Miscellaneous Element Or Attachment Patents (Class 16/404)
  • Patent number: 10576691
    Abstract: A method of anchoring a connector in a first object is provided, the connector having a thermoplastic material in a solid state. The method includes providing the first object and the connector, bringing the connector into contact with the first object from a distal side thereof, causing mechanical vibration energy to impinge on the first object from a proximal end face thereof, the proximal end face being opposite the distal side, while the object and the connector are pressed against each other, until a proximally facing end of connector is at least partially flowable forming a flow portion of the thermoplastic material, and causing the flow portion to flow into structures of the first object, and letting the flow portion re-solidify to cause a positive-fit connection between the first object and the connector.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: June 9, 2016
    Date of Patent: March 3, 2020
    Assignee: WOODWELDING AG
    Inventors: Jörg Mayer, Joakim Kvist
  • Patent number: 10274043
    Abstract: A counterbalance for balancing a part that is able to rotate about an axis of rotation is disclosed, in particular a part of a torque transmission device, such as a friction clutch unit. The counterbalance has a longitudinal axis and a shaft section that includes a knurled portion with ridges that are inclined in relation to the longitudinal axis. Also disclosed is a torque transmission device, in particular for a drive train in a motor vehicle, including an axis of rotation and at least one part that is able to rotate about the axis of rotation. In this torque transmission device, at least one counterbalance of said type is arranged on the part for balancing purposes.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 28, 2014
    Date of Patent: April 30, 2019
    Inventor: Holger Lietzenmaier
  • Patent number: 10179261
    Abstract: The standing step trainer is a device that allows a user to engage in movement that is similar to walking, although less strenuous. The standing step trainer assists users in raising their center of mass after it has been lowered via plantar flexion, ankle flexion, dorsiflexion, and knee flexion. Because users receive an assist in returning to an upright, neutral standing position, they are able to move on the standing step trainer for extended periods of time. This type of movement has been shown to provide myriad health benefits including an increase in the flow of nitric oxide throughout the blood. The methods of the present invention disclose using the standing step trainer to attain these and many other health benefits while working at a desk, watching television, attending class, or any other activity that has heretofore been done from a sitting or standing position.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 21, 2015
    Date of Patent: January 15, 2019
    Inventor: Lawrence John Licklider
  • Patent number: 10174506
    Abstract: The present invention relates to an elastic foothold for stairs comprising: an upper plate, wherein one or more first coupling protrusions are formed on a side of a bottom surface, one or more first block insertion parts having second coupling protrusions are formed on the other side of the bottom surface, and a first anti-slip part is formed on a side of a top surface; a lower plate, wherein first coupling grooves corresponding to the first coupling protrusions are formed on a side of the bottom surface so as to be male/female-coupled to a side of the upper plate, and one or more second block insertion parts having third coupling protrusions are formed on the other side of the bottom surface; one or more first blocks that are inserted and coupled to the first block insertion parts, that have second coupling grooves formed on a bottom surface so as to be male/female-coupled to the second coupling protrusions, and that have third coupling grooves formed on a top surface; one or more second blocks that are inse
    Type: Grant
    Filed: October 10, 2016
    Date of Patent: January 8, 2019
    Inventor: Tae Joong Kim
  • Patent number: 10113344
    Abstract: Provided is a stay which is capable of stabilizing movement of a component part used for transmitting, or not transmitting, the torque of one of a first member and a second member to the other. When a second member rotates relative to a first member in one direction, a cam base moves away from a disk in the direction of the rotation axis, and the second member and the cam base rotate relative to the first member and the disk. When the second member rotates relative to the first member in the opposite direction, the cam base moves towards the disk in the direction of the rotation axis, and the second member, the cam base and disk rotate relative to the first member with resistance force.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 13, 2013
    Date of Patent: October 30, 2018
    Assignee: Sugatsune Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Kazuyoshi Oshima, Hiroyuki Ishii, Koushi Yamaguchi, Kenta Naganuma
  • Patent number: 9447619
    Abstract: An electronic device includes a housing having an external surface and a magnet within the housing that moves from a first position where the magnetic axis is substantially parallel to the external surface to a second position where the magnetic axis is substantially perpendicular to the external surface. The magnet may be configured to move in the presence of an external magnetic field of another magnet, thereby engaging the two magnets.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 14, 2012
    Date of Patent: September 20, 2016
    Assignee: Amazon Technologies, Inc.
