Patents by Inventor Kohei Kubo

Kohei Kubo has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • Publication number: 20220034315
    Abstract: An electric oil pump includes a motor including a motor shaft, a pump assembly including a vane pump driven by the motor to suction and discharge oil, and an inverter to drive the motor. The motor includes a rotor, a stator on a side outward from the rotor in a radial direction, and a motor housing containing the rotor and the stator. The motor housing includes a suction port through which the vane pump suctions oil from outside, and a discharge port through which the vane pump discharges oil to outside. The motor housing includes flat surface portions in a portion of an outer periphery thereof. The suction port and the discharge port are located in a first surface of side surfaces which are the flat surface portions of the motor housing and are parallel or substantially parallel to the axial direction.
    Type: Application
    Filed: September 20, 2019
    Publication date: February 3, 2022
    Inventors: Koji HIGUCHI, Yutaka HASHIMOTO, Yoshiyuki MAKI, Kohei KUBO
  • Publication number: 20210348620
    Abstract: An electric pump provided with a pump unit configured to discharge working oil by being rotationally driven by an electric motor includes: a drive shaft configured to transmit rotational driving force from the electric motor to a rotor of the pump unit; a rotation-detection shaft provided coaxially with the drive shaft, the rotation-detection shaft being configured to be rotated together with the rotor; and a rotation detector unit configured to detect rotation of the rotation-detection shaft. The rotation-detection shaft has: an engagement portion configured to engage with the rotor; and a detection-target portion facing the rotation detector unit, and an outer diameter of the detection-target portion is set so as to be larger than an outer diameter of the engagement portion.
    Type: Application
    Filed: October 29, 2019
    Publication date: November 11, 2021
    Applicants: KYB Corporation, NIDEC TOSOK CORPORATION
    Inventors: Kohei KUBO, Tomoyuki FUJITA, Koichiro AKATSUKA, Yoshiyuki MAKI, Koji HIGUCHI, Yutaka HASHIMOTO
  • Publication number: 20170009900
    Abstract: A relief valve comprises a ball body separated from a seat member when a pressure of a working oil from a supply passage exceeds a set pressure, and a ball-body support member biased by a biasing member and supporting the ball body. The ball-body support member comprises a holding recess portion for holding the ball body and a taper portion formed around the holding recess portion and inclined so as to become deeper toward the holding recess portion.
    Type: Application
    Filed: April 14, 2015
    Publication date: January 12, 2017
    Applicant: KYB Corporation
    Inventors: Kohei KUBO, Ryouichi NAGASAKA
  • Publication number: 20150090507
    Abstract: A motor drive apparatus, mounted to a forklift and controlling at least one motor configured to rotate a drive wheel of the forklift, based on a speed command value indicative of a target speed of the forklift, includes a turn speed limit unit in which a speed limit curve configured to stipulate an upper limit value of a speed of the forklift is defined as a function of a turning angle of the forklift such that an angular velocity with respect to a center of rotation of the forklift does not exceed a threshold value, the turn speed limit unit being configured to limit the speed command value to be equal to or less than an upper limit value determined according to the speed limit curve and the turning angle, and a drive unit configured to drive the at least one motor according to the speed command value.
    Type: Application
    Filed: December 11, 2014
    Publication date: April 2, 2015
    Inventors: Junichi Okada, Takumi Itoh, Kohei Kubo
  • Publication number: 20030126087
    Abstract: As shown in FIG. 1, in an information supply system according to the present invention, a user available area in a built-in recording medium (20) of a recording/reproduction device (10) is used as a contents storage area, so that contents (23a) which can be used by a user are previously recorded in the built-in recording medium (20) when the recording/reproduction device (10) is shipped.
    Type: Application
    Filed: October 4, 2002
    Publication date: July 3, 2003
    Inventors: Tomio Kakiuchi, Masayuki Takahashi, Hitoshi Kawamukai, Takami Uemura, Kohei Kubo, Toshinori Ito
  • Patent number: 5435825
    Abstract: Disclosed herein is an aluminum matrix composite powder comprising 1 to 40% by weight of ceramic particles dispersed in a matrix of aluminum-silicon alloy. The matrix of the composite may further comprise at least one of Cu, Mg and transition metals.The aluminum matrix composite is prepared by a rapid solidification.In the aluminum matrix composite, the ceramic particles are very uniformly dispersed in the matrix, thereby the improvement of mechanical properties of product prepared therefrom can be obtained.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 7, 1992
    Date of Patent: July 25, 1995
    Assignee: Toyo Aluminum Kabushiki Kaisha
    Inventors: Jun Kusui, Fumiaki Nagase, Akiei Tanaka, Kohei Kubo, Takamasa Yokote
  • Patent number: 5405576
    Abstract: A hypereutectic aluminum-silicon alloy produced by a powder metallurgy technique disclosed herein comprises 12 to 50% by weight of silicon, 1.0 to 5.0% by weight of copper and 0.01 to 0.05% by weight of phosphorus, the content of Ca as an impurity being controlled to be 0.03% by weight or less. The hyereutectic aluminum-silicon alloy of the present invention is excellent in machinability and mechanical strength.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 16, 1992
    Date of Patent: April 11, 1995
    Assignees: Toyo Aluminum Kabushiki Kaisha, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
    Inventors: Jun Kusui, Akiei Tanaka, Kohei Kubo, Takashi Watsuji, Takamasa Yokote
  • Patent number: 4781724
    Abstract: Process for the simultaneous dyeing and permanent shaping of white and gray hair, in which the hair is first treated with a shaping composition, then rinsed with water and treated with a fixing composition, characterized in that a shaping composition is used which comprises a content of at least one red-violet dyeing xanthene dyestuff and a fixing composition with a content of at least one blue dyeing anthraquinone dyestuff. The process, according to the invention, offers the advantage that the unwanted yellow shade in white and gray hair is permanently removed during the hair shaping treatment without an additional dyeing treatment.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 22, 1987
    Date of Patent: November 1, 1988
    Assignee: Wella Aktiengesellschaft
    Inventors: Theodor Wajaroff, Peter Hartmann, Kohei Kubo