Patents by Inventor Niharika Pathare

Niharika Pathare has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • Publication number: 20240173165
    Abstract: A system is disclosed for recommending a thermal pad set for use in providing a targeted temperature management (TTM) therapy to a patient, where the system includes a computer implemented method. The computer implemented method includes receiving a request for a thermal pad set recommendation from a clinician device, receiving a patient's identification from the clinician device, retrieving one or more patient parameter values from an electronic medical record for the patient, determining a pad set recommendation according to the patient parameter values in combination with a pad set correlation table, and displaying the pad set recommendation on the clinician device. Also disclosed herein is a system including a non-transitory computer-readable medium with instructions encoded thereon and one or more processors configured to, when executing the instructions, perform operations in accordance with processes of the computer implemented method.
    Type: Application
    Filed: March 16, 2022
    Publication date: May 30, 2024
    Inventors: Jesse Smith, Niharika Pathare, Gabriel A. Johnston, Mengjia Yi
  • Publication number: 20240082050
    Abstract: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for providing targeted temperature management (TTM) therapy to a patient. For example, TTM systems include a connection system for coupling a fluid deliver line to a thermal contact pad. The connection system is configured to provide indication to the user that the fluid deliver line is completely connected to thermal contact pad. In addition, the connection system also includes a controller for activating a connection lock and for sharing signals with a TTM system module. The fluid deliver line includes a pair of conduits arranged concentrically and the thermal pad includes a TTM fluid filter disposed within a fluid containing layer.
    Type: Application
    Filed: January 26, 2022
    Publication date: March 14, 2024
    Inventors: Gabriel A. Johnston, Jesse Smith, Mengjia Yi, Niharika Pathare, Sean E. Walker
  • Publication number: 20220313478
    Abstract: Disclosed are fluid delivery lines (“FDLs”) of systems, pads, and methods for targeted temperature management. A system can include a control module, a primary FDL, a secondary FDL, and one or more pads for placement on one or more portions of a patient's body, respectively. The primary FDL can be configured to convey a temperature-controlled fluid as a supply fluid from a hydraulic system of the control module and convey a return fluid back to the hydraulic system. Each pad of the one-or-more pads can include a multilayered pad body including a conduit layer configured to convey the supply fluid therethrough. The secondary FDL can be configured to convey the supply fluid from the primary FDL and convey the return fluid back to the primary FDL. The secondary FDL can include a pair of piercing tips configured to pierce the primary tubing for fluidly connecting the primary and secondary FDLs.
    Type: Application
    Filed: March 30, 2022
    Publication date: October 6, 2022
    Inventors: Gabriel A. Johnston, Mengjia Yi, Jesse Smith, Niharika Pathare, Harry D. Turner, Andrew R. Taylor
  • Publication number: 20220287876
    Abstract: Disclosed are systems and methods for performing targeted temperature management including a thermal pad having a thermoelectric device. A pad controller may regulate the temperature of the thermal pad. The thermal pad temperature can facilitate cooling and/or warming of the patient. The pad can include a thermal conduction layer and a skin contact layer. The system may include a controller to set the pad temperature of multiple thermal pads according to a TTM therapy. The thermal pad and the system can incorporate data from temperature sensors coupled to the thermoelectric device and the patient. The system controller may be coupled to the thermal pads via a wired or wireless connection.
    Type: Application
    Filed: March 9, 2022
    Publication date: September 15, 2022
    Inventors: Jesse Smith, Mengjia Yi, Niharika Pathare, Gabriel A. Johnston
  • Publication number: 20220280336
    Abstract: Disclosed are indicators for confirming fluid connections in systems, pads, and methods thereof for targeted temperature management. For example, a pad can include a multilayered pad body, a pad inlet connector, a pad outlet connector, and an indicator for visual indication of charging a conduit layer of the pad body with a supply fluid and confirmation of accurate fluid connections. The conduit layer includes one or more conduits for conveying a temperature-controlled fluid as the supply fluid from a hydraulic system of a control module as well as convey a return fluid back to the hydraulic system. A thermally conductive adhesive layer over the conduit layer is for placement on a portion of a patient's body. The pad inlet connector includes a pad inlet for charging the conduit layer with the supply fluid. The pad outlet connector includes a pad outlet for discharging the return fluid from the conduit layer.
    Type: Application
    Filed: March 8, 2022
    Publication date: September 8, 2022
    Inventors: Jesse Smith, Mengjia Yi, Niharika Pathare, Gabriel A. Johnston