    Inventor: Bryan D. Trinh
  • Patent number: 9234335
    Abstract: A hose retractor for use with a pull-out dispensing unit of a faucet.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 24, 2008
    Date of Patent: January 12, 2016
    Assignee: Delta Faucet Company
    Inventors: Kurt J. Thomas, Derek A. Brown, Brian A. Enlow
  • Patent number: 8578562
    Abstract: A weight assembly for a faucet being fixed on a hose and contains a body including an open groove with a first opening, a vertical height of the groove being slightly more that a diameter of the hose, a horizontal depth of the groove along a Y-axis direction being larger than the diameter of the hose; the body including a hole, an upper receiving seat, and a lower receiving seat; a first retaining member received in the hole, the upper and the lower receiving seats, and including an open locking recess with a second opening; the locking recess including a concavely arcuate defining fence; a vertical height of the second opening on the Z-axis direction being equal to or more than the vertical height of the groove; a second retaining member used to screw with a top end of the first retaining member.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 17, 2010
    Date of Patent: November 12, 2013
    Assignee: Globe Union Industrial Corp.
    Inventors: Zhibin Liu, Weidong Qiu
  • Patent number: 8539641
    Abstract: A door stop for a sliding door includes rounded channel with a ball sliding into the rounded channel to hold a sliding door in place. The device of the present invention is smaller than conventional devices and, thus, minimize the hazard to horses getting lacerations from the larger sized conventional door holders. The device of the present invention is provided as a two-piece kit, the first piece fitting on the siding door and the second piece fitting on a wall, such that the first and second pieces fit together when the sliding door is closed, holding and/or stopping the door in place.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 27, 2012
    Date of Patent: September 24, 2013
    Inventor: Glenn W. Bartholomew
  • Publication number: 20130180082
    Abstract: Packaging systems can include grip pads having large surface areas to assist in handling and holding of bags. In some instances, the grip pads can be retrofitted to existing packaging systems.
    Type: Application
    Filed: July 17, 2012
    Publication date: July 18, 2013
    Applicant: EXOPACK LLC
    Inventors: David Roberts, David Mussoni
  • Publication number: 20120272476
    Abstract: A sash cam includes a body adapted to be secured to a window sash. The body has an angled interface surface adapted to contact a top guide of a window balance.
    Type: Application
    Filed: April 26, 2011
    Publication date: November 1, 2012
    Inventors: Chad Swier, Gene A. Van Voorst, Jake Buell
  • Publication number: 20120036686
    Abstract: The invention concerns a unit to create a space divider. This comprises a partial base to create the space divider and a lever arm attached to the partial base. Two of the units can be combined into a single combined base, on the same level, comprising two partial bases, the lever arms of the units being attachable to the partial base of the other unit using an attachment device created by the lever arm and the partial base themselves, and the two partial bases of the two units can be linked together by means of at least one of the following elements: interlocking forms, friction and traction. The invention also relates to a shelving system using a number of the units.
