When folded this invention is so small it fits in your pocket. The only loose parts are the 10 line wraps that are contained inside the product when it's folded. When in use it's fully adjustable with no metal or plastic parts to rust or break.

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Application No. 61606462

Filing date Mar. 4, 2012

Relationship of application—Provisional Application for Fish N Stow


This invention is used to keep the line on multiple fishing rods and reels from tangling. It enables an angler to be able to rinse, store and transport them in one group while leaving both of their hands free. Fish N Stow folds to 2″×4″ with the 10 line wraps inside and fit's in a pocket, tackle box, glove box on a boat, or in any small space.

While you are fishing wrap the line wraps around the bottom of the rod for storage. When you finish fishing they are there to secure your line to the rods. Group all of the rods and reels together, secure the Fish N Stow to the top and bottom of the group of rods and you are ready to go. Leave your rods and reels in the Fish N Stow, rinse the group and transport them to storage. For storage they can be hung by the strap either vertically or horizontally on hooks on a wall. If you have no wall space to hang them you can lean the Fish N Stow in the corner of a room. Depending on the size of the rods Fish N Stow will carry between 5 and 10 rods and reels. It may carry more if you are fishing with smaller size rods.

Manner and process of making it:

Cut ten 3″ long line wraps from the ¾″double sided light weight self stick wrap.

Cut one 12″ long top strap from the 1″ double sided self stick wrap.

Cut one 24″ bottom strap from the 1½″ double sided self stick wrap.

Cut one 48″ long carry or shoulder strap from the 1½″ polypropylene or equal.

Use a lighter to fuse both ends of the cut 48″ strap to prevent fraying.

Fold the top of the 48″ long carry/shoulder strap over the center of the 1″ wide 12″ long top strap and sew the end of the 48″ strap across the width of the carry/shoulder strap to secure the two pieces together.

Fold the other end of the 48″ long carry/shoulder strap over the center of the 1½″ wide 24″ long bottom strap and sew the end of the 48″ strap across the width of the carry/shoulder strap to secure the two pieces together.

Stack the 10 line wraps that you cut on top of each other and place them on the short end (top) strap of the Fish N Stow. Fold each end of the top strap over the line wraps.

Start rolling toward the other end of the carry/shoulder strap until you reach the long strap (bottom), fold the right end of the wrap across the rolled part, then grab the left end and pull it back over the entire rolled strap securely over the right end you just folded. You now have a 2″×4″ Fish N Stow ready to package and use. Manner and process of using it:

Wrap 2 or 3 of the 3″ line wraps down each rod to secure the line to the rod and reduce the chance of your lines getting tangled. Do this on each rod and reel you are carrying. Group the rods and reels together and sit the group of rods down with the reels facing away from you. Wrap the top strap around the group of poles under the eyes on the rods toward the tip end of the rods overlapping to secure the top section of your group of rods. Wrap the bottom strap around the group of rods under the reels also overlapping until secure. Adjust the top strap up or down the group of rods to lengthen or shorten the strap. This is how you adjust the length of the strap that goes over your shoulder. Bring the top strap closer to the reels to make your shoulder strap longer. Bring the top strap closer to the tip of the rods to make your shoulder strap shorter. It should feel really comfortable on your shoulder when properly adjusted. Grab the strap and place it over your shoulder with the reels facing to the back. Your hands are free to carry your tackle box, cooler, snacks, boat bag, canoe, kayak or anything. You can also use the strap with the rods and reels facing forward and hanging under your arm as you walk and your hands are still free. This method is the easiest when carrying through brush. Make the strap longer for use in the winter when wearing a heavy jacket by adjusting the top strap lower on the rods. To rinse your rods and reels, just grab the Fish N Stow and rinse all of them in one group.

Take your rods and reels straight to storage where you can hang them on a hook(s) by the strap vertically, horizontally or sit them in a corner. You can also use Fish N Stow to bundle a landing net or paddles with your rods and reels.


1. Product has no moving, plastic or metal parts but is fully adjustable for every use.

Product folds to small, 2″×4″ hand held size to fit in pocket or small space.
Line wraps contained inside packaged unit for storage and ease of use won't be lost.
Product enables a person to group, transport, wash and store rods and reels.
Hands free carrying of a group of rods and reels.
Fishing lines secured to the rods eliminate or reduce tangle.
Patent History
Publication number: 20140246465
Type: Application
Filed: Mar 3, 2013
Publication Date: Sep 4, 2014
Inventors: Joan Darnell Peterson (Rockledge, FL), Charlotte Darnell Giesey (Cocoa, FL)
Application Number: 13/783,354
Current U.S. Class: Flaccid Attaching Means Looped Around Neck Or Crossing Shoulder (224/257)
International Classification: A45F 5/10 (20060101);