Patents by Inventor Edward Andrew Grebe

Patent number: 4057138
Abstract: An apparatus for routing logs to various locations in a sawmill. The logs are conveyed in end-to-end relation on a conveyor and pass beneath a rotatable log kicker unit having a series of radially extending arms which, when rotated, will kick the log laterally to either side of the conveyor for delivery to sawing operations. Located at the downstream end of the log kicker unit is a movable gate disposed to be engaged by the end of the log as it is moved laterally by the log kicker to align the laterally discharged logs. By moving the gate out of the conveying path, the log can be conveyed through the log kicker unit to a third delivery location.
Type: Grant
Filed: February 5, 1976
Issued: November 8, 1977
Assignee: Wisconsin Bridge & Iron Co.
Inventor: Edward Andrew Grebe