    Type: Application
    Filed: March 9, 2010
    Publication date: February 16, 2012
    Inventor: Colin Schaelli
  • Patent number: 8104143
    Abstract: A built-in domestic appliance which comprises hinges for hinging a door to the furniture body of the built-in domestic appliance. The door is used to close an opening of the first furniture body. The hinges are adapted to perform a defined opening and closing movement of the door, a gap forming during this movement between the edge of the door and especially the front of a second furniture body adjoining the furniture body. In order to obviate the risk of injury caused for example by limbs being caught in the gap and any claims for damages resulting therefrom, a plate element in the area of the door and in a transitional area between the furniture body of the built-in domestic appliance and the second furniture body is mounted in such a manner that it covers the gap if possible across its entire length.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: November 30, 2005
    Date of Patent: January 31, 2012
    Assignee: BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeraete GmbH
    Inventors: Bernd Heger, Karl-Friedrich Laible, Roland Vetter
  • Publication number: 20110133617
    Abstract: Furniture fitting with a damper, wherein the damper has a space for accommodating a damping medium, wherein the space is filled substantially completely with a multiplicity of solid particles, and wherein the interspaces remaining between the solid particles are filled substantially completely by a liquid.
    Type: Application
    Filed: February 15, 2011
    Publication date: June 9, 2011
    Inventor: Bernhard KRAMMER
  • Publication number: 20110117370
    Abstract: The present application describes and claims an item of hardware suitable for bonding to a substrate such as a vehicle glazing. The item of hardware of the invention helps to ensure that the adhesive applied is effectively contained and utilized for its intended purpose. A preferred type of adhesive is also described and claimed.
    Type: Application
    Filed: November 9, 2010
    Publication date: May 19, 2011
    Inventors: Charles E. Ash, Julia B. MacLachlan, Scott W. Chambers
  • Publication number: 20110079757
    Abstract: A pull lead indicating a pulling direction of the pull lead for a desired operation of a device, the pull lead comprising: a directional indicator selected from the group consisting of a variation in color, a variation in texture, and combinations thereof, so that a pulling direction is indicated for a desired operation of such device.
    Type: Application
    Filed: October 5, 2009
    Publication date: April 7, 2011
    Inventor: Marie Manvel
  • Publication number: 20100306964
    Abstract: An instrument housing comprising a first portion having a wedge form, a third portion having a wedge form, a second portion between the first portion and the third portion, a first hinge portion between the first portion and the second portion, the first hinge portion extending normal to a major axis A-A, a second hinge portion between the second portion and the third portion, the second hinge portion extending normal to a major axis A-A, and the second portion having a portion for receiving an instrument.
    Type: Application
    Filed: June 9, 2009
    Publication date: December 9, 2010
    Inventor: Timothy A. Vogel
  • Publication number: 20100281642
    Abstract: A representative telescopic device includes a housing, a telescopic stick, and an attachment system. The telescopic stick is configured to be housed in the housing in a closed position. The telescopic stick includes one or more segments that is configured to extend into an elongated stick in an extended position. The attachment system is attached to an end of the telescopic stick. The attachment system includes a locking mechanism that locks and unlocks an attachment to the telescopic stick. The attachment system further includes an attachment actuation mechanism that opens and closes the attachment.
    Type: Application
    Filed: May 7, 2010
    Publication date: November 11, 2010
    Inventor: Jimmy Lee
  • Patent number: 7784208
    Abstract: The display panel has an outer surface to which a sign may be attached and an inner surface having a fastener composed of resiliently deformable material. An end of the fastener is separated from the display panel by a slit which is adapted to receive an outer plate of a conventional door handle The outer plate is held in the slit by the resiliently deformable composition of the fastener. The plate may however be removed from the slit by the application of a force opposed to the bias of the resilient material in order to widen the slit.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 28, 2008
    Date of Patent: August 31, 2010
    Inventor: Peter J. Thompson
  • Publication number: 20100132161
    Abstract: Door stops are generally discussed herein for stopping door knobs or other door hardware from slamming against a wall with particular discussions on door stops having dampening means. Aspects of the door stop assemblies discussed herein include the use of a helical coil spring spacer for delimiting movement of a door and either a pliable insert or an outer sheath or both for dampening the spring when the same is impacted. A combination magnet and magnetically attractable plate or two magnets with opposite magnetic poles may be used to temporary secure a door in a fixed position.
