanism is received. An RCA controller generates, based on the update information, a new node to be added to a global root cause decision tree, where the global root cause decision tree is to be shared by at least two of the plurality of network operators. The RCA controller requests storage of the new node in a distributed ledger that is shared by network operators. The RCA controller participates in a verification operation of the new node. In response to determining that the verification operation is successful, the RCA controller adds an entry including the new node to the distributed ledger as part of the global root cause decision tree. Alternatively, when the verification operation is not successful, the new node is not added to the distributed ledger.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 12, 2019
    Date of Patent: November 29, 2022
    Assignee: Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (publ)
    Inventors: Athanasios Karapantelakis, Rafia Inam, Yifei Jin, Ioannis Fikouras, Qiang Li, Konstantinos Vandikas, Michael Buisman
  • Patent number: 11502916
    Abstract: As described herein, a system, method, and computer program are provided for AWS autoscaling of Tuxedo systems. In use, an AWS cloud based deployment of a Tuxedo system is identified. Further, autoscaling of the Tuxedo system is provided in accordance with an autoscaling configuration of the AWS, using a Tuxedo registrar that maps AWS EC2 DNS names or internet protocol (IP) addresses with Tuxedo-compliant names capable of being used by the Tuxedo system.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 10, 2022
    Date of Patent: November 15, 2022
    Inventors: Yogesh Maheswari, Abhishek Gupta, Sujit Samantaray
  • Patent number: 11496559
    Abstract: A network device, associated with peer network devices, may receive policy information for a protocol; and compute a first update message based on information regarding a route associated with the policy information. The network device may determine that an upper utilization threshold for one or more of peer queues, associated with the peer network devices, is not satisfied; and write the first update message to the peer queues based on determining that the upper utilization threshold is not satisfied. The network device may compute a second update message based on the information regarding the route; determine that the upper utilization threshold for one or more of the peer queues is satisfied; and pause writing the second update message to the peer queues based on the upper utilization threshold being satisfied. The network device may permit the peer network devices to obtain data from corresponding ones of the peer queues.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 12, 2020
    Date of Patent: November 8, 2022
    Assignee: Juniper Networks, Inc.
    Inventors: Ashutosh K. Grewal, Jaihari V. Loganathan, Kevin Wang, Sanjay Khanna
  • Patent number: 11483762
    Abstract: Some embodiments provide a method for establishing multiple virtual service networks over multiple datacenters. The method configures, for each virtual service network of the plurality of virtual service networks, a set of machines distributed across the datacenters to implement an ordered set of network services for the virtual service network. The method configures multiple service network selectors executing within the datacenters to receive a data message, select one of the virtual service networks for the data message based on analysis of contents of the data message, determine a location within the datacenters for a machine implementing a first network service of the ordered set of network services for the selected virtual service network, and transmit the data message to the machine implementing the first network service.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 17, 2019
    Date of Patent: October 25, 2022
    Assignee: VMWARE, INC.
    Inventors: Marc-Andre Bordeleau, Raja Kommula, Jeremy Tidemann, Constantine Polychronopoulos, Edward Choh, Ojas Gupta, Georgios Oikonomou, Robert Kidd
  • Patent number: 11470166
    Abstract: A method for managing entities in a multi-tenant marketplace architecture system is discussed. The method includes determining that a merchant is represented as a first representation in a first hierarchical data structure and as a second representation in a second hierarchical data structure, where both the first and second hierarchical data structures are managed by a first service provider. The merchant is being managed via a full representation in an original hierarchical data structure by a marketplace service provider. The first and second representations provide outbound services via the first hierarchical data structure and via the second hierarchical data structure, respectively. The method also includes linking the first representation with the second representation to configure the first and second representations for propagating results of an inbound service applied to one of the first and second representations to a remaining one of the first and second representations.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 28, 2018
    Date of Patent: October 11, 2022
    Assignee: PAYPAL, INC.
    Inventors: Prashant Jamkhedkar, Aravindan Ranganathan, Sandeep Kumar, Norihiro Aoki, Justin White, Jeffrey David Meyer, Raghavendra Nagappa
  • Patent number: 11457070
    Abstract: A hosting system to facilitate a customer of an operator of the system to connect to a cloud provider, the system including: a first cloud exchange co-located with and connected to first cloud provider equipment; a second cloud exchange co-located with and connected to second cloud provider equipment, wherein the first cloud provider equipment and the second cloud provider equipment are of a same cloud provider but at different geographically spaced locations or the first cloud provider equipment is of a different cloud provider than that of the second cloud provider equipment, and wherein the first cloud exchange is connected to the second cloud exchange; and a non-transitory computer readable medium including computer program instructions, the instructions configured to facilitate the configuration of a software-defined network including the first cloud exchange and/or second cloud exchange, wherein the network connects the customer to the first cloud provider equipment and/or the second cloud provider equi
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 16, 2019
    Date of Patent: September 27, 2022
    Assignee: Digital Porpoise, LLC
    Inventors: Lee Cardona-Gonzalez, Robert E. Pulley, Patrick D. Riley
  • Patent number: 11457074
    Abstract: An embodiment of the disclosed technologies includes extracting, from an online connection network, digital data comprising target profile data and current profile data; where the target profile data is associated with an online submission process that has a plurality of possible outcomes and is executable via the online connection network; where the current profile data is associated with a member node of the online connection network; using an active learning process, in response to the current profile data, identifying attribute data that is in the target profile data but is not in the current profile data and is predicted to have a relationship with a positive outcome of the online submission process; outputting the attribute data for use by a downstream process or an automated digital assistant to determine a digital resource to associate with the member node through the online connection network or through an online learning system.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 29, 2019
    Date of Patent: September 27, 2022
    Assignee: Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC
    Inventors: Kaiyu Yang, Li Yang, Yongzheng Zhang, Shen Huang, Clayton Sanford