Patents by Inventor Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • Publication number: 20100007665
    Abstract: A do-it-yourself photo realistic talking head creation system comprising: a template; handheld device comprising display and video camera having an image output signal of a subject; a computer having a mixer program for mixing the template and image output signal of the subject into a composite image, and an output signal representational of the composite image; a computer adapted to communicate the composite image signal to the display for display to the subject as a composite image; the display and the video camera adapted to allow the video camera to collect the image of the subject, the subject to view the composite image, and the subject to align the image of the subject with the template; storage means having an input for receiving the output signal of the video camera representational of the collected image of the subject and storing the image of the subject substantially aligned with the template.
    Type: Application
    Filed: April 10, 2006
    Publication date: January 14, 2010
    Inventors: Shawn Smith, Michael Cheiky, Peter Gately
  • Publication number: 20090191809
    Abstract: A ventilation system having a cylindrical reducer, a pair of adjustable structural supports and a ceiling electrical box concentrically mounted to the structural supports. The electrical box is configured to support the weight of a ceiling fan assembly. The pair of adjustable structural supports include a first member and a second member that pass through the reducer. The members are hollow so that a first slidable strut extends from within a first end of the first member to a desired length and the second slidable strut extends from within an opposing second end of the first member to a desired length. Similarly, second member is hollow so that a third slidable strut extends from within a first end of second member to a desired length and fourth slidable strut extends from within an opposing second end of second member to a desired length.
    Type: Application
    Filed: January 28, 2008
    Publication date: July 30, 2009
    Inventor: Shawn Smith
  • Patent number: 7430189
    Abstract: The adjacency of access points in a wireless, local area network is used to determine the existence of common overlapping access point coverage areas and to determine maximum distances between access points.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 31, 2004
    Date of Patent: September 30, 2008
    Assignee: Lucent Technologies Inc.
    Inventors: Yigal Bejerano, S. Jamaloddin Golestani, Seung-Jae Han, Mark Anthony Shawn Smith
  • Patent number: 7194276
    Abstract: Rounded solutions of a linear program are used to partition or group cells, such as cells in a wireless network, in order to provide efficient approximations of network updating and paging costs.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 15, 2003
    Date of Patent: March 20, 2007
    Assignee: Lucent Technologies Inc.
    Inventors: Yigal Bejerano, Nicole S. Immorlica, Joseph Naor, Mark Anthony Shawn Smith
  • Publication number: 20070028359
    Abstract: An article of headwear (1) for covering the head and neck of a wearer has a hood section (17) and neck section (20). The neck section may contain a fluid reservoir (2) with an inlet (6) to provide hydration for a wearer as well as thermal relief and sun protection in hot or cold conditions. Handles (3) with removably attachable fastening means (10), (11) and (13), (14) allow the headwear (1) to be held by a wearer's hands or secured around the wearer's head. Preferably, the headwear has an inner layer (10) made of moisture-absorbent cloth to absorb moisture. Optionally, the neck section may contain a storage compartment (18) for folding down and storing the hood section as discussed.
    Type: Application
    Filed: July 24, 2006
    Publication date: February 8, 2007
    Inventors: Aaron Robinson, Shawn Smith
  • Publication number: 20060237846
    Abstract: When forming a silicon nitride film from a nitrogen precursor, using a silicon precursor combination rather than a single silane precursor advantageously increases the deposition rate. For example, adding silane during formation of a silicon nitride film made using BTBAS and ammonia improves (increases) the deposition rate while still yielding a film with a favorably high stress.
    Type: Application
    Filed: July 5, 2006
    Publication date: October 26, 2006
    Inventors: Ashima Chakravarti, Shawn Smith, Dominic Schepis, Rangarajan Jagannathan, Anita Madan
  • Publication number: 20060182023
    Abstract: Mobile devices may be associated with access points other than their current access point based on load-balancing objectives of a wireless, local area network during an iterative time period.
    Type: Application
    Filed: February 15, 2005
    Publication date: August 17, 2006
    Inventors: Yigal Bejerano, S. Golestani, Seung-Jae Han, Mark Shawn Smith
  • Publication number: 20060146768
    Abstract: Unique identifiers are assigned to sets of adjacent access points in a wireless, local area network (WLAN). Thereafter, a unique identifier may be forwarded to a mobile device which uses the identifier to associate itself with one of the adjacent access points. Associating a mobile device with an adjacent access point using unique identifiers allows a WLAN to meet its load balancing objectives.
    Type: Application
    Filed: December 31, 2004
    Publication date: July 6, 2006
    Inventors: Yigal Bejerano, S. Golestani, Seung-Jae Han, Mark Shawn Smith
  • Publication number: 20050195640
    Abstract: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to low complexity, efficient, two-component memory elements for use in low-cost, robust, and reliable WORM memories. The memory element of one embodiment is an organic-on-inorganic heterojunction diode comprising an organic-polymer layer joined to a doped, inorganic semiconductor layer. The organic polymer layer serves both as one later of a two-later, semiconductor-based diode, as well as a fuse. Application of a voltage greater than a threshold WRITE voltage for a period of time greater than a threshold time interval for a WRITE-voltage pulse irreversibly and dramatically increases the resistivity of the organic polymer layer.