    Type: Application
    Filed: December 1, 2008
    Publication date: June 3, 2010
    Inventor: Dac Vu
  • Publication number: 20100071338
    Abstract: A rotary mowing implement including a rotary cutter bar disk, at least one hub, a blade element, a pin, and a pin retaining mechanism. The at least one hub is connected to the rotary cutter bar disk. The blade element has a hole therein. The pin couples the blade element to the hub. The pin is insertable through the hole and is removably coupled to the hub. The pin retaining mechanism couples the pin to the hub.
    Type: Application
    Filed: September 22, 2008
    Publication date: March 25, 2010
    Inventor: Bryan Ray Yanke
  • Patent number: 7587790
    Abstract: A rigid corner guard protects a corner of a structure from collisions with objects. The corner guard includes a rigid body having a base, an upper end, and a wall extending between the base and the upper end that is configured to surround the corner of the structure. The corner guard also includes a leg structure secured to the rigid body including at least two leg portions adapted to support the rigid body of the corner guard. The separation between the at least two leg portions is at a predetermined distance. The corner guard further includes an adjustment mechanism coupled to the rigid body. The adjustment mechanism is configured to apply a force to the rigid body to flex the rigid body to adjust the predetermined distance for installation of the at least two leg portions. The corner guard is constructed of material with sufficient strength and toughness to withstand collisions with heavier industrial type equipment.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: December 5, 2006
    Date of Patent: September 15, 2009
    Assignee: McCue Corporation
    Inventors: David S. McCue, Daniel B. Ballou, Adam P. Stevens, Brent Hild, Teodoro A. Mesa, Genesis J. McDermott
  • Publication number: 20090195001
    Abstract: The invention provides a distance piece e.g. to replace a traditional wedge e.g. for fitting a window to an opening of a building. The distance piece has two parts (2, 3) which are separable by a separation part. During use, the separation part is inserted between the two parts which are forced apart. In this condition, the separation part is locked to leave the distance piece in the expanded condition. After final fixation of the building component, the separation part can be released and moved to a position wherein the two parts are allowed to revert to a collapsed state. In that way, the distance piece facilitates reuse.
    Type: Application
    Filed: January 13, 2005
    Publication date: August 6, 2009
    Applicant: ITOOLS APS
    Inventors: Ulrik Bruhn, Stig Nielsen
  • Publication number: 20090165254
    Abstract: An exemplary housing of a foldable device includes a first cover, a second cover, and a button positioned on the second cover. The first cover includes a first latching member. The button includes a main body, a second latching member, and an elastic portion. The second latching member connects to the main body. The second latching member is configured for engaging with the first latching member. The main body includes a contact receiving surface and a bottom surface opposite to the contact receiving surface. A part of the contact receiving surface is exposed out of the second cover and the elastic portion connects at least one of the contact receiving surface and the bottom surface.
    Type: Application
    Filed: June 23, 2008
    Publication date: July 2, 2009
    Inventor: ZI-MING TANG
  • Publication number: 20090120889
    Abstract: The modular furniture system of the invention provides a plurality or elements that when selectively combined create a virtually infinite number of possibilities allowing for the customization of every piece of furniture. The modular furniture system includes a plurality of interchangeable elements and at least one pair of mating slots configured to selectively interconnect said plurality of interchangeable elements in a sliding relationship.
    Type: Application
    Filed: May 2, 2008
    Publication date: May 14, 2009
    Inventor: Marimer Cebollero
  • Publication number: 20090113672
    Abstract: An intrinsically-safe ramp or door prop (10) characterized by a light-weight, transparent ramp having an acutely-angled frontal edge (20), at least one rotatable member or rocker-plate (14) pivotally-attached, for increasing its height, further comprising a kinetic-friction lock, and wireless interface control (28) between an adjacently-housed electronic circuit (16). The circuit (42) is replaceable and sealed and intrinsically-safe for deployment in potentially-flammable or ignitable environments. The electronic circuit further comprises a plurality of multi-colored lamps (24) that visually communicate tactically-significant color signals and bears circuitry (42) to extend battery life wherein lamps may continuously operate for multiple hours. The ramp further comprises attachment points (30) (31) to gang-together a multiplicity of identical ramps whereby fashioning one contiguous block (FIG. 6) of ramps.
