Patents by Inventor Marco MOLLO

Marco MOLLO has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • Publication number: 20200046011
    Abstract: Described herein is a process for applying granular material on an outer side of a foodstuff product (P). This process comprises the steps of: providing a mould (2; 102) having a mould cavity (S; S?) that is delimited, at least partially, by at least one mobile wall (22B; 106); positioning the product (P) in said mould cavity by setting said outer side (p1) in a position facing and at a distance from said mobile wall (22); introducing granular material in the gap (24; 112) comprised between said mobile wall (22B; 106) and said outer side of said product; and moving said mobile wall (22B; 106) towards said outer side of said product so that it comes to press said granular material against said outer side (p1) of said product (P).
    Type: Application
    Filed: August 8, 2019
    Publication date: February 13, 2020
    Applicant: SOREMARTEC S.A.
    Inventors: Giorgio CATALANO, Marco MOLLO
  • Publication number: 20190307133
    Abstract: A machine for moulding dough for oven-baked products, of the rotary-moulding type, which is characterized by the configuration with which the conveyor belt (8) runs over the moulding roll (2) and preferably also in that it envisages two feed rolls (4A, 4B) opposed to one another positioned above the moulding roll (2).
    Type: Application
    Filed: April 5, 2019
    Publication date: October 10, 2019
    Applicant: SOREMARTEC S.A.
    Inventors: Marco MOLLO, Giovanni ARAGONE
  • Publication number: 20180249722
    Abstract: Described herein is a filled biscuit characterized in that it comprises: a biscuit body (2) shaped like a container, defining a cavity (2A) contained in which is a filling material (4); a cover (6) made of biscuit designed to close said cavity (2A) from outside, either partially or completely; and a second filling material (8) that is set in contact simultaneously with said cover (6), said container body (2), and said filling material (4), so as to seal said cover to said container body and withhold said first filling material within said cavity.
    Type: Application
    Filed: February 27, 2018
    Publication date: September 6, 2018
    Applicant: SOREMARTEC S.A.
    Inventors: Gaetano ARSIÈ, Marco MOLLO