With Sucker Rod Support Patents (Class 182/114)
  • Patent number: 9932783
    Abstract: Apparatus and methods include a well-center drilling opening in a drilling rig floor of a mobile drilling rig and a v-door to the drilling rig. A mast is disposed about the well-center drilling opening and carrying drilling components of a drilling system. The mast supports a fingerboard that includes a plurality of parallel longitudinally extending fingers having openings between ends thereof and being arranged to receive tubulars therebetween. The plurality of fingers extending in the same direction as a line between the well-center drilling opening and the v-door. A racker device is moveable in a lateral direction relative to the direction of the line between the well-center drilling opening and the v-door.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: August 27, 2014
    Date of Patent: April 3, 2018
    Assignee: Nabors Industries, Inc.
    Inventor: Christopher Magnuson
  • Patent number: 9080336
    Abstract: A support assembly has two position rods attachable to two beam members spaced apart and attached vertically on a platform structure. A platform support frame is slidably engaged at opposed spaced apart sides on the two position rods and the platform support frame may be moved vertically by a hydraulic actuator. A work platform is rotatably attached at a floor edge to the platform support frame for the work platform to be rotated between a horizontal position and a vertical position by a hydraulic actuator. A work floor of the work platform has a central portion having an opening therein. A telescoping arm is slidably inserted in a plate that is attached centrally in the platform support frame for extending and retracted the telescoping arm over the work floor by a hydraulic actuator. A hydraulic control unit is connected to each hydraulic actuator.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 10, 2015
    Date of Patent: July 14, 2015
    Inventor: Joey Yantis
  • Patent number: 4440262
    Abstract: Disclosed is a delayed deployment platform or racking board for use on oil well derricks or the like. The automatic system for delayed deployment allows the derrick rack to be utilized with very tall pump jacks or the like. The delayed deployment system does not lower the racking board until the derrick has extended sufficiently for the board to clear tall pump jacks and the like.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 22, 1983
    Date of Patent: April 3, 1984
    Assignee: Ingersoll-Rand Company
    Inventors: Harlley L. Hunt, Ansel T. Fletcher
  • Patent number: 4326602
    Abstract: A portable stabbing board adapted to be attached to a rig for supporting a worker while stabbing joints of tubular members together during running operations including a frame member mountable with the rig, attachment members with the frame member for removably securing the frame member with the rig, a platform adapted for vertical movement along the frame member for supporting a worker during running operations, power means mounted with the platform for providing motive force for moving the platform vertically with respect to the frame member, and safety members with the platform and frame member for preventing unwanted vertical movement of the platform during such running operations.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: January 5, 1979
    Date of Patent: April 27, 1982
    Assignee: Houston Tong Services, Inc.
    Inventor: Bill R. Bryant
  • Patent number: 4163625
    Abstract: Suspension members flexibly connected to a carriage and to an overhead support above the racking platform of an oil well mast or derrick support the carriage, which is provided with a floor to support a derrick man therein. The lower end of the suspension means can be swung back and forth parallel to the side of the mast or derrick and also at right angles to it to thereby move the carriage in the same directions, the carriage being provided with a lateral seat for receiving the upper end portion of a pipe and moving it with the carriage into another position.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: February 10, 1978
    Date of Patent: August 7, 1979
    Assignee: Lee C. Moore Corporation
    Inventor: Cecil Jenkins
  • Patent number: 4157129
    Abstract: A stabbing board assembly comprising a support platform mounted for powered vertical adjustment on a pair of laterally spaced vertical rails which are in turn fixed, preferably releasably, to structural members of a derrick by upper and lower sets of longitudinally adjustable mounting arms. The platform in turn includes a section slidably engaged therewith and power controlled for selective extension and retraction.
    Type: Grant
    Filed: April 26, 1978
    Date of Patent: June 5, 1979
    Inventor: Gordon W. Christopher