Hydrogen transfer solvent extraction of coal

- Continental Oil Company

A coal liquefaction process is provided in which a hydrogen donor solvent is used in the liquefaction of the coal. The process is designed to maintain the hydrogen donor solvent in balance by hydrogenation of the spent hydrogen donor solvent and selected precursors of the hydrogen donor solvent which are generated in selected steps of the overall liquefaction process. The principal sources of the desired hydrogenatable precursors are a hydrogenated solids-free and benzene insolubles-free portion of the coal extract, and particularly the coker distillates generated by coking a non-distillable hydrocracked fraction of said hydrogenated solids-free and benzene insolubles-free portion.

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Patent History
Patent number: T989004
Type: Grant
Filed: Dec 14, 1978
Date of Patent: Dec 4, 1979
Assignee: Continental Oil Company (Stamford, CT)
Inventor: Everett Gorin (San Rafael, CA)
Application Number: 5/969,752
Current U.S. Class: 208/8LE; 208/10
International Classification: C10G 100; C10G 106;