x Heucherella plant named ‘Dayglow Pink’

A new and distinct hybrid of x Heucherella plant characterized by a unique combination of intense mauve-pink flowers and deeply lobed and dark centered foliage.

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The present invention relates to a new and distinct intergeneric hybrid of Heuchera and Tiarella, of the family Saxifragaceae. It originated as a cross between an unpatented, unnamed Heuchera hybrid seedling (seed parent) and a plant patent applied for Tiarella named ‘Spring Symphony’ (pollen parent) (U.S. patent application Ser. No. 09/324,624). Due to the fact that the instant plant and parent plants are the result of crosses between two or more different Heuchera and/or Tiarella species, no species designations are given.

This new x Heucherella is a result of a controlled cross of the aforementioned plants of Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc., in Canby, Oreg. This hybrid was selected from a large selection of seedlings. Seed and pollen parent plants were retained to observe habit and to compare with the instant plant. The new variety has been reproduced only by asexual propagation (division and tissue culture). Each of the progeny exhibits identical characteristics to the original plant.

This plant is characterized by the following:

1. Intense purplish-pink flowers.

2. Deeply lobed and dark centered foliage.

Asexual propagation by division and tissue culture as done by Canby, Oreg., shows that the foregoing characteristics and distinctions come true to form and are established and transmitted through succeeding propagations.


The drawing shows x Heucherella ‘Dayglow Pink’ in May in Canby, Oreg.


The following is a detailed description of the new x Heucherella hybrid based on observations of two-year old specimens growing in the field in Canby, Oreg. The color descriptions are all based on The Royal Horticultural Society Colour Chart.


Type.—Simple. Semi-evergreen.

Shape.—Cordate. 3-Palmately parted lobes. Individual lobe is cleft.

Length.—10-14 cm.

Width.—8-13 cm.

Petiole length.—14-17 cm.

Margins.—Dentate-crenate. Ciliolate.

Apex.—Broadly acute.


Leaf texture.—Puberulent. Moderately rugose.

Petiole texture.—Pubescent.

Leaf arrangement.—Rosette.



Height.—20 cm (2 year old plant grown in Canby, Oreg.).

Width.—47 cm (2 year old plant grown in Canby, Oreg.).

Flower bud:

Size.—Approximately 0.5 cm. long.

Shape.—Oblong, downfacing.


Type.—Perfect. Complete.


Size.—Grows to 1 cm. wide and 0.4 cm. deep.

Petal count.—5.

Petal shape.—Lanceolate with a clawed base.

Petal size.—0.3 cm. long and less than 0.1 cm. wide.

Petal texture.—Satiny.

Calyx count.—5 lobes divided to ⅔ the way to the pedicel.

Calyx shape.—Campanulate.

Calyx size.—0.6 cm. wide and 0.4 cm. deep.

Calyx texture.—Glandular pubescent.

Ovary position.—Superior.

Carpel number.—2.

Stamen number.—5 with sterile anthers.

Inflorescence type.—Thyrse.

Flower number per inflorescence.—50-100.

Peduncle width.—3-4 mm.

Peduncle texture.—Pubescent.

Blooming height.—48 cm.

Bloom period.—Early April to late May. Sporadic rebloom until fall.



Fertility.—Sterile, no fruit or seed produced.

Habit: Clumping. Non-stoloniferous.

Disease: None observed on plants grown in Canby, Oreg.

Hardiness: Cold hardy to USDA zone 4. Evergreen in zones 6-8. Deciduous in zones 4 & 5.

Color characteristics:

Foliage.—Upper surface.—RHS 143A Green Group becoming RHS 137A-C Green Group with maturity. Upper surface, along veins.—RHS 200A Brown Group. Lower surface.—RHS 147B Yellow-Green Group.

Flower.—Bud.—RHS 67C Red-Purple Group. Petal.—RHS 62D Red-Purple Group. Sepal.—RHS 68B Red-Purple Group. Ovary.—RHS 65B Red-Purple Group.

Peduncle.—RHS 152A Yellow-Group becoming RHS 184B Greyed-Purple Group from midway up to the apex.


The instant plant resulted from a cross between a Heuchera hybrid seedling and Tiarella ‘Spring Symphony’ PPAF. The Heuchera hybrid seedling was selected as a parent plant for its large pink flowers and strong silver-mottled leaves. The instant plant differs from the Heuchera hybrid seedling in having larger, brighter flowers, palmately parted, dark-centered leaves, and leaf veiling is not obvious. Tiarella ‘Spring Symphony’ was selected for its intense pink flowers and well-marked compact foliage. The instant plant differs from Tiarella ‘Spring Symphony’ in having intense mauve-pink flowers, broader lobes, dentate-crenate margins, and larger flower size.


1. A new and distinct hybrid of x Heucherella plant substantially as shown and described, characterized by a unique combination of intense mauve-pink flowers and

Patent History

Patent number: PP12164
Type: Grant
Filed: Nov 30, 1999
Date of Patent: Oct 23, 2001
Assignee: Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc. (Tigard, OR)
Inventor: Dan M. Heims (Portland, OR)
Primary Examiner: Bruce R. Campell
Assistant Examiner: Annette H. Para
Attorney, Agent or Law Firm: Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh & Whinston LLP
Application Number: 09/452,027


Current U.S. Class: PLT/26.3
International Classification: A01H/500;