    Type: Application
    Filed: November 7, 2007
    Publication date: May 7, 2009
    Inventor: JERRY Alan IBEY
  • Patent number: 7490806
    Abstract: A storage rack column protector includes a base plate securable to the floor and with an upstanding flange at one end thereof, the base plate providing a support surface on which the column sits in use. A buffer housing incorporating a resilient block is disposed on the side of the flange remote from the column, the housing embracing the flange. In the event of impact the buffer housing and the resilient block move to absorb the shock and thus protect the column from damage.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 23, 2006
    Date of Patent: February 17, 2009
    Assignee: Equipement Boni inc.
    Inventor: Sylvain Rioux
  • Publication number: 20090014560
    Abstract: A rear cover structure of a hydraulic gun includes a rear cover and a tag. The rear cover is mounted on the hydraulic gun in a detachable way. The tag is connected to the rear cover. The tag has a ring hole for convenient hang and taking. This design is adapted to various hydraulic guns and is convenient to storage when not in use so as to avoid any damage to the hydraulic gun.
    Type: Application
    Filed: May 23, 2008
    Publication date: January 15, 2009
    Inventor: Wenli KUO
  • Publication number: 20080301907
    Abstract: A flip-out mechanism with safety press-button for a foldable device which comprises a torsion spring which is coiled uniformly or substantially uniformly with each coil of the same or substantially the same outside diameter and disposed in a circular compartment of the inner surface of the top casing, with one end of the torsion spring bended outward from the coil body of the torsion spring and disposed inside a corresponding receiving section of the circular compartment and with the other end of the torsion spring bended upward from the coil body of the torsion spring and disposed inside a receiving hole on the surface of the foldable object near its periphery aligned in a straight line with the through hole in the middle and then with the recess. The present invention is of simpler construction and assembly and is therefore susceptible of a lower production cost. It is also safer for carrying around.
    Type: Application
    Filed: June 6, 2007
    Publication date: December 11, 2008
  • Publication number: 20080290113
    Abstract: An actuator cap for a dispenser includes a housing having first and second ends. The first end is adapted to be retained on an aerosol container having a valve stem. A conduit is provided having an inlet adapted to receive the valve stem of the container and to hold the valve stem in an actuated position to open a valve assembly within the container. A solenoid valve is in fluid communication with the conduit and a discharge orifice. The solenoid valve is transitioned from a closed state to an open state by a signal generated by a controller to provide a fluid path between the conduit and the discharge orifice. The controller is adapted to generate the signal in response to the manual depression of a trigger retained on the housing by a living hinge.
    Type: Application
    Filed: May 25, 2007
    Publication date: November 27, 2008
    Inventors: Thomas A. Helf, Edward L. Paas
  • Publication number: 20080256754
    Abstract: An adjusting screw configured to be adjustable by multiple different tools is described. An example adjusting screw includes a cylindrical body portion having a first end, a second end, and an outer curved surface. At least a portion of the outer curved surface has threads to engage an internally threaded opening. The example adjusting screw also includes a first raised portion on the first end and offset from a longitudinal axis of the cylindrical body and a second raised portion on the first end and offset from the longitudinal axis of the cylindrical body and opposing the first raised portion. Each of the first and second raised portions is configured to engage a first socket to turn the cylindrical body about the longitudinal axis. Additionally, the first and second raised portions are configured to engage a second socket larger than the first socket to turn the cylindrical body about the longitudinal axis.
