Patents by Inventor Franz Knopf

Patent number: 5322011
Abstract: A pressure cylinder is accommodated in a printing assembly and provided with electrostatically assisted ink transfer. Its shaft is mounted in the framework of a printing press. It has a semiconductive jacket that is mounted over a steel surface and can be electrically charged. The shaft is electrically connected to the surface of the cylinder and electrically insulated from the framework. An electric potential can be applied to the shaft in order to charge the semiconductive jacket.
Type: Grant
Filed: February 17, 1993
Issued: June 21, 1994
Assignee: Eltex-Elektrostatik GmbH
Inventors: Ernst A. Hahne, Franz Knopf
Patent number: 5044275
Abstract: A counter pressure cylinder including an electrostatic printing assist system, with the counter pressure cylinder including an insulating jacket having a conductive coating thereof over which a further coating is arranged having limited conductivity. A primary winding, concentric to an electrically grounded axle or shaft of the counter pressure cylinder, is disposed beside the counter pressure cylinder in a fixed fashion with respect to the printing unit, and a secondary winding is mounted concentrically to the electrically grounded shaft of the counter pressure cylinder at one end face of the counter pressure cylinder in a fixed fashion with respect to the counter pressure cylinder. An electrical connection of the secondary winding is connected to the axle of shaft of the counter pressure cylinder and another electrical connection is connected to the coating by way of a rectifier circuit.
Type: Grant
Filed: July 19, 1989
Issued: September 3, 1991
Assignee: Eltex Elektrostatik Gesellschaft mbH
Inventors: Franz Knopf, Ernst A. Hahne, Herman Kunzig
Patent number: 4610326
Abstract: A water-cooled internal combustion engine powering the vehicle is mounted in an engine compartment comprising a sound-insulating capsule. Independent of and additionally to any possible blower ventilation of the capsule at least one separate inlet opening into the capsule is connected to an intake opening situated in an area which is exposed to dynamic pressure when the vehicle is in motion. The front cross-member may be provided with an intake opening open in the direction of motion as well as with a sound-absorbing lining, and the inflowing cooling air may be fed into the capsule via the adjacent longitudinal beams of the vehicle frame.
Type: Grant
Filed: April 6, 1984
Issued: September 9, 1986
Assignee: AVL Gesellschaft fur Verbrennungskraftmaschinen und Messtechnik mbH, Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c. Hans List
Inventors: Karl Kirchweger, Franz Knopf, Gerhard Thien
Patent number: 4514140
Abstract: An axial fan, preferably for the cooling systems of water-cooled internal combustion engines, comprises an impeller and an air duct housing provided with a fan guard which is separated by an annular gap from the tips of the impeller blades and is centered on the impeller axis by a support comprising radial arms attached to the fan guard. For noise reduction, the radial arms are supported on the hub of the impeller, on the side facing the fan shaft, by means of a roller bearing held by a mounting plate, and the mounting plate is made independent of the impeller bearing.
Type: Grant
Filed: November 9, 1983
Issued: April 30, 1985
Assignee: Hans List
Inventor: Franz Knopf
Patent number: 4459944
Abstract: In order to improve in a simple manner the ventilation of a water-cooled internal combustion engine having a sound-absorbing cover, a suction device is provided at the air inlet opening of the cover, the suction device containing a suction port in the low pressure area of the radiator/fan assembly. By specific placement of several air inlet openings a variety of cooling requirements may be met.
Type: Grant
Filed: July 12, 1982
Issued: July 17, 1984
Assignee: Hans List
Inventors: Karl Kirchweger, Franz Knopf, Gerhard Thien
Patent number: 4455971
Abstract: In order to avoid the danger of overheating the separate exhaust jacket of a water-cooled internal combustion engine with a sound-absorbing cover whose enclosed space contains air inlet and outlet openings sealed against the penetration of sound, and is ventilated by cooling air during operation of the engine, and which has a separate exhaust jacket with air ducts of its own-with a radiator cooling fan being placed outside of the cover in the vicinity of a cover wall serving as a radial deflector for the outgoing air from the fan, and with the exhaust jacket leading substantially upwards from its outlet to its inlet opening-after the engine has been switched off and the forced ventilation has thus come to a standstill, the air inlet opening leading into the exhaust jacket is connected to the topmost part of this jacket and is positioned such as to be exposed to the flow of outgoing air from the fan.
Type: Grant
Filed: July 9, 1982
Issued: June 26, 1984
Assignee: Hans List
Inventors: Karl Kirchweger, Franz Knopf
Patent number: 4208965
Abstract: A method for electrostatic assistance of the printing process in printing machines, in which method a printing substrate, being of a material which is not electrically conductive, is passed between a printing cylinder coated with printing ink and a contact pressure roller which mechanically presses the substrate against the cylinder and which is provided with a non-conductive or weakly-conductive outer layer, during which procedure the application of a high voltage between the printing cylinder and at least one of the electrode arrangements running in a longitudinal direction to the contact pressure roller results in electrons and ions being sprayed by corona discharge onto the surface of the contact pressure roller, which, as a result of its rotating and/or its intrinsic conductivity conveys these charged particles into the printing gap and enables them to flow off over this gap, and also a corresponding printing machine.
Type: Grant
Filed: March 24, 1978
Issued: June 24, 1980
Inventors: Helmut Eichler, Franz Knopf
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