Removable absorbent insert for food container

- KFC Corporation
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FIG. 1 is an isometric view of the top surface and a portion of the perimeter surface of a removable absorbent insert for a food container.

FIG. 2 is a view of the top surface of the removable absorbent insert of FIG. 1.

FIG. 3 is a view of the bottom surface of the removable absorbent insert of FIG. 1; and,

FIG. 4 is an elevation view from the perimeter of the removable absorbent insert of FIG. 1. The perimeter for all sides has the same appearance.

Phantom lining, where utilized, is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to limit the claimed design to the features shown in phantom.


The ornamental design for a removable absorbent insert for food container, as shown and described.

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Patent History
Patent number: D573466
Type: Grant
Filed: May 12, 2006
Date of Patent: Jul 22, 2008
Assignee: KFC Corporation (Louisville, KY)
Inventors: Glenn Josef White (Louisville, KY), Edward W. Rider, Jr. (Slate Hill, NY), Brian Scott Allers (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Primary Examiner: T. Chase Nelson
Assistant Examiner: Barbara B Lohr
Attorney: Stiles & Harbison, PLLC
Application Number: 29/259,689
Current U.S. Class: D9/456