Patents by Inventor Joshua Mullin

Joshua Mullin has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • Patent number: 10319023
    Abstract: A domain name registrar may create a customizable universal purchase path for all customers purchasing a given product. The registrar may create and store modular cross sell components that each has material for at least one product offered for sale by the registrar. Thereafter, the registrar may receive a request for a product from a customer. The registrar may determine a probability the customer will complete the purchase if shown upgrades and/or additional products. If the probability is low (or lower than a predefined threshold) the registrar may complete the purchase before displaying additional upgrades and/or additional products to the customer. This will maximize the conversion rate. Alternatively, if the probability is high (or higher than a predefined threshold) the registrar may create final page markups using the modular cross sell components and collected content and display the final page markups to the customer before completing the purchase with the customer.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 29, 2016
    Date of Patent: June 11, 2019
    Inventors: Angeley Mullins, Ana Alicia Grace, Stacy SteinKuller, Joshua Ray Rossman, Garrett Matsudaira, Stephen Russell Baird, Anirban Kundu
  • Publication number: 20070174192
    Abstract: A billing process is disclosed for a information dispersal system or digital data storage system. In one embodiment of the invention, the original data to be stored is separated into a number of data “slices” or shares in such a manner that the data in each subset is less usable or less recognizable or completely unusable or completely unrecognizable by itself except when combined with some or all of the other data subsets. These data subsets are stored on separate digital data storage devices as a way of increasing privacy and security. As dispersed file shares are being stored or removed from a grid of distributed storage locations, a set of metadata tables are created, separate from the dispersed file share storage, to maintain information about the original data size of each block, file or set of file shares dispersed on the grid.
    Type: Application
    Filed: April 13, 2006
    Publication date: July 26, 2007
    Inventors: S. Gladwin, Matthew England, Zachary Mark, Vance Thornton, Joshua Mullin, Sejal Modi