Casing handling equipment

An apparatus, for use with a traveling block and a drilling hook, for handling large diameter casing. A pair of links (23) (25) are suspended from link ears on the drilling hook. At the lower end of each link is a link connector (32), which preferably has a flat bottom surface and a spherical upper surface. The spherical upper surface mates with a similarly shaped surface on a removeable plate, forming a ball-and-socket type connection. Each plate has a flat upper surface which fits into a slot in an elevator (27). The slots for the connectors and plates are located within the circumference of the cylindrical body of the elevator, thus keeping the links oriented vertically even with large diameter elevator.

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Patent History
Patent number: T105101
Type: Grant
Filed: Jun 9, 1983
Date of Patent: Feb 5, 1985
Inventor: William R. Hamilton (Houston, TX)
Application Number: 6/502,849
Current U.S. Class: Collar-engaging (294/90)
International Classification: E21B 1902; B66C 142;