Patents by Inventor Vladimir M. Fedotov

Vladimir M. Fedotov has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • Patent number: 4629107
    Abstract: A ligating instrument comprising an anvil body and a staple driving body with a longitudinal groove which accommodates a staple magazine with staple pushers and a wedge. The latter is mounted on a carriage arranged in guides provided on the lateral walls of the staple driving body. The instrument incorporates a device for adjusting the ligation spacing, which comprises a stationary axle mounted on the carriage transversely to the latter. The tapered portion of the wedge is fitted on this axle. The ligation spacing adjustment means also includes a movable support articulated to the wedge in its rear portion so that the movable support and the wedge can be set in motion at a perpendicular to the guides of the carriage.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 5, 1984
    Date of Patent: December 16, 1986
    Assignee: Vsesojuzny Nauchno-Issledovatelsky I Ispytatelny Institute Meditsinskoi Tekhniki
    Inventors: Vladimir M. Fedotov, Vladimir P. Kharchenko, Iosif L. Lipovsky, Tatyana L. Ivanova
  • Patent number: 4596351
    Abstract: A surgical stapling apparatus, comprising a thrust case incorporating a lengthwise groove. Said groove accommodates a magazine containing staples, and drivers of the staples, and a wedge interacting with said pushers and seating on a carriage supported in guides running along said staple case. A surface of said wedge interacting with said drivers is curvilinear, with lines tangent to the generatrix thereof and a travelling direction of said wedge located so as to constitute an angle varying gradually from 45 deg to zero between a front part of said wedge and the back part thereof in the direction of the wedge travel during stapling procedure.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 17, 1984
    Date of Patent: June 24, 1986
    Assignee: Vsesojuzny Nauchno-Issledovatelsky I Ispytatelny Institut Meditsinskoi Tekhniki
    Inventors: Vladimir M. Fedotov, Vladimir P. Kharchenko, Iosif L. Lipovsky, Tatyana L. Ivanova
  • Patent number: 4567891
    Abstract: A compression anastomoses device has a first bush coaxially arranged with a second bush. The first bush has a flange at one end and a collet at the other end. The second bush is adapted to slide over the surface of the first bush and provided with a movable spring-actuated ring. The second bush is covered from outside by an elastic sheathing that passes into a two-lumen tube, one of the tube lumens communicating with the interior of the elastic sheathing, while the other lumen opens outwards immediately above the sheathing.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: July 27, 1984
    Date of Patent: February 4, 1986
    Inventors: Nikolai N. Kanshin, Vladimir M. Fedotov, Boris A. Smirnov
  • Patent number: 4397311
    Abstract: Described herein is an instrument, comprising a staple body and a supporting body hingedly connected thereto, both having longitudinal jaws. The staple body has staple magazines and a staple ejector. The supporting body has a die for bending the staples when suturing. A recess is provided at the base of one of the jaws on the side facing the hinge joint interconnecting the instrument bodies, the recess defining a free space between the jaws when they are brought together. The jaws are adapted to have springy elastic spacers mounted and held thereon with a possibility of subsequent releasing therefrom, said spacers being arranged on the side facing the inner compressing surfaces of the jaws so as to be stitched up together with the organs being sutured.The instrument disclosed in the present invention is successfully applied for establishing lateral anastomoses and interintestinal compression anastomoses, as well as for stitching up the mesentery.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 3, 1980
    Date of Patent: August 9, 1983
    Assignee: Vesesojuzny Nauchnoissledovatelsky I Ispytatelny Institut
    Inventors: Nikolai N. Kanshin, Vladimir M. Fedotov, Boris A. Smirnov, Igor A. Guskov
  • Patent number: 4350160
    Abstract: The instrument has a separable body composed of two oblong interlinked members, each of them carrying at one of its vacant ends a detachable split bush adapted for the element being sutured to pass through the interior thereof and arranged across the longitudinal axis of the respective instrument body member. The bushes have flanges on the ends facing each other, each of the flanges having an open annular slot in the surfaces facing each other, and an opening made in the lateral face of the flange, the opening being communicated with the slot and with the tube that freely runs throughout the overall length of the instrument body and extends from it outwards so as to be connected to the vacuum device. The slots and openings in the bushes establish, along with the tubes, a system of air evacuation from the suturing zone, which is discarded along with the bush after the suturing procedure. One of the bushes has passages for the staples, while the other bush, a die for the staples to bend.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 2, 1980
    Date of Patent: September 21, 1982
    Inventors: Evgeny V. Kolesov, Boris A. Smirnov, Vladimir M. Fedotov, Iosif L. Lipovsky
  • Patent number: 4290542
    Abstract: Described herein is an instrument, having detachably hinged together supporting and staple bodies provided with parallel-arranged jaws, of which one jaw is adapted for carrying staple magazines, while the other, for accommodating therein a slidable member provided with recesses for bending staples. The slidable member is adjustably traversable towards the staple body and can be locked in a preset position. A device is provided for imparting the above motions to the slidable member.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 20, 1979
    Date of Patent: September 22, 1981
    Inventors: Vladimir M. Fedotov, Boris A. Smirnov, Genrikh I. Lukomsky, Iosif L. Lipovsky
  • Patent number: 4244372
    Abstract: The instrument comprises a supporting part and a staple-receiving part connected pivotally to each other, their working ends carrying opposing longitudinal jaws. The longitudinal jaw of said staple-receiving part accommodates staple magazines. Made in said staple magazines in opposition to the staple-clinching indentations of the longitudinal jaw of the supporting part are transverse slots adapted to accommodate the members for driving said staples and said staples, and longitudinal slots adapted to accommodate bars with wedge-shaped ends facing said staple-driving members, adapted for cooperation with said staple-driving members, to drive out and insert said staples. The longitudinal slot of said staple-receiving part movably accommodates a knife blade movable jointly with said bars.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 27, 1979
    Date of Patent: January 13, 1981
    Inventors: Nikolai N. Kapitanov, Vladimir M. Fedotov, Natalya P. Petrova, Marya D. Patsiora, Kim N. Tsatsanidi, Oleg B. Milonov
  • Patent number: 4162678
    Abstract: A surgical apparatus for the simultaneous resection of soft tissues and their suturing with metal staples comprises an anvil and a staple branches, hinge-connected and having longitudinal jaws situated one opposite the other. A longitudinal row of grooves is made on the jaw of the anvil branch for clinching the ends of staples, while slots for the staples with staple tappets placed therein are provided on the jaw of the staple branch opposite said grooves. A plank with a wedge bevel on its end intended for interaction with the staple tappets when ejecting the staples is situated in the slot of the staple branch, and is longitudinally movable therealong. Rotation shafts are set along each branch with needles set perpendicularly to them, intended for grasping the soft tissue.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 13, 1977
    Date of Patent: July 31, 1979
    Assignee: Vsesojuzny Nauchno-Issledovatelsky I Ispytatelny Institut Meditsinskoi Tekhniki
    Inventors: Vladimir M. Fedotov, Boris A. Smirnov, Valery V. Revo, Sergei N. Lapchenko