Method of analyzing data

Disclosed is a method for obtaining useful information from a collection of data in which a measured quantity is related to a physical property comprising the steps of(a) measuring a physical property such as size of a multiplicity of objects,(b) classifying the measurements into ranges according to relative value,(c) counting the number of units within each classification range,(d) plotting the data according to count of each classification,(e) forming a line representing the plotted data, and(f) measuring the slope and intersect of a selected segment of the line to obtain useful information concerning the relationship between the measured quantity and physical property.The method is useful for obtaining size and count of gel particles in a cellulose ester spinning solution and is carried out with a schlieren optical system, television camera, and digital computer.

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Patent History
Patent number: T988004
Type: Grant
Filed: Mar 1, 1979
Date of Patent: Nov 6, 1979
Inventor: Ronald G. Nations (Kingsport, TN)
Application Number: 6/16,463
Current U.S. Class: 364/554
International Classification: G06F 1536;