    Type: Application
    Filed: April 7, 2008
    Publication date: October 23, 2008
    Inventors: Jason Scott Mevius, Gregory Lawrence Foust, James Chester Hawkins
  • Publication number: 20080222845
    Abstract: The invention relates to a metal connecting piece (1) for connecting a shaft or handle provided with external screw thread to an implement, in which the metal connecting piece comprises a first part (2) that is at least partially provided with internal screw thread (4) for screwing in of the shaft or handle provided with external screw thread, the connecting piece being provided with a second part (3) having an internal diameter (D2) that is different from the internal diameter (D1) of the abovementioned first part (2) at least partially provided with internal screw thread (4), and said second part (3) being provided for enclosing the shaft or handle. This invention also relates to a method for producing such a metal connecting piece.
    Type: Application
    Filed: May 18, 2007
    Publication date: September 18, 2008
    Inventor: Serge Braun
  • Publication number: 20080190806
    Abstract: The present invention relates to a protection pad for home appliances. A protection pad of the present invention comprises at least two flat protection plates 30 and 30? with a predetermined size, a connection unit 31 for connecting the protection plates 30 and 30? to each other so that various angles can be defined between the protection plates 30 and 30?, and magnets 38 provided in the protection plates 30 and 30? so that the protection plates 30 and 30? can be attached to an outer surface of a home appliance. Each of the protection plates 30 and 30? comprises a plate-shaped core 32 with predetermined hardness, and a cover 36 for enclosing the core 32. The use of the protection pad of the present invention constructed as above prevents damage to an outer surface of a home appliance when the home appliance is moved in an unpacked state. In particular, the protection pad can be more easily attached to the outer surface of the home appliance.
    Type: Application
    Filed: February 24, 2006
    Publication date: August 14, 2008
    Applicant: LG Electronics Inc.
    Inventor: Bong-Sik Shin
  • Publication number: 20080135567
    Abstract: An apparatus for positioning a movable object with respect to an immovable object is described. The apparatus includes a body with a top surface, a bottom surface, a first surface extending between the top surface and the bottom surface for engaging the movable object, and a second surface extending between the top surface and the bottom surface for engaging the immovable object, the second surface being opposed to the first surface. At least first and second contact points are defined by the first surface. At least third and fourth contacts points are defined by the second surface. The first and second contact points are separated from one another by a first distance and the third and fourth contact points are separated from one another by a second distance. The first distance is less than or equal to the second distance.
    Type: Application
    Filed: December 12, 2007
    Publication date: June 12, 2008
    Inventor: John McGee
  • Publication number: 20080047099
    Abstract: A sealing plug for a block-and-tackle balance comprises a sealing member having an outer periphery shaped so as to conform to an inner surface of a channel of a window jamb in which the block-and-tackle balance is accommodated. An opening is defined in the sealing member allowing a cord of the block-and-tackle balance to pass therethrough such that the cord is movable with a movement of a window panel. A connector configuration in the sealing member and allows the sealing member to be releasably secured to a bottom end of the block-and-tackle balance.
    Type: Application
    Filed: August 17, 2007
    Publication date: February 28, 2008
    Inventor: Neeman Malek
  • Patent number: 7290747
    Abstract: A display case protection assembly for protection of a portion of a display case from damage from impacts includes a guard member having a convex shaped first side, a concave shaped second side, a top end and a bottom end; a retaining sleeve is in communication with the assembly's concave shaped second side and is purposed for rotatably containing an offset positioning bar having an angularly displaced foot portion. The assembly may further include at least one receiving sleeve configured to receive the angularly displaced foot portion and the offset positioning bar may further include a retaining flange extending beyond the outermost periphery of the offset positioning bar when the bar has been contained within retaining sleeve.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: September 9, 2005
    Date of Patent: November 6, 2007
    Inventor: Ronald S. Appelman
  • Patent number: 7207088
    Abstract: A door hook including a U-shaped bracket having a top member and a front side and back side attached to the top member. The front and back sides are separated by a first distance, which corresponds generally to the thickness of a door over which the door hook is to be placed. A hook is attached to the front side, while a spacer portion is attached to the back side or top. A frangible joint is formed in the back side or top such that the spacer portion can be detached and then reattached to the back side. With the spacer portion in this reattached position the spacer portion and the front side are separated by a second distance, different from and typically less than the first-distance. The second distance corresponds generally to the thickness of a thinner or thicker door, over which the door hook may be placed after removal or removal and reattachment of the spacer.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: March 1, 2004
    Date of Patent: April 24, 2007
    Assignee: Adams Mfg. Corp.
