Patents by Inventor Marvin N. Rothenberg

Patent number: 4778430
Abstract: A water slide toy including: a downwardly inclined slide having an upper end and a lower end; a carrier for moving separate discreet objects such as human or animal figures from the lower end of the slide back up to the upper end of the slide so that the objects can slide downwardly from that slide upper end; a reservoir for holding a quantity of water; a pump for delivering the water to the upper end of the slide to facilitate the downward sliding movement of the objects; and a passageway between the slide and the reservoir for returning water to the reservoir.
Type: Grant
Filed: December 31, 1986
Issued: October 18, 1988
Assignee: Adolph E. Goldfarb
Inventors: Adolph E. Goldfarb, Marvin N. Rothenberg