- Nava Milano S.p.A.

FIG. 1 is a top perspective view of a notebook showing my new design;

FIG. 2 is a top perspective view thereof, in a fully opened position;

FIG. 3 is a top plan view thereof;

FIG. 4 is a top plan view thereof, in a fully opened position;

FIG. 5 is a bottom plan view thereof;

FIG. 6 is an enlarged front elevational view thereof;

FIG. 7 is an enlarged rear elevational view thereof;

FIG. 8 is an enlarged right side elevational view thereof;

FIG. 9 is an enlarged left side elevational view thereof; and

FIG. 10 is an enlarged perspective view of the pen-holding device thereof, shown separately for convenience of illustration.

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Patent History
Patent number: D318877
Type: Grant
Filed: Aug 30, 1988
Date of Patent: Aug 6, 1991
Assignee: Nava Milano S.p.A. (Milan)
Inventors: Santiago Miranda (Milan), Perry A. King (Milan)
Primary Examiner: James M. Gandy
Assistant Examiner: P. Schmidt
Attorneys: Guido Modiano, Albert Josif
Application Number: 7/238,237
Current U.S. Class: Book, Album Or Cover (D19/26)