    Type: Application
    Filed: November 26, 2004
    Publication date: September 8, 2005
    Inventors: Shawn Smith, Stephen Forrest
  • Publication number: 20050177954
    Abstract: A multipurpose tool includes a plurality of elongate handles and a plurality of jaw members pivotally connected to same. A plurality of locking mechanisms are disposed adjacent one opposed end portion of the plurality of handles respectively and preferably include a guide tube and a sliding member including an elongate lower portion selectively movable within the guide tube. A spring member is disposed about the elongate lower portion and limits the movement of the sliding member between relaxed and stretched positions so that plurality of auxiliary tools can be moved between corresponding locked and unlocked positions respectively. A punch tool is removably engageable with the plurality of jaw members and includes a chuck for cutting wires.
    Type: Application
    Filed: February 17, 2004
    Publication date: August 18, 2005
    Inventor: Shawn Smith
  • Patent number: 6886346
    Abstract: A pilot fuel nozzle configuration for use in a combustor is disclosed having a natural frequency outside the range of the operating frequencies of a gas turbine engine. Multiple embodiments are disclosed for the improved pilot fuel nozzle including configurations for newly manufactured nozzles, repair to existing pilot nozzles, as well as multiple natural frequency levels for the improved pilot fuel nozzle. The pilot fuel nozzle comprises an elongated housing, first and second flanges, and a nozzle tip, with the first flange fixed to the elongated housing at a first end and the nozzle tip fixed to the second end, opposite of the first end. The second flange is fixed along the elongated housing and is used for attaching the pilot fuel nozzle to a combustor. The present invention incorporates an increased wall thickness along at least a mid-span portion of the pilot nozzle to increase the stiffness and change the natural frequency.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 20, 2003
    Date of Patent: May 3, 2005
    Assignee: Power Systems Mfg., LLC
    Inventors: Peter A. Sobieski, Kelly Shawn Smith, Alan Lovelace, Hany Rizkalla
  • Publication number: 20030161485
    Abstract: A system and method for tracking and recognizing multiple desired acoustic signals and processing the multiple signals with a single microphone is disclosed. The microphone includes multiple transducer elements, each of which produces a distinct electrical signal. The electrical signal is converted to a digital signal and beamforming and digital signal processing is performed on the electrical signals. The signals are then analyzed for the presence of speech. In the case where speech is present in multiple signals, the speech containing signals are then mixed for outputting.
    Type: Application
    Filed: February 27, 2002
    Publication date: August 28, 2003
    Applicant: Shure Incorporated
    Inventor: Steven Shawn Smith
  • Publication number: 20020131580
    Abstract: A non-adaptive system and method for improving on-axis pickup of a signal by a transducer, such as a microphone, where the signal received by the transducer is can be spatially represented as lobes or beams, the on-axis pickup being improved by removing the side portions of the beams. The input signal, or signals, has a predetermined location, whether that is at zero degrees on a polar plot or elsewhere, and the system produces an output beamwidth as narrow as possible. The input beams of the signal (or signals) received are processed to produce cancellation beams, and the cancellation beams are then steered, using phase or time delays, to overlap with the desired input beams outside of the desired output beamwidth.
    Type: Application
    Filed: February 27, 2002
    Publication date: September 19, 2002
    Applicant: Shure Incorporated
    Inventor: Steven Shawn Smith
  • Patent number: 6428412
    Abstract: A gaming machine is controlled by a processor in response to a wager and comprises a puzzle feature optionally triggered by a start-feature outcome of a basic game. The puzzle feature includes a plurality of arrangements of randomly-selected puzzle elements for generating respective payouts. At least one of the puzzle elements of each arrangement being shared by another one of the arrangements and contributing to the payouts generated by the respective arrangements that share the one of the puzzle elements. The puzzle elements may, for example, be letters, symbols, pictures, shaped puzzle pieces, or playing cards.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 15, 2000
    Date of Patent: August 6, 2002
    Assignee: WMS Gaming Inc.
    Inventors: Peter Anderson, Taron A. Bell, Michael P. Casey, Joel R. Jaffe, Laura R. Ledesma, Michael W. Mastropietro, Eric Michael Pryzby, Shawn A. Smith
  • Patent number: 6185707
    Abstract: The present invention, generally speaking, takes advantage of the foregoing capability to determine and display the X,Y location corresponding to a net name, by translating functional test data of a digital logic chip passed through a simulation model which identifies one or more defective nets of the chip. The defective nets are processed against a database of the foregoing type to obtain X,Y coordinate data for these nets, allowing them to be data logged as physical traces on the chip layout. In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, this mapping is performed by taking the output from a functional tester and translating it from a list of failed scan chains into a list of suspected netlist nodes. The X,Y coordinates of suspected netlist nodes are then identified and stored in a database, providing failure analysis and yield enhancement engineers a starting point for performing failure analysis and for immediately understanding whether “in-line” inspection data can account for a given failure.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 13, 1998
    Date of Patent: February 6, 2001
    Assignee: Knights Technology, Inc.
    Inventors: Shawn Smith, Hari Balachandran, Jason Parker