Patents Examined by S. Nehrbass
  • Patent number: 4408220
    Abstract: A heat dissipator for use with a dual in line integrated circuit package. The subject dissipator is unitary in construction and formed of a resilient material to facilitate rapid mounting and subsequent removal from an IC package. The dissipator includes a pair of opposed top and bottom contact plates interconnected by an intermediate segment. A radiator plate is provided extending upwardly from the remaining free end of the top contact plate. The dissipator may be slidably mounted on an IC package, with the bottom contact plate being in contact with the bottom wall of the package and with the top contact plate being in coplanar and contiguous relationship with the top wall of the package. By this arrangement, heat generated by the IC package during use is conducted by the top and bottom contact plates to the radiator plate for dissipating the heat and reducing the operating temperature of the package.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 29, 1981
    Date of Patent: October 4, 1983
    Inventor: Anthony D. Calabro