- General Mills, Inc.

The FIGURE is a front elevational view of a decal showing our new design, the decal has no substantial thickness.

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Patent number: D334032
Type: Grant
Filed: May 28, 1991
Date of Patent: Mar 16, 1993
Assignee: General Mills, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN)
Inventors: Susan C. Hacking (Edina, MN), Janice B. Kiefer (Plymouth, MN), Cheryl A. Nobens (Fridley, MN)
Primary Examiner: Wallace R. Burke
Assistant Examiner: Marcus Jackson
Attorneys: L. MeRoy Lillehaugen, J. A. O'Toole
Application Number: 7/705,795
Current U.S. Class: Decalcomania (D20/11)