Patents by Inventor Jerome A. Menzia

Jerome A. Menzia has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • Patent number: 5932766
    Abstract: The present invention discloses a process for the preparation of a compound having formula 4: ##STR1## The process comprises the step of reacting an enolate having the formula: ##STR2## with a Grignard reagent. The enolate salt is formed in situ from the reaction of a protected ester wherein M is an alkali metal. R.sub.6 and R.sub.7 are each hydrogen or are independently selected from ##STR3## wherein R.sub.a and R.sub.b are independently selected from hydrogen, lower alkyl and phenyl and R.sub.c, R.sub.d and R.sub.e are independently selected from hydrogen, lower alkyl, trifluoromethyl, alkoxy, halo and phenyl; and ##STR4## wherein the naphthyl ring is unsubstituted or substituted with one, two or three substitutents independently selected from lower alkyl, trifluoromethyl, alkoxy and halo. Alternatively, R.sub.6 is as defined above and R.sub.7 is R.sub.12 OC(O)-- wherein R.sub.12 is benzyl; or R.sub.6 and R.sub.7 taken together with the nitrogen atom to which they are bonded form ##STR5## wherein R.sub.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 30, 1997
    Date of Patent: August 3, 1999
    Assignee: Abbott Laboratories
    Inventors: Anthony R. Haight, Timothy L. Stuk, Jerome A. Menzia
  • Patent number: 5567823
    Abstract: Processes are disclosed for the preparation of (2S,3S,5S)-5-(N-(N-((N-Methyl-N-((2-isopropyl-4-thiazolyl)methyl)amino)car bonyl)-L-valinyl) amino)-2-(N-((5-thiazolyl)methoxycarbonyl)amino)-1,6-diphenyl-3-hydroxyhex ane or an acid addition salt thereof and (2S,3S,5S)-5-(N-(N-((N-Methyl-N-((2-isopropyl-4-thiazolyl) methyl)amino)carbonyl)-D-valinyl)amino)-2-(N-((5-thiazolyl) methoxycarbonyl)amino)-1,6-diphenyl-3-hydroxyhexane or an acid addition salt thereof.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 6, 1995
    Date of Patent: October 22, 1996
    Assignee: Abbott Laboratories
    Inventors: Jien-Heh J. Tien, Jerome A. Menzia, Arthur J. Cooper