    Inventors: William E. Adams, George LeMieux
  • Patent number: 6883203
    Abstract: A jamb bracket for a door closing system having an arm structure ending out from a basal element with two securing segments hugging an edge or corner of a doorjamb. The basal element has snap-off grooves with a decreased thickness allowing the portion of the basal element beyond the snap-off groove to be broken off if not needed. Two additional snap-off grooves separate the basal element from the securing segments so that the securing segments may be removed if necessary. The arm structure has two receiving areas for the pin of the door closing system. The jamb bracket is adaptable to become either a corner bracket for a corner/ceiling door closing system or an in-swinging bracket for an in-swinging door closing system.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 29, 2002
    Date of Patent: April 26, 2005
    Inventor: Barry Libes
  • Patent number: 6721183
    Abstract: A computer enclosure includes a chassis (30), a hood (10) and a fastener (20) securing the hood to the chassis. The chassis includes a rear panel (33) forming an L-shaped tab thereon, and a pair of side panels each defining a plurality of splits (37). The hood includes a recessed portion (12) and a plurality of hooks (17) engaging with the splits. The fastener includes a handle (22) pivotably attached to the recessed portion, a latch (24) pivotably attached to the handle and engaging with the tab of the chassis, and a spring urging the latch to engage with the tab. When the handle is pivoted from a locked position to an unlocked position the latch is disengaged from the tab and is removed away from the rear panel to cause the handle to move the hood thereby releasing the hooks from the splits.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 10, 2003
    Date of Patent: April 13, 2004
    Assignee: Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.
    Inventors: Jung-Chi Chen, Zhou Xu, Ler Han
  • Publication number: 20030056333
    Abstract: A weighted structure (13) for attachment along the foot of curtaining to ensure even hanging has a series of weights (4) attached at intervals along a cord (3). The assembly (2) of the cord (3) and weights (4) is enclosed within a tube (1). The tube (1) is applied to the assembly (2) by extrusion, the assembly (2) being passed through a die (8) together with molten plastics.
    Type: Application
    Filed: September 25, 2001
    Publication date: March 27, 2003
    Inventor: Ross Boyle
  • Publication number: 20020116789
    Abstract: An adjustable locking mount system permits rotation about at least one of x, y, and z axes. Methods provide for rotating and rocking the mount to obtain the desired position, fixing the mount in the desired position, and mounting an object onto the mount.
    Type: Application
    Filed: January 8, 2002
    Publication date: August 29, 2002
    Applicant: Incumed, Inc.
    Inventor: Dennis McDevitt
  • Publication number: 20010034924
    Abstract: A hose bending clamp (10) is described for holding a hose in a desired bent shape. The clamp (10) includes a coil 14 designed to slop over the outside over a section of hose to be bent. Each of the turns (12) of the coil are designed to constrain the hose so as to inhibit it from spreading or kinking as it is forced into the desired shape. A malleable spine (16) is provided in connection with the coil (14) and is designed to bend with the hose into the desired shape and to hold the shape when released.
    Type: Application
    Filed: March 20, 2001
    Publication date: November 1, 2001
    Inventors: Dennis Bozic, Frank Dobra
  • Patent number: 6260237
    Abstract: A corner guard for protecting floor fixtures from the impact of collisions with shopping carts, floor scrubbers, and the like provides for a hollow molded polyethylene body having a single lightweight construction that is anchored to the floor by a leg assembly that is attached to the molded body.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 16, 2000
    Date of Patent: July 17, 2001
    Assignee: McCue Corporation
    Inventors: David S. McCue, Christopher Hickey